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Are You An Apple in a Lollipop World?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Identifying your body shape and learning to love it are two different things.

This is especially true when the world indicates we should be something we don't see when we look in the mirror.

Do you know what your body type is and have you learned to accept and love it?

I am a straight forward kind of gal that can appreciate the straight forward approach of people like Dr. Phil or Judge Judy. In the fashion world, stylists Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine have that same no-nonsense approach when telling woman that they dress all wrong for their body type.

In their book, The Body Shape Bible, Trinny and Susannah outline 12 different body types instead of the classic pear, apple and hour glass that we traditionally hear about. I really had to study the twelve shapes to determine which best described me. What I found was that how I viewed my body and my actual body type did not match. I saw myself as a "brick" when in reality I am a "column." Perception and reality are two different things, but it is our perception that directs our thoughts and decisions many times.

As we get older and see our shape and size change, it is easy to lose sight of our true body type and to focus on all that we are NOT instead of all that we ARE. As the world tells us we "should" be a size 6 "lollipop" and highlights all the beautiful woman that are lucky enough to be born with that body type and who have spent many dollars and hours to achieve that size, it becomes easier and easier to think that our 'brick' or 'cello' body type is wrong. Sure, maybe we aren't the size we were ten years ago. Maybe we could tweak our lifestyle choices a bit to improve our size and muscle tone for our body type. Unfortunately, many times we follow diet and exercise regimens with a goal of becoming a body type or shape that we are not meant to have and will never achieve. Does this sound familiar? It sure does to me. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in our size and the number on the scale that we don't pay enough attention to the other aspects of our body like its shape and proportions.

Instead, what if we honestly evaluated and identified our body type and learned to accept and love that shape. Start by thinking back to what your body looked like when you were in your 20's. Get out some old pictures and look at your shape instead of the size to help you remember. Use the 12 body types outlined by Trinny and Susannah to honestly assess and determine your body type. Once you have identified your body type, look at your shape today. Do you see the same shape only in a different size? If you had broad shoulders and a long torso in your 20's, you will likely still see that today even if your middle is a little thicker than it was back then. Your type is your type regardless of your size.

Body type is genetically determined and not something we can change, no matter how hard we try or how committed to diet and exercise we may be. Yes we can change our size and tone and strengthen our muscles but unfortunately that isn't enough for many of us. We focus our thoughts and actions with another body type in mind or use plastic surgery and other drastic options to change features that we don't like. Instead of learning to accept the body we were born with, we long for the body that someone else was born with.

Life is short and healthy living with the right goals in mind can make living much more meaningful. Perhaps learning to accept our body for the type it is and working to make it as healthy and fit as possible will allow all of us to make the most of each day we are given.

What body type are you? Is it what you thought you were or were your perceptions different than reality?

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IMEMINE1 3/25/2020
Thank you. I thought I was an apple but I am a cornet. Report
MUSICNUT 2/8/2020
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
CATNAP629 8/31/2019
Im not sure Report
LOSER05 7/6/2019
thanks Report
None of those body types is me. I wear most of the clothing styles suggested for ALL the types. I find thatI really just need to try on outfits individually to determine whether I like the way it fits; I can't just go by the style. Report
I want to be the apple. I try . Report
I'm the "apple" .... always had that "spare tire" .... never have had a waist. 75% of my body fat is in my waist, tummy area. Hate wearing baggy shirts to cover mid section !! Report
A goblet! What a good description! That's me, too, although it is a little less noticeable after the weight loss! Report
I am a goblet. This is the best way I've found to describe body types! Thanks for sharing! Report
Somewhere between a skittle and a vase. A skittlevase? heehee. That makes me laugh. Thanks for the article, it's nice to see other variables than the apple, pear, and hourglass. Report
From the front view, I guess I would be a goblet.I have large arms and shoulders, large breasts, I have a waist, bu then I have a huge spare tire under my waist, no rear end at all and stick legs. Ugghh... I guess a goblet.
Who knew Report
Heck...I don't know...top heavy, small waist (when not gassy) thigh is small, legs are small. I can't wear dresses; by the time I fit my bust, dresses look like maternity clothing. Pants are sized to my inseam; which is long.
In short...I can put on, take off pants and skirts without un fastening them..no elastic. Tops are 42-44 or 2 or 3x. Report
Column/Cello so now what?
:) Report
I've always considered myself to be a pear, maybe a narrow hourglass. I'm not sure I really fit into any of these, because my hips and upper half are more or less proportional, but my boobs are not big (they aren't that small either, at a B-cup), so I can't count as a vase, which seems closest otherwise. Maybe I'm a skittle. To critique the system further, now, there's a lot of repetition in their types. There are about three of them that are basically pear. I don't really get how a cello differs from hourglass. I also suspect you could move between these types by gaining or losing weight. Report
When I was a teen I was long waisted, flat chested, muscular legged and round bottom. At thirty-three I still only weighed 120 lbs. Now I am older...I am somewhere between an apple and a bell shape. Although with exercise it is changing....I will always carry my weight mostly below the waist. Report
I'm a full bodied red. Report
I have lost 50 lbs and I am still an apple. I still have a small tummy no matter how hard I try to work it off. But family genes play a part. Look at my family and their apple shapes. I hate being an apple shape. Report
Being an apple has never been fun. Even in high school, no matter how thin the rest of me was, I had
a tummy. I ate less and less until I was so weak I couldn't walk to school any more. We had never heard of starvation mode at that time and anorexia was something that movie stars got not real people. Then Karen Carpenter died and I realized what I was doing. I ate and exercised and concentrated on core exercises. They worked. Then I got married and found I had made a serious mistake since he turned out to be an abuser and I knew he hated fat women so I ate myself to oblivion to keep him off me. I got fat on purpose! Now I can't lose it even though I am now married to a wonderful man.
Erin Report
I am a vase! I'm not food, I'm home decor! :) Report
I'm a mixture of bell and pear. Yikes! I used to like bells and pears, not so much now. Report
I'm the classic avocado. Report
I still don't know! Not skinny enough for a coronet, not busty enough for a goblet, not straight up and down enough for a brick. I've always felt like a brick, but I'm probably more a goblet. I'll just stick with "Inverted pyramid"...broad at the shoulder, narrow at the hip...there'd be a waist in there if I was more space between the top of my hips and the bottom of my ribcage! Report
My shape was not on there. I am just me. Report
I used to a cello but now I'm an apple...well, more like a beach ball but I'm working on it. When I lose all the weight I'll probably end up more of an hourglass since I doubt my bust will shrink to the size it was in my younger days. Report
I don't see my shape either. It's a combo of many of the ones listed, tall, no butt at all, long legs, broad shoulders, big boobs, flat stomach. All my fat goes to my muffin top!! I have a permanent muffin top :*(. I hate it, hate it, hate it. It's there when I'm naked!!
I can't wear form fitting clothes, forget dresses, the muffin top is there, I don't understand!! :*( I only wear blouses with an empire waist. People always ask me if I'm pregnant!
It's so embarrasing, jeans are a torture. If I buy them to fit my muffin top, I swim in them at the bottom. If they fit me through the legs & bum my muffin top sticks out even more!
Use use to be a hourglass 36", 28", 36". Now I am a cello. Bigger on the bottom by two sizes. I have tried on the outfit they have suggested and it might work If I were a size 10. It did not look good on me at a size 18. Report
I can't find myself! Broad shoulders, small breasts, small waist, big ol hips and thighs but flat butt. Report
I'm somewhere between a pear & a column. However, my "pearness" has been DIMINISHING with age--my hips are not as ample relative to the rest as they used to be, while my waist has thickened, so my waist-hip ratio has shifted.

Of course some shifting also happens with childbearing. I used to have a much flatter lower abdomen, but no matter how much weight I lose now my pouch will never go away. It's OK--my body has served me well & I'm sort of attached to it. :-)

And by the way, I would NOT go to Trinny & Susannah for fashion advice. High heels are just wrong, & I hardly saw any images on the whole page that I would personally like to wear. Heehee. Report
Interesting article, though I agree with the other folks that mentioned the part about "looking at pictures from your 20s".. Well, during the first half of my twenties (the past 5 years) I have gone from my highest weight to my lowest weight and back - so what am I supposed to use as my "benchmark"? Maybe I'm just to young to be using this website.. Report
Lucky me my body is an hourglass, my breast is pretty big and my butt too, and my husband loves it. Report
Dangit. I didn't want to be a brick. But its true. I have a Kim Catrall kind of body (that has a lot of extra...but the same frame). I suppose it does really help though, that I can stop feeling like everyone must know how to do a particular crunch that gives them the narrow waist that I've felt I was robbed of during puberty.
Its a shame. But it helps me to look realistically at myself and where I can go. Report
I think you should not have said to look at pictures in your 20's. You should have said to look at pictures when you were in a weight that made you confortable.
You think that everybody was thin when young and got bigger with time and life?
I was fat in my teens and early 20's, so DEFINITELY do not want to look back at those pictures as my sample.
I know I might be too sensitive about something so little, but reality is that most people with weigth problems are sensitive about it and do not want to be reminded of when we were in our worst.
Besides that, I think the article is very helpful. Thanks for writing it. It made realize that what is achievable is healthier you and feeling good about it. Report
I am an apple body type but I have beautifully long legs. What do you do with that? Have plastic surgery to fix the stomach area? Report
From skinny column to pear to apple. Metabolic sydrome. But I'm working on it. Report
I am an hourglass. One line in the linked article really hit home with me. It asked if I am still the same shape I was when I was in my 20's, but in a different size and the answer is a definite "yes." There's a lot more of me now, but it's all still distributed the same way.

During my teen years, the beauty standard was Twiggy, not Marilyn Monroe. The fashions were made for girls who were tall and straight with no curves. I was tall and lean, alright, but with a tiny waist (19 inch waist the day I got married!) compared to the size of my bust and hips.

Now I'm a much thicker version of that shape. That's what I see in the mirror. In my head I'm much taller and slimmer, though! LOL Report
Hmmm... they didn`t get me. I`ve never actually found a `body type` that matches me. I`m very thin on the top (read: skinny arms, no boobs), heavy in the waist and thighs, and an average size bum.... it`s nice to see that they are trying to expand the old views about body types though :) Report
They don't have me. I am an hourglass in bone structure with pear weight distribution. hmm. except I have great calves so I can't be their pear.

I think there are infinite types of bodies. I still dislike their advice. The goal seems to be distract from your "bad" draw to your "good". I think my whole body can be good. It's on the premise that their is an ideal appearance. Lollipops aren't every man's fantasy, nor are hourglasses. Report
I am somewhere between an hourglass and a bell i think I am not sure it really hard to figure out considering i dont want to go stand in front of the mirror Report
I'm a happy vase-- never knew what I was before... Report
This is really great article. Report
Column, all the way. I like my shape and I enjoy being tall. I also feel in some ways like the Cornet and the Skittle. The athletic strength of the Cornet, and the slight shaping of the Skittle shaded over the statuesque appeal of the Column just about does it. Report
Wow! Im a vase - all these years I thought I was an hourglass. My sister is shorter than me, but her legs are longer because my height is from a long torso. I am only 5 ft 6 though. My boobs keep me from many "cute" outfits. I get so annoyed when my skinny friends say that I have a sexy Playboy shape because I'm always thinking that they are just trying to make me feel better about being large. This was a great article because now I believe them a bit more, and I think I'm actually proud of my curves! Report
I'm an Hourglass, a bigger hourglass now.
When I gain weight or lose weight it comes off everywhere but I still have the same basic shape.
Clothing tips are interesting. Although when I am thin, I can pretty much pull off any clothing look.
Certain things look better of course and now I know why. Report
I am actually the same shape I've thought all my life, a pear. In fact all the women in my family on my mom's side, plus my sister of course are pears. It's our blessing and our curse. Report
im still a stoopid pear! I cant wear those high boots.. my calves are too big! I like to say they are muscular... but really tall boots and me are enemies! i was really hoping to be a different shape, but im little boobed, tiny waist, and massive bum and thighs! ... pear.... i love the trini and susannah books on "what you wear can change your life".. they are jack on the money! Report
I noticed that there was not one body type they felt couldn't be flattered by wearing high heels (minimum 3", by my estimation from looking at the photos). ;) Report
I am a pear shape. It is really hard to loose my lower half. Report
i am somewhere between an apple and a pear but a aspire to someday be perhaps a candy apple? I would be fooling myself if I ev er thought I could be a lollypop - it ain't gonna happen! I will be happy with what I do become because I know I am on the right track. Report
Hmmm....I think I am the vase. Maybe the hourglass...not sure. Interesting read though, thanks! Report
That's interesting...I always thought I was a classic apple (I've been top-heavy ever since adolescence, and my weight tends to collect around my middle), but it looks as if I have the legs and back end of a vase. I may have to try some of the clothing suggestions! Report
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