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Body Bliss: What Do You Love about Yourself?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We are our own worst critics. Somehow, it’s all too easy to zero in on everything you don’t like about your body when you look in the mirror. Similarly, one harsh comment from another person can stick with you for the rest of your life. (I’ll never forget how I felt when several kids wrote my name next to “ugliest cheerleader” in a middle school slam book.) Why is it that we can easily recall these negative comments, or recite a laundry list of things we’d like to change about ourselves, but when asked to recall the most recent compliment you got, or list your best feature, you come up blank? It’s time to change that!

Let’s stop dwelling on the negative and start focusing on all the positives! No matter what kind of shape you’re in, how far you are from your ideal weight, or how much you might have been picked on, we all have something to offer. I don’t care if the only thing you find cute is your little toe. There has to be something you’re proud of.

Now’s your chance to toot your own horn without judgment! In this game, there is no such thing as being too arrogant or too conceited. Can you list 5 things you like—maybe even love—about your appearance? How about 10, 20, or even 50? Share them with the world by commenting below! Let those creative juices flow. You deserve to feel beautiful, handsome, and special—and it’s OK to tell yourself that you are, even if no one else does.

And next time you’re trying to motivate yourself to push through an extra mile on the treadmill, think about this list instead of the things you wish you could change. Chances are, you’ll feel happy and be motivated to finish that workout with gusto!

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LIZZIE138 10/17/2019
I love my beautiful blue eyes, l love that my husband’s friends always tease him about robbing the cradle & In reality I’m only 6 years younger than he is. Report
Hmmmm..., I guess physically- my cheekbones, how losing over ten pounds looks, my beautiful white teeth, and my dark expressive eyes with eyelashes that are so long, it looks like they have mascara slathered on even when they don't.
Personality wise- how well I work with children, and how much I value the gift of friendship and emphasize on the importance of loyalty. Report
This is hard because I have NEVER been beautiful, although in my 20s and 30s, I at least was slim, fit, and athletic. Back then, I loved my tiny waist and long, toned arms. These days...
1) I LIKE my cheekbones now that I can see them again.
2) Since I am now very close to my ideal weight, I LIKE the way clothes fit me.
3) I LIKE my physical strength that I am regaining.
4) I LOVE that I was able to lose so much weight in my mid-50s without much struggle.
5) I LOVE the idea that it's not too late for me to lose those last 10 lbs., tone up, and find my younger fit self again. Report
I had a colleague tell me yesterday that I sure don't look like I'm "old" enough to be 64. MADE my day. Report
Thank you for an uplifting article.

Things I like about my appearance: my freckles, my curly hair, my green eyes, my strong legs, my strong core. Things I like about myself: Sense of humor, my laugh, my artistic talent, my kindness, my smile, my love of words and my ability to do research. Report
I’m kind, believe I have a great sense of humour and will go above & beyond for anyone who needs me. I’m very hard on myself and as I say here I tried to think of physical things I’m proud of but have a lot of work to do before I get to that point... I will get back to you soon :) Report
I love my mind, my smile, my eyes, my compassion, and my humor. Report
I love my hazel eyes
I love my 40 lb weight loss
I love the fact that even after a spinal fusion I'm running again
I love being 50 and looking like I'm in my 30's
I love the man I'm dating who loves me no matter what Report
Things I like about my appearance?
1-eye color-blue
2-complexion-have always gotten compliments on that
3-hands-inherited from my mother-another source of compliments
4-height- 5'9" so not really tall but tall enough
5-there is much less of me than there was before my "road to health" began
The thing I like most about my body has nothing to do with appearance. It is simply that regardless of all my many aches and pains, I have always been able to keep moving. Not always easily but still gets me through my day. Report
I love my eyes, my hair (I own my grey, lol), my hands, my shoulders, and my calves. Report
I am 61 and recently retired. People do not believe that I am 61 and that makes me soooo happy and proud as well. I am not my grandmother who reclined in a chaise lounge and had a maid at my age. I have had my ups and down on this 31 year fitness journey but mostly ups. Recently I invested in a wonderful skin care regime prescribed by my dermatologist and my skin looks wonderful and healthy~and I am getting more rest~feels soooo good taking care of me. I eat clean! I also exercise for more than 2 hours everyday. A 2.5 mile trail walk w/steep hills in the morning is now my "new warmup." I am strong and my muscles are toned. My calf strain in 98% healed and I look forward to returning to my running this week as running in nature makes me feel invincible. I feel great both physically and emotionally. Report
I love myself a lot more now than I did when I was younger...and thinner...With age and wisdom, I have learned that I will never look like Raquel Welsh, and I am okay with that now...and wouldn't trade with anyone.
I love my hair, my lips, my teeth, my eyes, my eyebrows, my fingernails, my waist, my hips, the strength in my legs, the softness of my stomach, the color of my skin. I am working on loving my breasts, which have taken a nose dive this past year....working on loving 40yrs old...and I do!...just have to get used to it. Report
My wrists
Naturally straight teeth
My hair (it's graying in a very pretty way)
My feet
Finger nails
(this was hard and shouldn't be!) Report
love my naturally wavy hair
love my calves
love that I am a great listener
love my breasts
love my skin it tans easily and rarely burns as long as I use sunscreen
My Calves
My neck
my cheekbones
my eyes
my red hair Report
Boy this was harder than I though it would be:
My eyes as they tell me how I am feeling
My legs because they have a nice shape, even though they are short
My finger nails they are easy to grow and are strong
My hair, the older I get the more I love the natural wave and thickness it has
My height, being 4' 11" has it's challenges but I can't dream of life any taller Report
1) I have a nice hour-glass shape, even being a big girl
2) I have been told several times that I have beautiful brown sparkly eyes.
3) I am clever
4) I have cute feet and toes
5) I have a cute smile
6) I blush prettily

I made myself come up with an extra! Report
1. My colar bone is nice and defined
2. My eyes are a nice big brilliant blue green
3. I have full soft lips (I've been told multiple times the softest someone has ever felt)
4. My arms are small and yet strong for their size
5. My hair is long blonde, soft as silk with a million natural highlights Report
oh, gosh...

1. Naturally straight and white teeth.
2. High cheekbones.
3. I've developed some great biceps over the past couple months! WOO :)
4. Nice fingers.
5. that I'm a quick learner!
6. that I've found somebody who loves everything about me even though I can't think of many things to love about myself :) Report
i have a very beautiful personality,and beautiful hands and feet. lovely skin,no marks on my body from head to toe. Report
1. I love the shape and colour of my eyes
2. I like the tips of my nails - they're naturally very white.
3. I have high cheek bones
4. I've got a nice skin colour
5. My hair is shiny.
Wow, that was hard. You're right; I could raffle off a huge long list of things I hate about myself, but this took a LOT of thought. I think I'm going to write out my hate list and see if I can change it to a love list. Report
This is a GREAT idea
1 I have a nice smile
2 I have a nice chest
3 I have nice teeth (thanks to braces when in HS)
4 I love my height
5 I have a long neck
Thanks for making me take a moment to think of the things I like about me:

1. Long legs
2. My height (5'11")
3. My teeth
4. Long fingers
5. (Relatively) small hips

What a positive way to start my day. Thanks! Report
I love these 5 things about me.
1. my eyes
2. my lips
3. my boobs
4. my butt
5. my nose

there is definitely more things that I love about me, but you only asked for five--- I could be here all day---because I love everything about me Report
I love my nose,skin,hands,skin,teeth,long legs, Report
my eyes
my lips
my boobs
my hips
my 0% fat calves
love this exercise, thanks nicole, strangely never thought about the positive parts of my body for this long!! Report
my strong legs, my brown skin (does not show stretch marks as easy) my stubby fingers. my humor and my HOPE FOR the FUTURE (my heart) Report
My blue eyes
My beautiful smile
My caring heart
My sense of humor
My love of puns Report
eyes, teeth,voluptiousness, the beginnings of an hourglass figure, calves
(my husband likes the backside...) Report
I love, well... my hair colour - copper brown and shiny,
shoulders, they are nice and round
really small feet and hands - hard to shop for but feminine
my nails - used to bite them all my life until two years ago, by now they are long and very strong and pretty
my flexibility, it feels great to hear compliments about doing yoga poses good at first try Report
What I love about my appearance:
1) Eyes
2) Butt
3) Chest
4) Freckles
5) Hair
6) Tattoos!
I love my Head and My toes....and everything inbetween Report
5 things I love about my body:
My butt
My eyes
My feet
My chest and neckline
My hair Report
I love
*My eye color--dark blue indoors, light blue outdoors
*My nose--it is smallish and reminds me of my Grandma
*My legs--which are strong and remind me that I am strong
*My small hands--which remind me of my Mom
*My ankles Report
Since I am on my first day of my journey I think I will start with these and go from there:

1. My kids that my body brought into this world
2.The color of my eyes
3.My sense of humor
4.My hair
5.My stubborn streak that will keep me on my journey (hopefully) Report
I love my entire mouth and my tattoed legs Report
my legs and butt Report
ok here it goes, 1) compexion 2) my calves 3)butt 4) eyes 5) hands
I love my:

and that I'm evenly porportioned Report
1. skin complexion
2. my wrists
3. hands
4. the mole between my eyes almost even with my eye brows (my mom and grandma also had one, and I was adopted so it always felt like I wasn't somehow
5. my freckles and even now the large ones (surely not age spots!!! :)
1) EYES!
2) Hair
3) Lips
4) Legs
5) Personality ;) Report
I love,

my eyes, my feet, my butt, smile, and my friendlyness ^_^ Report
5 things I love about me:

1 My eyes
2 My hair
3 My strong nails
4 My pale skin (no tanning beds here!)
5 My muscles! Report
5 things I like about me:
my hair
my legs
my sense of humor

Thanks coach!
my eyes
my skin Report
5 things I like about my appearance:
My strong legs
My tiny ankles
My luscious lips
My shiny hair
My tiny feet (even if they make finding shoes hard, they're cute)

5 Things I love about the rest of me (because appreciating yourself isn't just about your body, in my opinion):
My patience and efforts to understand/empathize with others
My imagination
My resolve
My kindness, truly out of love
My artistic eye

:D Thanks! ( I still feel like I'm bragging, but thanks.)
Jocelyn Report
Okay, this is difficult for me, but here it goes.....My eyes, face, complexion, kindness and empathy toward others, my musical talents (singing, playing piano), and my smile . Report
I have really nice forearms and calves...Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Report
I LOVE...my smile, my nose, my hips(my husband loves them), my complexion..nearly flawless for my age,
my eyes, my legs..because they look great in boots and dresses
My singing voice, it helps me tell everyone else who I am inside Report
(1)My face (2)legs (3)mind (4)my smile (5)my strength Report
I love my:

Complexion/People think I'm younger than I am.
I feel sexy again
Inner/outer strength
Inner beauty
I love my life! Report
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