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Habits of Fit People: Leave Your Gear at the Gym

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You want to be a fit person, right? That's why I'm sharing my own habits for keeping fit and staying healthy in the ongoing Habits of Fit People series.

Here's one that works for me: Leaving my fitness gear in the gym locker room. I don't mean paying extra for a locker where you can stash your stuff overnight. I mean leaving it at the gym so that you have to return to get it—and therefore work out. So why does something like this matter?

I know it's in my best interest to hit the gym after work for Spinning class or strength training, but some days I just want to go home and skip the gym altogether. I'm sure you know what that's like. On days like these, I have to pull out the big guns to get myself there. This secret has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with forcing myself (lovingly, of course!) to go.

You see, my gym is on my way to work and therefore on my way home—the perfect location no matter what time of day I want to exercise. If I have a feeling that I'll head home after work instead of doing my workout, I stop by the gym during the day—before work or maybe during lunchtime—and leave my gym bag in the locker room. This way, I am forced to return at night to get my stuff and work out while I'm there. I'm not about to walk in to the gym just to walk right back out, gym bag in tow. Getting there is half the battle! And because my gym (and every gym I have ever belonged to) only offers "day" lockers, I know I can't leave my stuff there overnight or else my lock will get cut and my belongings will be history. This habit has never failed me yet.

If you belong to a gym with day lockers—especially if that gym is nearby your workplace or somewhere on the way—this is a great technique to use if you're having trouble motivating yourself to go. If you don't belong to a gym, get creative. Planning to meet your friend for a morning run? Stop by the night before and drop off something you NEED the next day to ensure you'll be there bright and early. There are plenty of ways to make exercise something that you have to do, and for many, that's the incentive they need to make sure it happens!

Have you ever used this technique (or something similar) to make sure you'll work out? Did it work for you? Are you willing to try it?

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Our gym doesn’t allow anything left over Overnight. Report
ANHELIC 11/22/2019
Thank you Report
I am enjoying being retired and having a gym membership with my hubby. Report
My gym doesn’t allow anything left overnight. Report
I can't leave my things at the gym. They don't allow it. I keep them in my car when I am planning to go after work Report
I love it! What a great way to outwit your own bad tendencies! Report
Unfortunately, the gym I belong to doesn't allow us to leave our workout gear in their lockers, but I do pack my gym in my car, so I'm always ready to workout! :) Report
My work has day lockers but I pay the extra $8 a month to leave my stuff in my locker. That way I am always packed and ready to go. Report
I do this everyday. Had to grin to see this was actually a 'fitness tip' online! Report
I bring my gym bag in to work with me and walk out with it every day. If I'm going to lug my gym bag all the way up the stairs, I'm going to work out! Report
Gym bag in the trunk works for me. I always at minimum have my tennis shoe in the trunk for an unscheduled walk. Report
great ideas!! Report
Fortunately the gym is only 2 minutes from my job and workout during lunch. I leave my gym bag in the car but I live in HOT AZ. When I get my gym bag out my car for my lunch time workout my clothes and running shoes are HOT :( So this is a GREAT solution to that! Thanks! Report
Actually, I leave stuff at the gym- sweaty clothes and pick them up on Sat and wash them all at once. My car smells better and I know where everything is. I do get my clothes ready the night before so I can walk out the door as I am at the gym by 6:15 am. Report
Really cool trick, i'm going to try it.

Another idea that I found has helped is immediately changing into my gym sneakers, while my car is warming up. :) Report
We dont have lockers but when iam going to gym iam taking my gym bag where i put my things ,like my gym shorts a t-shirts ,my gym shoes and the bottle support :)
I like to buy cool gym clothes from http://gym-shorts.net Report
I just get up and get it done, then it's straight to the shower. This is my fitness habit.

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Thanks for the idea - I thought leaving my gym bag in the car would help but it is very easy to make like it isn't there.. out of sight out of mind sort of thing! This is a good next step. Report
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The best way to keep your body healthy & fir is exercising & gyming. It is the essential part of our life. it is necessary to enjoy life to the fullest.
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Not the tip for me. I actually like packing my gym bag and taking it to and fro. Helps me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Report
I know this sounds weird ... but this technique does not work with a yoga studio.

On the only basis I could afford (pay-as-you-go), in particular. They supply no extra rooms to practice in, usually. And the receptionist watches who comes in like a hawk. Report
I have a bag of workout gear in the car at all times. Never know when a good run/walk will come along! Thanks for the tip on the gym Report
Used to when I belonged to a larger gym, but now I go to a smaller one, only 2 miles from my house and they don't have lockers, just cubby holes. But it was quite convenient when I did it before. Report
In the winter I found it really difficult to get to the gym because I had to go so early when it was cold, dark & the roads were icy. I found every excuse not to go. So, I quit the gym bought a treadmill and now there are no excuses. I don't have to scrape the car windows and worry about being late for work. I just get up and get it done, then it's straight to the shower. This is my fitness habit. Report
What i do is that since I use a uniform for work, I leave the uniform in my gym locker....so I know that the next day I HAVE TO GO TO THE GYM since I have my uniform at the gym. It works for me and I hate me during the mornings for leaving my uniform at the gym but after i excersise i know it´s worth it. Report
This is a great idea for ppl who work out after work or in the afternoons or evenings! I don't work outside the home anymore and I like to work out at my gym on weekday mornings after dropping my DD off at school. I find that if I pack my gym bag the night before and get dressed in my workout clothes in the morning I'm definitely going to work out. Report
I have actually done this. My gym is on the way to/from work so I stopped in before work and put my bag in a locker, then headed off to work. I did, however, feel a little foolish walking by the front desk, first with my bag and then 2 minutes later without it. But hey-their only rule is that you can't leave stuff locked up in the locker overnight. And I did return after work for my workout. It worked for me!

Also, since I'm on a scooter, I'm limited with what I can carry, so leaving my bag at the gym in the morning makes sense. Less stuff to have to schlep into/out of the office since I can't leave it sitting on the scooter. Report
When it is cold and rainy or just plain rainy I usually bring my stuff with me so I do not have to go home. Once I am home on a day like this, it is all over for me! This way, no home=more motivation to go to the gym Report
This tip totally works. I try to work out before class, and I'll leave my makeup in my locker overnight. Then when I wake up, I realize I have no makeup, and I have to go to the gym to get it...and then I end up staying for a workout. Report
Wouldn't work for me because I'm on call and could have to work late without warning. If I left my bag there in the morning then got delayed at work my stuff would be history.

My best trick is to pack up my work clothes in my gym bag and lay out my workout clothes. In the morning I throw on my workout clothes, go to the gym, then after my workout shower, shave, and dress for work there. Report
I take my swimming bag to work with me. If I don't, sometimes I can't get motivated enough to go if I go home first. But if I have it with me, I seem to work myself up towards it in the afternoon as something to really look forward to after a long, hard day at work. Report
I'm not enough of a Gym Rat to use this strategy, but it sounds like a good one! I work out at home for the most part. Also, when I do go to the gym, I go in my workout clothes and shower at home (my workouts are after work, in the evenings).

My strategy for getting to the gym, though, is to buy a new top, pair of sneakers, or other workout item every few months, to inspire me to show it off at the gym. I know...sounds shallow, but I love how I look, and I like being able to wear what I want - what I couldn't just a year ago! After losing over 240 pounds, I feel like I'm entitled to show it off a little bit! Report
I just keep them in the car or I'll change into my workout clothes. I will exercise before going home after a 12 hour shift. Report
It's a nice idea, but my gym doesn't allow you to keep things in a locker overnight. :( I'll try to think of some thing similar though... thanks for the idea. Report
Problem with that is I sweat like a bottle of ice water on a hot day at the gym, so my "fitness gear" is soaked at the end of a workout. If I leave it there overnight, it will be moldy and stinky! I have to bring it home and clean it every night...

I'm also of the "if I don't sweat, it's not a workout" ideology and spend around an hour and a half at the gym each time I go. *shrug* To each his own, I guess... Report
I love this Habit of a Fit Person. It reminds me of one of my favorite "hints" for accomplishing a long run you're struggling to commit to: have somebody drive you however many miles you're supposed to run away from the house and drop you off. Suddenly, wimping out a couple miles early gets a heck of a lot harder to do. =D Report
I totally like this idea! I've been having problems getting to the gym and this just might work for me! Report
I love shoes:pumps, flats, and yes rubber shoes. I use working out as an excuse to wear my new rubber shoes. I couldn't just wear them at home while doing nothing. Report
I love this tip! Report
i would love a free cookbook thank you Report
I use Curves as a locker... I'm lucky, since I'm in there every morning (almost), I'm kind of a fixture, so they let me do that. But for me it's backwards...meaning, I go there in the morning, then sometimes leave my stuff there because I don't have my car... then I do all my errands and come back to get it... Or I run in before I go to work, leave my gym bag, because it's cumbersome... then go back to work out. Report
I love the convenience of working out at home...rolling out of bed, having EVERYTHING (shorts, shoes, socks, sweat towel & mp3 player) precisely where I need it to make it as easy as possible to hop on my treadmill and GO! :-)

Don, Co-Leader of All Health Professionals, Binghamton Area Losers and Laid Off But Staying Strong SparkTeams Report
I used to go to a gym after work. So I had to drive on my own e'time I wanted to go to the gym. Petrol & parking prices were an incentive to work out!!! Report
Gym policy does not allow to leave personal items in a locker overnight. I carry my gym bag with me in my vehicle. I always pack extra items such as a swimsuit in case I want to hit the sauna or steamroom, a change of clothing in case I want to shower at the gym before heading home, cycle shorts in case I want to take a spin class in addition to my gym gear & personal toiletries. I pack my gym bag in the evenings so its ready to grab and go in the morning as I head out the door. This leaves little room for excuses not to go to the gym. Report
I don't think I like the idea of dropping it off so I will go back and work out - just seems like an extra time consumer even if it were on the way. But I like the idea of leaving the bag in the car... Report
I usually workout after supper. When I get home from work I always change into my workout clothes. This way, I know that once I am done eating it is time to get myself organized and either go for a walk or head to the gym. This also keeps me from sitting in front of the tv in the evening when I am most likely to snack! Report
I pack two gymbags the night before. The big one has my bathTowel, soap, and whatever clothes don't go on a hanger. I use this one for my morning workout and then shower at the gym before work. I have a smaller bag that I pack with my shorts and top, another small towel, fitness gloves, etc. This stays in my car and is ready for my after work workout. I don't workout twice a day every day, but I try to get in as many classes as I can! It helps. Report
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