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100 Things about Losing 100 Pounds

By , SparkPeople Blogger
December 10, 2010 was a big day for me.

That is the day that I officially lost 100 pounds. As the first anniversary of that date approached, I started to think of all the changes that have happened in my life because of my transformation.  Sure, the easiest part to recognize is the weight loss, but it truly is a transformation, inside and out!

I started writing down things that I’ve learned, things that are better, things I do now, etc.I thought it would be fun to share this list of 100 things about 100 pounds with the readers. 

  1. It takes COURAGE to admit you have to change
  1. I feel better
  1. My body doesn't ache as much
  1. No more constant back pain
  1. I walk much better
  1. I walk much faster
  1. I can walk up stairs without gasping for air
  1. I don't sleep in my chair much anymore
  1. I can spend more time with my family since I don’t sleep in my chair
  1. I've stopped snoring
  1. I look much better
  1. I am much healthier
  1. My waist is much smaller
  1. My muscles are better defined in arms
  1. My muscles are better defined in legs
  1. I have much more energy
  1. My eyes are much more open
  1. My head is clearer
  1. My clothes last longer
  1. I've learned everybody has something to say about how you lost it
  1. I've learned that tracking food is a must
  1. I've learned that fitness has to be a way of life
  1. I've learned that I have to do both of those every day
  1. I CAN live without Dr. Pepper daily
  1. I CAN live without Reese's peanut butter cups daily
  1. I've learned that after not eating junk food for a while, I don’t like it really, it makes me feel bad
  1. Chewing gum helps
  1. I've learned to LOVE water
  1. I've learned to eat slower
  1. I've learned I can eat smaller portions and STILL fuel my body properly
  1. I've learned to SHARE meals with my wife at restaurants
  1. I've learned to FUEL my body, not FILL my body
  1. I've learned it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle
  1. I've learned I WILL mess us. We must forgive and move forward
  1. I enjoy being "checked out" now and then
  1. I enjoy being a role model
  1. I enjoy working out
  1. I honestly enjoy sweat
  1. Running is cheaper than therapy
  1. Running is better with good shoes
  1. Runners are partially insane (in a good way)--OK, just plain crazy
  1. I've learned to LOVE running
  1. I've learned I don’t HAVE to sit and watch TV all the time
  1. It's fun to see reactions of friends you've not seen in a while
  1. I've learned that a lot of people say they want to lose weight, but they don't want to do the work
  1. I've also learned that a lot of people say they want to lose weight, but have no clue where to start
  1. I learned I hated to have my picture taken when I was fat
  1. I learned I don't mind having my picture taken now
  1. I learned that my before picture can motivate people
  1. I've learned that there are people who discriminate against obese people
  1. I can see my feet!
  1. I am much more comfortable in my car now
  1. My driver’s seat doesn't seem to go "flat" now
  1. Office chairs are much more comfortable
  1. Diet pill commercials make me angry
  1. Sex is better
  1. Having the whole family involved is very rewarding
  1. I wonder WHY I didn't do this years ago
  1. I wonder why I let myself gain all the weight in the first place
  1. I've learned that being overweight is a natural cause of depression
  1. I've learned that being fit is a natural high
  1. I've learned that I'm scared to get fat again
  1. I've learned that I CAN eat exactly what I want, just less of it
  1. I've learned that you can't help a person who doesn't want help
  1. I have learned to be sensitive to others struggles. Not everyone loses weight as easily as I did.
  1. I now check out what other folks put in their shopping carts at the grocery store.
  1. I now carry a granola bar with me, to avoid fast food drive thrus
  1. My children are just as easily influenced by my good habits as they are by my bad ones
  1. Change means that things are going to be different
  1. A dash of cinnamon added to my coffee grounds is a great alternative to creamer
  1. It is interesting to see others reaction when they learn I didn't have surgery or use any pills or diet scheme.
  1. I don’t dread shopping for clothes now
  1. There is a larger variety of options when clothes shopping now
  1. I am doing things I never thought I would ever do again
  1. My wife loved me even when I was heavy.  She likes me much better now.
  1. This journey began with one step in the right direction.
  1. This journey was not easy, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be
  1. Most weight loss struggles happen between the ears
  1. SparkPeople showed me that I am not alone
  1. SparkPeople friends are the BEST!
  1. My wedding ring fits again
  1. Small changes add up over time
  1. I've learned that there are many emotions involved with a journey like this
  1. That my family is proud of me
  1. I've learned that I can influence countless people
  1. That I am accountable to myself
  1. That I am accountable to my family
  1. That I am accountable to SparkPeople Friends
  1. I sleep much better
  1. I wake up in a much better mood
  1. My resting heart rate is much lower
  1. I have much better control over my own future
  1. Travel on an airplane is easier
  1. When my girls ask me to play, I have energy to do it
  1. I have learned that I'm passionate about health and overall wellness
  1. I've learned that I am stronger than I thought I was
  1. I've remember how to communicate with my wife
  1. I've remember how much I enjoy talking to people
  1. I've learned that I have no limits
  1. Life is meant to be lived
What have YOU learned along your journey?

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Amen to that/

Nuff said. Report
congratulations on your successes. Report
Congratulations on the 100 pounds. Love the list, especially #78. Report
Congradulations and thanks for sharing... Report
WOW! What an inspiration to us all......I really love what you said, "I choose to FUEL my body instead of FILL it! Report
Very Inspirational! Congrats on your new lifestyle. Report
I've decided to save some of this for reading later, and, like others, appreciate you sharing your "learning" with those of us who hope to accomplish similar things.

I do have to say, though, that having #56 and #57 that close together in the list made me smile -- really smile -- today. I'd call that an unexpected benefit. :) Thank you. Report
Congratulations! I hope to write a post like this one day, too! Report
After losing a lot of weight, my wedding ring not only fit, it became too BIG!! I had to have a full size taken off. I've noticed that it is getting too big once again!! Report
I'm so hard on myself when I mess up. It's nice to hear that it WILL happen and it WILL be ok! Great blog! Report
This is a fantastic list! As someone who has lost over 100lbs, I can say #45 is soooo true! Report
I LOVE your list.....below are my three favorites (it was hard to choose) Congrats!

I've learned I WILL mess us. We must forgive and move forward

I've learned that fitness has to be a way of life

It is interesting to see others reaction when they learn I didn't have surgery or use any pills or diet scheme Report
A friend showed me this blog. I've printed it out and will read it every day. Talk about MOTIVATION. Thank you so much. Report
Way to go Jerome. That is an awesome list! Report
Love this, J-Man! Esp #78 "Most weight loss struggles happen between the ears". Great post! SPARK ON!!! Report
To DBCLARENET - people not telling you that you are hurting yourself because they think they will hurt your feelings has bit me several times. I got down to 123 once and inched back up to 170. I wish just one person would have had the guts to say, " Do you really want to do that to yourself again?", instead of lying and saying, "You look good with a little weight on you." Report
very inspirational :) great work! ..sue xx Report
My husband didn't have 100 lbs. to lose after high school -- he "only" had about 60-70, but now that he's in the best shape of his life, he sits there and wonders not only about why he let himself gain all that weight, but why the people around him let him gain that weight without saying something.

He gained a bunch, but not all, of the weight back while we were living apart for a year before we got married, and I still loved him then. But it's true, I do like him a lot better now. And he doesn't snore as much! Report
I truly like your attitude! It does take alot, but lifestyle changes......absolutely the most important way to get there, and keep it off! So thanks for sharing, your 100 ways! Now, I would like to start listing my own "ways!" Such a great idea! Report
Wow! Very inspiring, and I plan to be where you are, hopefully some time in 2012. I've got 100 to lose, and I will love putting some of those same good reasons up on my blog as well. Thanks for sharing, and for being so COURAGEOUS!!
WTG with the lost 100 pounds! And thanks for sharing ur indpiration woth us! Report
Congrats! What a wonderful list! Report
I learned that you and I have a lot of overlapping learning! And I only lost 35lbs. But I am excited about my last 7lbs to lose. What will I learn next?

I also will try #70...I love my cream :-{

Congratulations on you 1 year Anniversary on maintenance.

hugs, Anne Report
Thank you so much for sharing. What a motivational post to get me moving just a little bit faster. Made a copy of your blog to keeping me looking forward. You are an inspiration. Thanks again for sharing !!!!!! Report
Thanks for sharing and congrats on your one year loss anniversary! Report
Words of wisdom...thanks! and congratulations on your new life! Report
i've learned i'm a good person no matte what weight i'm at...take THAT fat! LOL Report
Thank you! I love your list, I get it. Exactly what I needed to be reminded of today.
Part of my new tattoo says "No Limits." Un-freaking-stoppable :-)
Thanks for sharing! You give hope to others...I have not lost near that much, but you made me think of how I have changed since joining Spark People! Report
Congratulations and what a great list -- you made me think about things I'm noticing with my weight loss, too! Report
Good job! Love it with no lap band or fad diets or pills..... awesome! Report
I too find myself looking into others grocery carts. Isn't that funny? I never gave a second thought to it when I weighed over 100 pounds more. Now I think, oh my!!! Look what they are doing to themselves and their families!!! Report
CONGRATS on your awesome journey! Report
Fantastic list!!! Thanks for sharing. Report
Now, THERE'S a reinforcing list! Congratulations!! Report
I love this blog, I have got set it up so I can get here.

Thanks Report
What an awesome blog. Wow. I loved it loved it loved it. Report
Congratulations on your success! I love #78:) Report
What a treat to start my day! Thank you. Report
Awesome! I can't wait until the day I write my list! Report
Great list..have borrowed alot to add to my own list. Very encouraging. Report
Great post and great job! Report
A great list! I particularly like the one about weight loss struggles taking place between the ears. Report
great list!! i can relate to each and every one of your 100. thanks for sharing and congrats on your amazing accomplishment! kat Report
Thanks for sharing these comments and Congratulations! This is just how I feel. I have lost 70 lbs this year using SparkPeople and because I started running and now it is just part of my life. I love to read success stories like yours. It can be done if people are willing to put the effort into it. Life feels so much better! Again, Congratulations! Report
Thanks for sharing ... that is amazing. Report
I really, really enjoyed reading this. It gives me pause to reflect on my own journey. Thank you very much. Report
Thx for your inspiring post. It made me think about the things I've learned so far. Report
You are fantastic! Congrats! Report
Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Report
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