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Need Motivation to Get Moving?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Julie Fagan of Peanut Butter Fingers (JL2726)

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to exercise. Even if you regularly get to the gym, you're bound to have a day where you feel less-than-motivated to put yourself through a good workout occur every now and then. Additionally, those who are just beginning to make exercise a priority may need a little extra motivation to stick to a workout routine.

Whenever I'm feeling lethargic and uninspired, I look to motivational mantras to change my mood. I frequently rely on motivational sayings to help keep me on track and transform a sluggish mindset into an enthusiastic one. (Want to find your own mantra? dailySpark blogger ~INDYGIRL shared her favorites!)

My name is Julie and I write the healthy living blog Peanut Butter Fingers, which details my life as I work full-time, eat (mostly) healthy, workout and navigate life as a newlywed. I am determined to make my health a priority and try to make it into the gym six days a week. Of course there are mornings when my alarm goes off and I'd rather stay tucked in bed, but that's when I let my mind wander to a set of motivational mantras that I keep in the back of my mind for days when I'm feeling particularly lazy.

My go-to mantras include:

  • I've never regretted a workout.
  • There are 168 hours in a week. The gym is only asking for seven of them.
  • Do it for those who can't.
Through my blog, I put a call out to my readers to submit their favorite exercise mantras about a month ago. Some of my favorite mantras that I received include:
  • You know your limit and this is NOT it. (Meaghan)
  • A body at rest wants to stay at rest. A body in motion wants to stay in motion. (Heidi)
  • No hurt, no mini skirt. (Kelly)
  • When your legs are tired, run with your heart. (Gabriela)
  • You don’t HAVE to exercise. You GET to exercise. (Kimberly)
  • Everyone has 24 hours in one day. What you do with those hours is up to you. Make the most of them! (Jessica)
  • You are just one workout away from a good mood. (Cynthia)
Find the full list here.

In the February 2011 issue of Runner's World magazine, Christie Aschwanden wrote an article about the "Magic of Mantras," stating that "a strong head" is necessary to achieve your goals.

Creating a positive mindset about exercise and altering your thoughts to allow them to motivate you can prove invaluable in maintaining an exercise regimen.

This is Julie's second guest post for the dailySpark. Something extraordinary happened to her: She realized that her body doesn't care what size jeans she wears--as long as she respects it, feeds it well, and moves it regularly. Read more!

Do you use motivational mantras? Share it below!

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CECELW 7/4/2020
just do 5 Report
Do it for those who can't! LOVE it. Report
PATRICIAANN46 5/19/2020
Thank You............... Report
SPINECCO 12/9/2019
Thanks. Report
Great blog! Report
I looked at the fuller list. I saw 'Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen, together you've got a kingdom'.

I would change that ending to 'Health is the kingdom'. Report
My motivation comes from what I think in my head. Report
Finish Strong! Report
You are the author of your destiny. Report
Commit and conquer! Report
Found 2 that I like
Pain is weakness leaving the body!
An hour a day keeps obsity away! Report
I used to say this to myself when I was running...
"I am an athlete, I am a warrior! I WILL NOT QUIT!"

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!! Report
-Every healthy decision you make, however small, brings you closer to your goal.

- If you started a year ago, look where you would be now! Report
I love the 168 hours mantra! It's so true! Report
"Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion, you must set yourself on fire."

"Be bold and mighty forces will aid you." Report
I love these helpful words, I do set my alarm to get up to workout in the morning but I can not get me to move until it is time to get up. I think I will try so of these ideas and words see if they help me. Report
I always tell myself that this one hour in the gym is replacing one hour in the Dr.'s office. I have a high cancer risk, so I imagine a little meter for time spent at the Dr. office going down. Report
My mantra lately has been " it takes an hour, but you get one back at the end." Coming from the family who always said "yeah you get to be healthy, but you spend your life doing it".... It's kinda a mental argument I have with myself.. because it's not nice to focus on their diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and heart attacks, but instead just focus with in. Since I've noticed I'm the only person I get to change :D Report
Just do 5 min......(and by the time I hit 5 min I don't want to stop!) Report
FAT2FIT....... step, step, step.......is what I keep telling myself! Report
Very good! Thanks for the motivation! Report
Thanks mate!! Report
Thank you for sharing this awsome motivation.getting started is the biggest challenge for me usually. Report
Very interesting! Thank you! Report
I loved them all. I need to stop procrastinating about moving. Report
LOVE these! Thank you so much for sharing. :-) I am going to put some on post it notes. Report
Ooh, now I'll have to think up some of my own. Thanks for the inspiration! Report
I'm a biggest loser fan, so I always think "what would Jillian say?" She spends a lot of time perched on my shoulder Report
Thank you, Julie! This is a Great Blog! Report
When I'm on my way to workout and don't really want to, I think about the fact that it really doesn't take that long to do something that is so good for you and I can hear Larry the cable guy in the background saying.... Git-R-Done!!!!

This was a GREAT post! Thank you very much! Report
love it VCHENRY - i am going to use that one for more than exercising! Report
When I ran the Mardi Gras Marathon in NOLA a few weeks back, I used a location-appropriate one from the TV series Treme: "Won't bow; don't know how."

Another favorite of mine is a sign I saw in another marathon: "When you're going through hell...keep going." It's an old quote but spot-on. Report
I have created a new one... "10%.Army Strong!" I will stay in the 10% that keep it off and I will stay Army Strong since that is my 2nd job and my heartfelt commitment. Report
loved this! My favorite mantra is: "There are two kinds of pain. The pain of discipline, and the pain of regret." Which pain would you rather shoulder? :) Report
thank you. i needed that! Report
Loved the mantras! Report
Charlie Sheen has been (oddly) motivational this week: "Duh! Winning!" Report
Fantastic ideas! I'm going to use them for my motivation board!!!! Yea. Report
I have never looked at this daily spark area. What a wonderful blog!!! I saved it to my favorites and have a lot of great quotes, thoughts, mantra's and ideas from the blog and everones comments!!!

Thanks, especially to Julie and to all the others who have wtitten great comments!!! Dee Report
This isn't a mantra, per se, but it convinces me to go when I don't want to: "What are you going to do instead? Are you really that busy?" Report
When your legs are tired, run with your heart! I LOVE THAT! Thank you, I think I just found a new personal mantra! Report
I love this article. It is very timely for me. I have been really struggling since the holidays. I lost my job last fall so life has been very tumultuous. I just started a new job and started working out again. It feels wonderful. I need to get this into a mantra so I can fall back on it to remind me how good I feel this week. Report
Fridge pickers, wear big knickers. Report
As someone who has frequently dealt with injuries that have sidelined me (disc problems, torn rotator cuff, stress fractures, ligament problems, you name it), I'm a big fan of "You don't have to exercise; you GET to exercise." Report
Every time I run, I chant to myself, "this is why I'm awesome... this is why I'm awesome!" Report
No challenge, no change Report
There are some great mantras here. I have one also. Don't stand in your own way. Good luck to all of us. With our mantras in place and a joyful heart we'll be successful!! Report
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