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McDonald's Posting Nutrition Info in All Restaurants

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Our daughter spent this past summer serving customers at our local McDonald's. She observed many patrons trying to make healthier choices by selecting oatmeal for breakfast or skipping the fries at dinner. During her work, she helped McDonald's highlight lower calories options as she promoted options from their new Favorites Under 400 menu.
To demonstrate their commitment to improved nutrition, McDonald's has published a nutrition progress report for the first time.  Now McDonald's has taken another step in information sharing. Learn about important tidbits of information that can help make nutrient wise selections even easier next time you are selecting Food on the Run.

No longer will customers have to plan before eating away from home by using the online database to find the healthiest options. Gone are the days that you have to use a nutrition app while waiting in line. New menu boards at McDonald's counters and drive-thru windows will display calories along with the price so customers can make informed decisions for their wallet and their waistline.
According to the International Food Information Council Foundation report, only three in 10 Americans understand that all sources of calories equally contribute to weight gain. Being able to compare calorie in a side-by-side manner at the point of purchase should help the other 70 percent of Americans begin to make wiser choices by simply reducing their calorie consumption.
McDonald's also shared that menu testing next year will help them continue to increase nutritious options available in their fast food lines. Who knows, maybe by this time next year you will be able to select an egg-white McMuffin instead of oatmeal for breakfast or seasonal favorites like cucumbers and blueberries on a hot summer day?

What do you think about all these changes? Do you believe more nutritious options are arriving at McDonald's? Will the calorie postings cause people to make wiser choices?

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I am actually upset by this. When I go and order a Big-Mac I want all the calories that come with it. And if people really want to talk about healthy decisions, how about avoiding McDonald's in the first place! Report
CalorieSchmalorie. These are still all high processed frozen-then-reheated foods with little to no nutrition and tons of added preservatives, hormones, and other nasty things prepared in a kitchen that is probably about 10x less sanitary than my own.

My idea of "fast food" is an organic apple or a banana... guess how much prep time it takes to make that? It comes in it's own delicious recycleable package too! Oh, they are also cheaper than the "dollar" menu.

You're welcome! Report
Fantastic..hopefully they will be a leader for other fast food chains, Report
I think it is great! Seeing it right there in front of me before I order is a huge decision maker! Report
Glad to see this change - I hope they'll also begin noting the carbohydrate values of their offerings for the diabetics in the crowd. Report
It is a step in the right direction, lets see which other fast food places will also post calories. It would be nice to see the sodium, and fats listed next. For those of us that track our nutrition, it will make a difference. However, not everyone will pay attention to this change, but at least we now have that option Report
It seems kinds weird that the States is behind compared to Canada. There's been a nutritional board up on the wall for about 5 years, maybe even longer, at the one I go to most often. It's also on the back of those paper liners they put on the trays (been even monger for the liners). Report
I think this is great. As a busy mother it is hard sometimes to prepare a healthy meal everyday. With so much going on and our busy schedule it's nice to know that I can take my kids to Mc Donalds, let them play and still be able to pick healthy options without all the fuss. I hope other places get the hint. Report
It made a difference for me last week. We are moving and had to do the fast food deal - chose salads instead. Helped me make an informed choice that was much healthier for me. yeah!! Report
It's a baby step in the right direction for all to see ...choices is the name of the game...and this will make it easier to plan ahead....Maybe other chains will follow through. Report
They are great. McDonald's is accommodating their customer base in a positive way. A win-win situation Report
YAY!! I am willing to eat at McD's again! I am in 1 city and my house 3 1/2 hours away, so I am staying with a friend and it is challenging doing food! I am happy to have a choice in additon to Subway. Report
Ditto on the sodium content, but cheers to McD for at least posting the calories. I eat there about 3 times a year, but when I went last week, I definitely used the calories to help choose what I ate. Report
hope all other fast foods will follow Report
I wish all restaurants posted full nutrition content. Not just calories, but fat, saturated fat, sodium, etc. Report
I have used McDonalds for years and always have their calories with me. I like to take the grand kids there now so they too can see the calories posted next to the food. It just makes Sense to let them see NUTRITION is important. I eat sandwiches on a bed of lettuce no Bun and a $1 side salad with Newman's own Balsamic Vinaigrette. WTG -Golden Arches. Report
It is so funny that I see this story today because guess where I went for lunch?....McDonald's! Lol. I absolutely found myself looking at the menu and seeing the calories really did help me make my lunch choice a little healthier. I was a tiny bit starteled at first to see how many calories where really in some of my favorite McDonalds items that I thought were bit healthier than most (almost 500 calories in just the sandwich of a grilled chicken club meal!! WHEW!!) but was very pleased to see that McDonalds was making more of an effort to let me know what in eating. Report
Since my weight has been relatively stable lately and I'm not trying to lose a significant amount(just get in better shape and run a 5K).....calorie counts wouldn't make as much of a difference in my choice at the drive-through as posting sodium levels. It's ridiculous how much some otherwise reasonable items can have! Report
I'm stoked about this. Even though McD's is not a healthy restaurant, the corporation listened to their consumers who wanted to make better food choices. Hopefully this catches on with other fast food chains and people won't blindly order triple-cheeseburger combos without being confronted with the caloric damage they're about to intake. Report
I had already noticed the calorie posting, and it did affect my choice. Good information to have! Report
It would be better if they would put the sodium content on there as well. Panera puts the calorie counts up on the board, but so many people are unaware that most of the "eating out" options pack in so much sodium that they end up getting a whole day's recommended value from just one sandwich!

The added side benefit of all of this for fast food businesses here is that this kind of labeling will move folks away from their "loss leaders" which get folks in the door. They go in thinking they'll get a cheeseburger, see the calorie count and all the sudden spend and additional 20% (or more) on a grilled chicken item. Report
I don't normally eat at McDonald's. Report
I was on a road trip with my family and we stopped at a McD's for lunch. This was the first time I had seen the new changes on the menu and on the takeout menu outside. By seeing the calories *and just the calories alone!* I was able to make a smart and filling choice. My god, at first when I saw the first number I thought it was the combo but then I looked down and realized that first number was just the sandwich or chicken finger. I ended up getting a grilled chicken salad of sorts with two additional side salads (veggies only) and used one fat free balsamic vinegar packet. It felt good to know that I didn't let a fast food chain take me down. Report
I don't mean to discount what McDonald's is doing, but this is not wholly on their own initiative. In 2010 when Obama passed the Affordable Care Act, one of its provisions required that all chains with 20 or more establishments to label the calorie count on all of their food. This is federal law, not McD finally deciding to do what is right. The good news is that we will start to see more and more restaurant chains labeling on their menus and drive-thrus. This will also eventually extend to vending machine snacks. Yay "Obama care" for making federal law what so many of us trying to get/stay healthy have been wishing for!! Report
I haven't ate a fast food place for years for many reasons. Glad though at least the calorie info is available.. now if people actually select healthier options is another thing... it seems a lot of people don't do a great job already of that. Report
I haven't seen this in my tiny little town yet but I am thrilled that it is coming. I usually carry around the printed list with me when I know I am going. I go to McDonalds because they are one of the few who actually have a list. It is too late after you eat something somewhere else and come home to add it to your menu and find out how many "accidental" calories you ate. Report
This morning I went to McDonald's because I missed my usual breakfast at work. This was the first time I've been since they've posted the information, and I love it! I used to carry their nutrition facts paper around in my purse with me and then stand in line looking furiously for what I could actually eat there. The postings on the menu make it much, much easier! Report
I think this is great. I wish all restaraunts did this. I won't eat at a restaraunt that doesn't at least post the nutrition on line. Too easy to hide calories/sugar/salt where we don't expect it. Hooray for McDonalds. I hope it will inspire them to expand their menu for people like us. Report
We've already been able to order an egg-white McMuffin at McD (but that was in California:)). Hooray for them posting the calorie counts. I lost over 50 pounds all while eating a lot of fast food - it can definitely be part of a transition to a healthier diet - one just needs to choose very carefully - now if McD. would only bring the Asian Chicken Salad back, I'd be VERY happy! Report
I used to work at McDonalds - You can always order any salad without the chicken and skip the dressing.
Also, You can order a big mac - no meat - just veggies, I had a reg customer order it with two tomatoes instead of the meat. You can order NO salt on most everything.
There is always the side salad - which is a very healthy option instead of fries. If you have to have a burger - order the reg hamburger on a bed of lettuce instead of the bun. There are many ways you can order healthy at McDonalds - you just have to be creative about it and know your numbers (cal, fat,ect)

I love the fact that they are now showing the calorie count - I do not eat here often but when I do - I like to make the best option for my health.

Jean Report
I really appreciate that they post the calorie counts. I have found them to be very helpful to me. I often choose McDonald's because I can buy a chicken salad and I know what I'm getting. Report
I think it's great that they are doing this. I don't eat too often at McDonald's, but when I need to it will be nice to not have to spend time looking up my options on my phone. I know that a few other "fast food" establishments have nutrition charts available, upon asking for them. On the menu board, such as Panera, is easier to use when faced with the choices of all their yummy options.
Let's see if the other fast food "brands" will follow suit. Report
I am really glad to see this. Last year my husband and I were traveling through California and noticed the calorie counts in a few places we stopped. It was wonderful! I kept hoping the practice would not only spread to the other dining places, but would spread throughout the country. Now we just need for Pizza Hut to follow suit (yeah...right!) Report
I hope they will be posting more info than just calories! Report
As a vegetarian I never eat at McDonalds but I am really glad to see this. Knowledge is power and hopefully this will make it easier for folks to make better choices. Panera's does it too and it's a huge help for me. Report
i was so excited to see this while my bf and i were taking a road trip to the airport for vacation! i rarely ever go to mcdonalds, but it's good to know that if i ever am in need of something quick on the road and i can go there and have a much better idea of what i am eating! thanks mcd's!!! :) Report
I do applaud them for this, and it has helped me as well. Some days, I really don't want my "usual" when I run for a slurge. I also don't have always have time to track down the nutritional information before I go.
Unfortunately, they do not display sodium. I realize that they don't have room on the menu to display everything, but I watch my salt. I used to get the Bacon Ranch Salad- great on calories! However, it is a complete sodium bomb. The salad has more salt than the angus mushroom burger! Report
Just used Favorite Under 400 that was posted at the counter in Greenville, SC this weekend while I was traveling with my husband. I chose the small ice cream cone instead the of the yogurt parfit. I also saw how many calories were in a small sundae which is what I really wanted. I am so glad that McDonalds now has this at the counters. Report
I already find McDonald's menu board too confusing, unable to find the menu choices that interest me. I think the extra information will just make the menu board even more confusing. Report
I was so glad to see this at my local McDonald's! Sometime fast food is the only choice I have and it's so much easier to look at the calories on the menu rather than looking them up online. Grilled chicken salad, please! Report
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