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Gear Up for Spring With These 12 Fitness Essentials

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After the snow, sleet and icy temperatures of winter, we all want to jump at the chance to take our workout outdoors at the first sign of sun. Whether it's grabbing fresh air at a free outdoor yoga class in the park, jumping rope on your driveway or jogging with friends on a nearby trail, finding ways to exercise outside is an easy way to change up your winter routine after a few months cooped up inside with just your treadmill.

Taking your workout outside doesn't come without some requirements, though. Sun protection, on-the-go items and gear that's appropriate for sweat are all considerations for the outdoor enthusiast. In the spirit of embracing the changing of the season, these 12 fitness items are sure to help you make the most of the sunshine.

A Yoga Mat With a Pretty Print (Prices vary based on design)

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Nothing says spring like the power of pretty prints, so grab a mat that rewards you with a beautiful design every time you roll it out. From flowers and tribal designs to colorful patterns and leaf prints, these yoga mats from Gaiam are sure to perk up your workout and keep you coming back for more. Who wouldn't enjoy staring at these stunning mats while in downward dog?
Ride Indoors With a Bike Trainer ($91.99)

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Don't let a little rain ruin your afternoon bike ride—bring your ride inside with a sturdy bike trainer by Sportneer. Six resistance settings allow you to recreate the road right from the comfort of home. Simply secure your bike in the trainer, get in your workout and then press down a lever to easily unclamp your bike to take it back outside when needed.

Bluetooth Headphones That You Can Sweat In ($19.99) 

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There you are, running to your favorite workout playlist, enjoying a nice sunny day, working up a sweat when your headphone shorts. How annoying is it that now you have to run the rest of your route with either only one headphone working or no music at all? This set of Otium Bluetooth headphones not only allow you to workout untethered, but they are also waterproof and constructed with stay-put technology, which means you can enjoy your music worry-free.  
A Mid-Morning Nosh ($23.14 for a pack of 12)

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Great for hikes, walks, runs, picnics or for a simple pick-me-up, RXBARs are high in protein and low in other garbage. In fact, these bars contain nothing but the whole-food ingredients printed right on the front of the label. They contain no added anything—sugar, soy, dairy, preservatives or ingredients you struggle to pronounce.  
Tame Fly-Aways and Keep Sweat at Bay ($14.95 for a pack of 2)

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It's hard to find a perfect headband, but this one from Maven Thread comes close. Made of a light, breathable fabric, the trendy Maven Thread is stretchy enough to fit your head without digging in and leaving marks when you take it off.

One reviewer says she "always had a hard time with headbands actually staying in place on my head. I figured I would give these a go […] I am in love! […] I wear them around the house all the time. You can keep them wide and over the ears or bunch them up tuck behind the ears like a typical headband. This keeps my postpartum new hair growth tucked away. Did I mention the prints are cute?!"
Protect Your Lips from the Elements ($6.99 for a pack of two)

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Oftentimes, we go outside for a workout with the proper attire including shoes, hat and (hopefully) even sunblock, only to forget another important item—lip balm. A lip balm with sunscreen is an essential item to protect your pout from the wind, sun and other harmful elements. This two pack from Burt's Bees contains SPF 15 and leaves no messy white residue.
Save Face With Sunblock ($8.43)

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Don't let the harsh rays of the sun damage your skin and keep you from enjoying your outdoor activities. Make sure you cover your face, neck and any other exposed skin with sweatproof sunblock any time you head outside for a workout or activity. Aloe and cucumber soothers included in this product from Kiss My Face will keep your skin feeling cool and protected all day long.
Protect Your Eyes from the Sun ($37.99)

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These Under Armour sunglasses are a perfect fit for anyone looking to shield their eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, at any time of day. The titanium-infused, non-polarized frames have a UV coating, and they won't distort your peripheral vision. Think of these as your protection, not only from the sun, but also from bugs, tree branches or debris the wind could blow into your eyes.
Hiking Sandal to Handle Rough Terrain (Starting at $42.95)

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With flowers blooming, birds chirping and the bugs not quite ready to eat you alive just yet, spring is a great time to take a hike. Consider investing in a new pair of hiking sandals before you hit the dusty trail. Made with a sturdy rubber sole and webbing that wraps around your foot and through the midsole for a custom fit, these sandals from Chaco are perfect for the hiker who finds herself going from dry land through creeks and back again. 
Hands-Free Carry All (starting at $18.93)

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So simple, yet so life-changing! Made from a Spandex-Lycra blend, the revolutionary non-slip FlipBelt keeps all your essentials safe and close at hand during all your springtime runs, walks, hikes and bikes. Tuck in your phone, keys, gel packs or credit cards, flip the belt inside out and work out worry-free.
Keep Your Water Cool and Close (Prices vary based on design)

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Hydration is always important, but you'll likely find yourself even thirstier as outdoor workouts start to warm up. This insulated, BPA-free water bottle from Polar Bottle is available in dozens of cheery spring designs to fit any personality. The wide mouth accommodates ice cubes, while a removable built-in strap makes it a breeze to carry.

Quick-Drying Hat ($13.99)

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Hats are multifaceted, wonderous inventions. They keep the sun out of your eyes, your hair out of your face and protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. This popular hat from LETHMIK is also quick-drying, breathable and contains a mesh lining, so you won't have to worry about running with a soggy, sweaty hat for your entire 5K.

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What’s your favorite spring fitness accessory?

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