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Food 101: Clementines, a 35-Calorie Holiday Treat

By , SparkPeople Blogger
This time of year, I can resist the candies, the cookies and the cakes. It's the clementines that catch my eye.

Called Christmas oranges because they are in peak season between November and January, the diminutive orange fruits are a holiday tradition.

From the time they first appear in stores, I keep a box in our house. A half-dozen or so take up residence on my desk and must constantly be replenished. A couple of others end up in my purse for on-the-go snacking. And the rest are displayed on a platter in the kitchen so my Vitamin C fix is never out of reach. I keep these seedless sweeties on hand until at least the first of the year. By then, I'm usually burned out on them!

Clementines (and their much-confused brethren, tangerines) are guilt-free holiday treats.

Nutrition info:
35 calories, 0 g fat, 1 mg sodium, 9 g carbs, 1 g protein,
1 g fiber, 60% RDA vitamin C

How to pick them:
Clementines should be slightly hard but have some flexibility in their skin, heavy for their size, and not have any deep grooves. They should be bright orange in size. The skin should feel smooth and thin.

Some tips:
  • Keep a platter or bowl of clementines or tangerines next to the cookie platter at your next party.
  • Get rid of the candy bowl. Replace it with a bowl of clementines. (Place a smaller bowl next to it to hold peels.)
  • The fruit is easy to peel and not too messy, so throw them in your purse, leave them on your desk and put them in the kids' lunch bags.
  • Grab a clementine the next time you crave something sweet. It's much better than reaching for a cookie.
  • Instead of giving a platter of cookies or a cake as a holiday gift, give someone a box of clementines.
  • Feel free to eat more than one. At 35 calories each, you're certainly not doing much damage!
  • Peeling and segmenting the fruit slows you down and allows you to really enjoy your snack.

Are you a fan of clementines and tangerines? How do you eat them?
(Photo: of the clementines currently on my desk)

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YMWONG22 7/5/2020
Yummy! Thanks. Report
NELLJONES 6/21/2020
I love clemmies! Report
MARKSMOM3 4/5/2020
I love clemetines! Report
FISHGUT3 2/20/2020
thanks Report
BILLTHOMSON 11/29/2019
This is one of my go to snacks, they're perfect in numbers and size. Report
GETULLY 9/13/2019
Love clementines when they are in season!!! Report
My go to for a snack. Report
Thank You................ Report
Thank you Report
One of my favs... just peel & eat!!! Report
Had one last night. What a tasting delight. Report
they are a yummy yummy treat....I love the Bella ones they have at the HEB in southern Texas Report
I bought a bag and took them to church for the kids to eat Report
They are delicious. Report
I like satsumas best. Report
Love them just ate 2!!!! Report
I didn't grow up having clementines because a) in Florida where I grew up in the 60's and early 70's, the grocery stores didn't seem to have much in the way of oranges (I guess because Florida sends them all out of state??), and we didn't observe Christmas for spiritual reasons. But I "discovered" them shortly after we married and moved to the community where we live now, and I fell in love with them. I couldn't stand them while I was pregnant but then after our son was born we started eating clementines all summer. It was easy to feed my son. Then when he started kindergarten, I brought clementines to his class for "snacks". I was acutely aware that our school was around 80-90% "Free Lunch Eligible", and so I tried to make our snacks as healthy as possible. The first time I brought in clementines, his teacher looked at me like I was crazy! Evidently, her only experience with citrus fruits must have been hard-to-peel oranges or something, not sure. She was asking if I would be here to help peel the oranges, and I said "You won't have to! They are so easy to peel - my son loves them because he can "do it myself", and they aren't so juicy that they make a huge mess." So she said okay and when I came to pick him up at the end of the day, she just gushed on and on about how much the kids just loved peeling them and she had no problems with it and ...on and on... just loved it. So the rest of that winter, I probably brought in one or two bags a week (they encouraged all the parents to take turns bringing in snacks, but many could not afford to bring anything of course, or didn't have the time flexibility of bringing something in.). Report
I LOVE Clementines - They are my Favorite Winter Fruit ! I always have a box in the house from Nov - Jan. The Grandkids love them too and are constantly snacking on them. Report
Aren't clementines just a variety of tangerine? We've been eating both for eons (at least since the last millenium :^). The "cuties" variety are even better, but they've been hard to find around here this year. Report
Clementines rock! Report
Love Clementines! I eat them as snacks, with yogurt, and on salads. The kids love them too! Report
Where is the icon to print this article or any article from health lifelong blog
Where is the icon to print this article or any article from health lifelong blog
Where is the icon to print this article or any article from health lifelong blog
Where is the icon to print this article or any article from health lifelong blog
I love clementines. For me they are candy. I eat them all year round pretty much. Report
Clementines are the best, I have them almost all year round. Report
We call them Chinese oranges or mandarins. Report
I love clementines.......I bought some today when I did my grocery shopping. They are very easy to peel and are better then a cookie or piece of candy. Report
Oh Clementine, Oh Clementine, how is thy fruit so healthy? Not even through the autumn's breeze, but even in the winter's freeze... la-la-la-la... la-la-la-la... your juices are sooo YUMMY!! LOL!! My children would think Christmas was really weird if they didn't find this delicious treat in the bottom of their stockings! Report
I can't resist these either! SO Yummy! I have a half dozen within reach at my desk right now. Report
I love them as well, my kids enjoyed clementines. Report
Yes,I've had a couple today. they are yummy & all the stores are featuring them & keeping the price down, that's a plus. Report
It was kinda funny to run across this article, I bought my first bag of clementines last night! I might try a couple with the cloves.... Report
Hey MyKidBryten,

I’d never thought of studding clementines to make pomanders. I love orange and clove ornaments but clove is so expensive I rarely make them. It wouldn’t take nearly as much clove to cover a Clementine. They would probably dry faster too for preserving. Don’t think I’d eat them though, I like the smell of clove but not the flavor so much.
These are my favorite!! I look forward to them every year! Report
Clementine’s are wonderful. Easier to peal than oranges, usually sweeter, and most important for me is that they are small. I don’t really love fruit that much (except strawberries or a nice melon of course) and I don’t want to have to large portions at one time. Just a little bit. All these giant apples and oranges they are trying to push in the produce section of the supermarkets are in no way appealing to me. These little things are just perfect though. Report
I saw this blog this morning while at work, and while I am sure I have seen clementines before (I probably just assumed they were small oranges) I am pretty sure I have never had one. It sounded interesting though, so this evening while at Wal-Mart I thought I would look for them, and *Poof* there they were right at the beginning of the fruit section. So, I had to purchase a small package of them to see what all the fuss is about. I am eating my second one right now as I type with a 1/4 cup of almonds because I made the mistake of eating too sweet cake earlier and now I am queasy and ravenous. This should hold me over until dinner though. I just wanted to say thanks for the heads up about these because otherwise I would have never known, I only wish I had known a little earlier in the season.

Cym Report
One of my all time favorites. I just wish they weren't so costly (at least where I live they are). Report
Clementines have been a holiday favorite of mine for years! FINALLY, SparkPeople got them on the database - I remember when they were not!!!
I love them. Your picture has EXACTLY the same number of clementines on your desk that are on my own desk!!! Report
I love them. I just bought some yesterday and had 2 already today! Report
I will definately give these a try! Thanks. Report
Not only do I love them, but my picky eater daughter will eat them...sometimes as many as 5 in one day! At least I know she's getting some good nutrition. I'm buying a box every 5 days or so! Report
These disappear so fast at my house. The kids love them. Report
I'm so addicted to these, I buy a whole crate a week when they are in season. Report
i've been eating like 4 of these a day! Yummy! Report
LOVE these! Report
I LOVE clementines. They're so delicious and easy to eat. Report
Between the four of us, we go through at least 10 pounds a week - it's crazy! Thank goodness they're cheap around here (well under $1 per pound). Report
I just recently saw these at Trader Joe's. This article (and comments) encourage me to give them a try. Report
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