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10 Warm-Weather Activities for People with Limited Mobility

By , SparkPeople Blogger
This summer, take some time to rev up your workout.  Make a new playlist and clean up your exercise equipment.  Renew that gym membership.  Take time to find fitness opportunities, because there are a lot of them!  Here are ten fun suggestions, some for the mobile and some for the less mobile. 
  1. Take some wild pictures of yourself doing active things for your Spark Page. Snap a few photos of yourself acting silly and running through the sprinkler with the kids, playing tag or walking the long treks of a zoo or amusement park. Get the souvenir photo where everyone is screaming on their way down on the ride!
  1. Aqua-cise. Yes, water is the perfect place to go for a low impact ouch-less workout and it's fun, too. Check with your local YMCA for lower-fee classes or even with your doctor to see if some classes are covered by insurance for a particular physical issue you may be having.  Often times they will be covered under water physical therapy.  Still, even without a class, water is a blast to play and work out in. I love going to water parks. The swimming and the balancing combined with the walking make it a great workout.
  1. Rock it out!  Rock in your rocking chair as fast as you can. Dance in your bed or on your feet or even a stability ball. Crank up the tunes and let yourself go! Live out your rock star dreams through your workout. Make some moves, get out the Wii Dance Revolution and Rock Band games, and bring it on!
  1. Get an arm bike or a regular bike and take it to the great outdoors to pedal.  The fresh air will do you good and the sun's mood-boosting abilities will chase the blues away. An arm bike that can be used by foot or hand is best. Some of the bikes have gaming gear with them so that they turn off the TV or computer if you stop peddling. They also have scenic routes to follow along on your computer in flight or on the road.
  1. Gardening can be a great way to get in touch with nature, grow fresh produce for your healthy lifestyle and relax. Container gardening is getting more popular, and  it's great for limited space or for setting on tables for those who can't bend down as easily.
  1. Walking with yourself, another, or a walking club can be inspiring, especially if you have a pedometer. Pedometers challenge us by giving us distance, steps, and calories burned. Once you know how far you've gone, you get spurred on to make it a little further. For those of us who can't walk without help, wheeled walkers with seats are available and even have baskets to carry some water and a snack.
  1.  Pedal boating is fun and a great way to enjoy nature and the water with family, friends, or by yourself. These boats are small and contain one to four seats. The passengers propel paddles through the water to move the boat. My college friends and I used to play on them and take super soaker water guns and shoot at each other, which required fast pedaling maneuvers. It kept our minds off of the exercise aspect!  Since it is a seated activity, it is easier for those who cannot stand for long periods and you can rest when you choose and enjoy the scenery.
  2. Geocaching is a new form of entertainment where you go hiking while searching for a hidden item with your smart phone.  Finding the item might be tricky and often requires climbing and hiking over long distances. The hunt is on!
  1. Try the Pounds for the Pound program. You can walk their dogs and give them love while they are waiting for their forever home.  Both of you get exercise and happy memories.
  1.  A new home DVD like Coach Nicole's 28-Day Boot Camp can add some zip to your usual routine. Think you are too heavy for DVDs?  Look at what you want to do at Amazon.com and then type ''plus size'' after it.  You will find things like chair exercises, dancing, Heavyweight Yoga, plus sized Pilates and more.
Whatever you choose to do this summer, make it fun and active.  There are so many choices out there!

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CATNAP629 5/4/2019
good ideas Report
REDROBIN47 2/26/2019
Good suggestions. Report
WHITEANGEL4 2/14/2019
great suggestions Report
RAZZOOZLE 1/27/2019
thank you Report
PLATINUM755 1/11/2019
Excellent share! Report
97MONTY 11/28/2018
Thanks Report
KELLY_SS 11/20/2018
Thx. Report
Wow. Needed this article. Report
BABY_GIRL69 8/22/2018
I enjoy being outside but not outdoorsy lately.... Report
JEWELZEE- 7/26/2018
I'm going with #3! Report
FISHGUT3 7/15/2018
thanks Report
DMEYER4 7/1/2018
thanks Report
Great information. Thank you. Report
AQUAGIRL08 5/25/2018
Thank you for the suggestions. Beth! Report
Love exercising and working outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Report
Ooo! paddle boat and water gun "chase" is very appealing to my g-children! Anytime FUN is in "exercise" they are happy to "help" me. Report
Good ideas. 8-) Report
Dearly Beloved and I are back to walking in the early morning, watching for deer and rabbits. Report
Some great ideas, thanks Report
I found a chair yoga program on PBS called Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr that I started adding to my workouts. I have bone on bone arthritis in both knees and can't do regular yoga because it hurts.It helps with stress. Report
Thanks for the help! Excuses are fading away! Report
Want to try geocaching Report
It's easier than you might think to be a positive force in your world. Report
I like the Pounds for Pound idea. I'll be looking into it! Report
Parks departments or community centers can have water aerobic or water walking classes cheaper then the Y. I loved water classes & they have all body types!

If anyone has knee issues, pedal boating may be seated but isn't the greatest angle.

Watch it on walking shelter dogs. Many can be pretty hyper if you have mobility issues. Maybe pick the seniors or trained ones. When I was younger & fitter, I volunteered for a rescue group. Dogs just out of a cage can be HIGH energy! Report
I appreciate this article. And many of the comments are helpful too. It is good that many on SP are willing to share what helped them Succeed. Thanks Beth and others. Report
Great article of fun 'n doable ideas! Thanks for sharing, Beth~ the pool is my favorite workout, too. Report
These are all great suggestions. Some of which I have done recently, and some I plan to put on my to do list... :) thanks for the article.
Thanks, these are such great tips.I particularly like 1,4,5 and 6. I will have to challenge some of these tips. Report
I've been making so many excuses from fatigue to pain and yes with an Autoimmune illness everything seems 10 times more tiring and difficult. It just dawned on me that even multiple sessions of 10 minute chair exercises is better than nothing! Thank you for sharing this! Report
These were some great ideas and I WILL USE THEM!! Report
For walking with others (or even by yourself), I'll shamelessly plug the American Volkssport Association, which I believe is the largest walking association in the U.S. Their website: www.ava.org Report
I don't have a good grasp on my balance since leg reconstruction surgery. I'm still healing so water isn't an option but can't wait for the day it will be. Till then couch Nicole's chair workouts have really helped. Soon hope to start taking walks in the neighborhood. We all can do this! Report
I use my walker when working out with Leslie Sansone DVD's WATPs. Report
Beth, you make everything sound more interesting and doable! Report
I need to find some of those water weights in the picture above. These would be great for the pool!

Thanks Beth! Report
Great info Report
Great ideas. Report
I'm waiting for a new website: BethsGang.com Report
I also like Jodi Stolove's Chair Aerobic DVDs, and I have a chair boxing DVD by David Stamps. Report
Paul Eugene has a number of videos on YouTube for chair exercise and very low impact workouts. Report
I never heard of "plus sized" DVD's before. Very interesting! Thanks hugs Report
As always Beth, thanks for your wisdom and encouragement! Report
Thank you so much for this blog. While I would love to do things like Zumba, I am dealing with chronic plantar fasciatis and cannot do anything that requires a lot of walking and/or pounding. It's nice to get some new ideas to keep moving! Report
Thanks for the reminder that there are LOTS of options - we just have to get moving! Report
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