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Mediterranean Diet Could Help to Slow Aging and Prevent Bone Loss, Study Says

By , Melissa Rudy, Health & Fitness Journalist
As if there weren't already enough benefits to warrant trying the Mediterranean diet—like improved heart healthreduced inflammation and greater overall wellnessnew research shows that this type of eating plan could slow down the aging process and prevent bone loss.

This NU-AGE-funded study—which was the first to examine the effects of the Mediterranean diet on seniors—analyzed the gut microbes of 1,142 people over 65 years of age across five European countries. Participants who ate the NU-AGE Mediterranean style diet showed far lower levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), which increases when there is inflammation in the body. That inflammation can be a sign of more serious problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or heart disease, and it's also been linked to biologic aging.

Another perk of the Mediterranean diet is that seniors with osteoporosis showed reduced bone loss. With more than three million people suffering from this condition each year, this is a significant benefit. (There are also other diet changes that can help to prevent osteoporosis.)

According to SparkPeople's nutritionist Becky Hand, the Mediterranean diet is a "composite of traditional cuisine and dishes from the regions that border the Mediterranean Sea (including Spain, Southern France, Southern Italy, Greece, Crete, parts of North Africa, parts of Turkey and parts of the Middle East)."

What do you think? Would you be interested in trying the Mediterranean diet as a way to slow down the aging process and protect bone health?  

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CECELW 7/2/2020
I heard the Mediterranean Diet is is really good for you. I wouldn't be able to stick with it though for a life style, i'm sure Report
KOALA_BEAR 6/24/2020
I looked further into this. I was told to limit chicken & shellfish as both are highbin purine, a problem for me. My nutritionist says my digestive system better handles red meat so it's oily fish from deep cold waters like herring & Nova Scotia salmon, limited chicken & beef, bison & some pork. I also do well with butter but not other dairy so I'm not sure following this Mediterranean diet is for me. I try to find a balance & simply eat whole unprocessed foods, include a variety of plants like grains, pulses & produce. It comes down to finding what's best for each individual. I think intermittent fasting has similar results since this article was written. Report
DAWNGW 6/24/2020
I love Mediterranean food, it's my favorite style of meal. Thanks for the reminder! Report
I’d try it Report
I’d try it Report
KATIE5668 6/24/2020
Lots of information online re: this eating style. Another part is lifestyle as well as eating. Easy, good food can make small changes till eating this way becomes comfortable. Report
MUSICNUT 6/14/2020
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
FRAN0426 4/2/2020
I follow the using of chicken and fish . As far as the veggies and fruit, due to medical condition I have to be careful of what and much of them I can eat in a day. Report
KOALA_BEAR 8/15/2019
The link to NU-AGE is all in foreign languages no English option plus article is out of date.
I already use many Mediterranean concepts but diet details from the study would have been nice.
I notice this was quite short, written in a hurry? Others go on & on. Hardly any new ones, curious if that is also true for premium users of SP. Report
I agree that more details would have been helpful. Report
I clicked on a link hoping to find out more, but the site was "not found" It would be nice to know what this diet is. Report
Some great information Report
Have tried some of this Med Diet. It has been worthwhile for me. Report
More details about this lifestyle would've made the article more interesting. #clickbate Report
I was hoping for more details about the Mediterranean diet in this article. Report
I have opted to follow this WOE. Retraining myself to buy the correct food and prepare it is a work in progress. Report
I love mediterranean diet Report
Been eating this way for a long time! Report
I wish there had been more detail to this article since I already knew the Mediterranean diet was healthy. Report
Looking for diet plans any suggestions. I thought there would b e n eal plans maybe I have not seen them yet help would be appreciated. Daily/ weekly menus Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks Report
thanks. Report
Not sure I'm 100% on the Mediteranean diet, but I try to follow its principles. Lots of veggies, low fat cheese, fruit and lean meat choices (fish, chicken). As far as ETHELMERZ's comment goes, this diet doesn't prevent you from getting old. But the seniors who follow it seem to live longer, with a better quality of life. Sounds good to me! Report
SparkPeople needs a Mediterranean Diet choice for its meal planner. Report
I know in Spain there are very few overweight people. When I went I was a size 2/4 at the time and most clothes were too small for me. It was crazy. If I saw overweight people they were tourists. Report
So how come, when you visit these countries, their old people look like any other old people? They use walkers and canes, too. They need hospitals and have doctor appointments, same as here. When you talk with them, they accept their ageing though, and don’t go to have wrinkles ironed out or belly fat cut out. Report
I'm pre diabetic and on my own, I decided to try the plant food lifestyle. I was on it for a little over two months, and my numbers are right down. I'm following Dr. John McDugall's recipies. I've lost weight without even trying, and feeling so much better, already. I plan on staying on his plan, plus it's free . He has many videos you can watch on utube. Both he and his wife are great people. Report
Where is there further info about what a mediterranean diet? Report
I hate to cook - so if this diet , requires a lot of cooking .. its failure for me Report
My doctor recommended that I give the Mediterranean Diet a try to help avoid my blood sugar drops during the day. I'm still learning, but feeling good on it. Report
I would have to do some research on the Mediterranean Diet. I don't know much about it. And I'm a Diabetic so I have to watch the carbs and my DH is on a low potassium diet. It's a nice challenge trying to plan meals. Report
I'd be interested in the Mediterranean diet/way of eating for ALL of its benefits. I used to eat like that a while ago, and need to get back to it. Report
I'm going to look into this way of eating to see what's it all about. I truly feel that the way I eat now, using all of the recipes on Spark. Report
My favorite way to eat!! Report
Ethelmertz that's a pretty narrow minded comment. Maybe people haven't tried some of those foods before so they don't know if they would like it. And I don't think how we're already eating should be the standard for what we should eat in the future, when the whole purpose of this website is to help people lose weight and/or eat healthier foods than they have been. Report
Remember, it says "COULD", if you would already enjoy eating like that, you would be doing it already...... Report
i follow the Mediterranean plan when planning a lot of my meals. I like all the fish and veggies not the pasta meals so much Report
I would try the Mediterrean Diet. Report
I would be willing to try it. Report
I eat a Mediterranean Diet, and have seen the benefits! Lots of veggies and beans, some fish and a little meat is a balanced diet. It is not a difficult diet to stick to, and the food tastes great. Thanks for the post! Report
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