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The Top 100 Running Songs of All Time


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As a runner, I often turn to music to keep me entertained and motivated during my training runs and races. I love discovering new running songs (even if "new" only means "new to me"), listening to them, and sharing them with others via my blog posts and Facebook page.

I recently asked people to share their favorite running songs, then created a list of 100 titles, new and old, that keep us on our feet and on pace. List in hand, I asked members of SparkPeople.com, America's #1 weight loss and fitness website, to vote on their favorites, too.

Find out which song took the tittle of best running song, whether your favorite made the list, and how you can download a brand new 60-minute running mix of the top 12 songs (as voted on by runners like you)!

No. 1 Running Song of All Time:

Pink – Raise Your Glass

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 2:
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 3:
Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 4:
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 5:
LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 6:
Journey – Don't Stop Believin'

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 7:
Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 8:
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 9:
Bon Jovi – Livin' On A Prayer

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 10:
Outkast – Hey Ya!

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 11:
Eminem – Lose Yourself

Watch it on YouTube.

No. 12:
Kenny Loggins – Footloose

Watch it on YouTube.

Download SparkPeople's 142-160 BPM 60-minute continuous running remix of the 12 most popular running songs of all time for $7.99 on iTunes, or for $6.99 on Amazon!

Here are the rest of the 100, ranked in order of your votes:

13     Lady Gaga -- ''Bad Romance''
14     The Black Eyed Peas -- ''Let's Get It Started''
15     Ricky Martin -- ''Livin' La Vida Loca''
16     Van Halen -- ''Jump''
17     Bonnie Tyler -- ''I Need A Hero''
18     Jennifer Lopez -- ''On The Floor''
19     Blondie -- ''Call Me''
20     C+C Music Factory -- ''Gonna Make You Sweat''
21     Pitbull -- ''Give Me Everything''
22     Britney Spears -- ''Toxic''
23     Taio Cruz -- ''Dynamite''
24     The Go Go's -- ''We Got The Beat''
25     Katrina & The Waves -- ''Walking On Sunshine''
26     Foster the People -- ''Pumped Up Kicks''
27     Elton John -- ''I'm Still Standing''
28     Rick Springfield -- ''Jessie's Girl''
29     Billy Joel -- ''We Didn't Start The Fire''
30     Ram Jam -- ''Black Betty''
31     Blink 182 -- ''All The Small Things''
32     MC Hammer -- ''U Can't Touch This''
33     Soft Cell -- ''Tainted Love''
34     Duran Duran -- ''Hungry Like The Wolf''
35     ACDC -- ''Thunder Struck''
36     Queen -- ''We Are The Champions''
37     Madonna -- ''4 Minutes''
38     Rihanna -- ''Only Girl In The World''
39     Avril Lavigne -- ''Girlfriend''
40     Far East Movement -- ''Like A G6''
41     Devo -- ''Whip It''
42     Ke$ha -- ''Your Love Is My Drug''
43     Slumdog Millionaire Theme -- ''Jai Ho''
44     The Clash -- ''Should I Stay Or Should I Go''
45     Gorillaz -- ''Feel Good Inc.''
46     ZZ Top -- ''Legs''
47     Nirvana -- ''Smells Like Teen Spirit''
48     Neon Trees -- ''Animal''
49     Motley Crue -- ''Kick Start My Heart''
50     Britney Spears -- ''Til The World Ends''
51     The Verve -- ''Bittersweet Symphony''
52     ABBA -- ''Waterloo''
53     Billy Idol -- ''Cradle Of Love''
54     Aretha Franklin -- ''Think''
55     Shakira -- ''Waka Waka''
56     Tommy Tutone -- ''867-5309''
57     Pat Benatar -- ''All Fired Up''
58     M.I.A. -- ''Paper Planes''
59     Loverboy -- ''Working For The Weekend''
60     Jordin Sparks -- ''Battlefield''
61     Bill Conti -- ''Gonna Fly Now (Rocky's Theme)''
62     Elvis Presley -- ''Jailhouse Rock''
63     Tom Petty -- ''Now I'm Free (Free Fallin')''
64     Katy Perry -- ''Waking Up In Vegas''
65     Scandal -- ''Goodbye To You''
66     Prince -- ''When Doves Cry''
67     The Killers -- ''Human''
68     Aerosmith -- ''I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing''
69     Gwen Stefani -- ''The Sweet Escape''
70     Wiz Khalifa -- ''Black And Yellow''
71     KISS -- ''I Was Made For Loving You''
72     Madonna -- ''Like A Prayer''
73     Michael Sembello -- ''Maniac''
74     Frankie Goes To Hollywood -- ''Relax''
75     The Cars -- ''Shake It Up''
76     ABBA -- ''Lay All Your Love On Me''
77     U2 -- ''Pride (In The Name Of Love)''
78     Leanne Rimes -- ''Can't Fight The Moonlight''
79     Culture Club -- ''Do You Really Want To Hurt Me''
80     Flock of Seagulls -- ''Ran (So Far Away)''
81     Fall Out Boy -- ''Thks Fr Th Mmrs''
82     Judas Priest -- ''Johnny B. Good''
83     Pink Floyd -- ''Learning To Fly''
84     Janet Jackson -- ''All For You''
85     The Police -- ''Do Do Do Da Da Da''
86     Venga Boys -- ''We Like To Party''
87     Arctic Monkeys -- ''I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor''
88     The Doobie Brothers -- ''Long Train Running''
89     Daft Punk -- ''One More Time''
90     Keri Hilson -- ''Pretty Girl Rock''
91     Chris Brown -- ''Turn Up The Music''
92     Miley Cyrus -- ''Can't Be Tamed''
93     Hank Williams Jr. -- ''Born To Boogie''
94     Rihanna -- ''Rehab''
95     Jason Derulo -- ''Ridin' Solo''
96     Willow Smith -- ''Whip My Hair''
97     Aerosmith -- ''Jaded''
98     Hall & Oates -- ''Private Eyes''
99     Stevie Wonder -- ''Sir Duke''
100   Rod Stewart -- ''Young Turks''

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Did any of your favorites make the list? What are your favorite running songs right now?

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    Nice music. I like jazz, but not much of it is good for running.Slide off to blues then. - 1/21/2018   1:00:00 AM
  • PETERF89
    Hello everyone, I was looking for some interesting music set of songs and I came across this one I just saved and I also found another pretty nice playlist of songs best running music www.gymradio.com/best-workout-songs
    - 1/11/2018   6:51:31 AM
    Some of these songs are really old. www.mensecretdesire.com / - 12/27/2017   2:08:35 AM
    These running songs are really great. www.the3weekdietsystem.com/2-week-d
    / - 12/26/2017   7:05:51 AM
  • 232
    Thanks - 11/13/2017   4:04:25 PM
  • 231
    Thanks for the great ideas...will have to add some of these to my playlist! :) - 11/12/2017   9:38:08 AM
  • 230
    Some are great others are not! I guess that is what makes the world turn - 11/10/2017   12:08:41 AM
  • 229
    Wonderful list - 11/1/2017   6:22:56 PM
  • 228
    Some of these I’m familiar with but some not. I’ll probably recognize them once I hear them. Will look them up - 10/19/2017   1:34:44 PM
  • 227
    Good music can really help to keep moving. - 10/10/2017   3:01:39 PM
  • 226
    Nice - 9/19/2017   11:19:53 PM
  • 225
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful list! - 9/19/2017   2:00:07 AM
  • 224
    I love the fact that most of these songs are Classic Rock. Might put them on my Ipod Shuffle. - 12/27/2016   10:24:08 PM
  • 223
    What a great mix! - 10/25/2016   1:48:06 PM
  • 222
    I have to say I like a lot of these but you are missing a really big and good one. John Parr - Man in Motion from St. Elmo's Fire. It is one that seriously keeps me motivated. A lesser known one that also keeps me motivated Spirit Never Dies https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB92K56U1Vo

    - 5/1/2016   10:57:59 PM
  • 221
    What about Nickelback's "Million Miles an Hour?" Love that for really movin' lol
    - 5/1/2016   4:04:58 PM
  • 220
    What about Van Morrison "Chick a Boom Chicka boom boom" - 5/1/2016   3:37:46 PM
  • 219
    Really liking Billy Idol's "Can't Break Me Down" right now myself. There are some great fist pumping opportunities - and therefore legs pumping as well :) Works well for an interval sprint even if I'm already tired! - 9/23/2015   5:31:35 PM
  • 218
    # 83 was gratifying not to mention it is not the best song on that album also I would have put "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" or "The Dark Side oof the Moon" the whole album on that list as well,So was it painful to finally put them on a list?? - 9/17/2015   11:19:28 PM
  • 217
    Okay, I must be old. . . I don't recognize 90% of them. . . . but I've got my own playlist.... and, no Elvis isn't on it. - 9/7/2015   12:39:37 PM
  • 216
    This is a really good playlist...great for any workout motivation!!! - 8/11/2015   3:51:22 PM
    Interesting list but I cannot run. Now, we need a top 100 walking list. - 7/23/2015   7:50:36 PM
  • KIES779
    I love to run to video game soundtracks: Call of Duty, Titanfall, Bastion, etc. Composers wrote music specifically designed to get you "in the zone." When I'm trail running, I like to imagine I'm on an epic quest. It keeps me motivated and adds a sense of adventure to the day. :-) - 6/18/2015   1:38:30 PM
    My question how the hell "Pumped Up Kicks" made the list? You guys do know the song was inspired by a person related to Foster The people's frontman getting caught in the Columbine High School shooting, right? - 4/9/2015   8:10:25 PM
  • 212
    Really great songs. Althought, Katie Perry "Roar" helps me push through my runs!! - 4/2/2015   9:48:00 AM
  • 211
    Excellent mix! Wide array of artists, styles, classic and contemporary songs - 3/19/2015   3:19:53 PM
    Eye on It Toby Mac
    Sick Of It Skillet

    Well any Skillet song for that matter. - 3/7/2015   8:16:17 AM
    While this list is fun, it's a little too poppy for me to consider it the best running list of all time. Personally can't stop running when I've got Muse, Franz Ferdinand, RATM, or Tool playing. But that's just me. - 3/6/2015   11:05:55 AM
  • 208
    Strictly based on the lack of Bruce Springsteen or Metallica (and anything in between those) we probably can't be friends. - 3/6/2015   10:29:13 AM
  • 207
    Good songs, many are on my running playlist but some of my favorites are missing:
    Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys
    Brave, Sarah Bareilles
    Supermassive Blackhole, Muse
    Babel, Mumford and Sons
    - 3/6/2015   5:06:14 AM
  • 206
    I love U2! Pride is good, but Vertigo is better! - 2/24/2015   1:35:15 AM
  • 205
    All great songs! - 1/16/2015   7:32:14 AM
  • 204
    Hum, funny What a Feeling - Irene Cara (Flashdance) didn't make it (unless I missed in the list) but it may be because it is more of a dance/aerobics song. - 10/3/2014   12:40:04 PM
  • SALLYL15
    I think that while some songs have a good beat for running, others are ones that you just like and they don't make you think about how tired you are, like when you listen to music while working, it makes the day go a bit faster and you are more productive. I don't run anymore and haven't for years, but I do Zumba and the music makes it fun and keeps me going. - 8/19/2014   9:30:40 AM
  • 202
    My "all time classic" running songs are...
    *Gonna Fly Now - theme from Rocky
    *Step by Step - Whitney Houston
    *Good Vibrations - Marky Mark
    *Paint It Black - Rolling Stones
    *We are the Champions - Queen
    *I Made It Through the Rain - Barry Manilow
    *Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
    *Don't Rain on My Parade - Barbra Streisand (don't judge me)
    *This Time Around - Linda Eder

    Current songs for "now" that are on my running playlist
    *Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede (just added - Guardians of the Galaxy!)
    *Sing - Ed Sheeran
    *Can't Hold Us - Macklemore/Ryan Lewis
    *My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy
    *One Way or Another - One Direction
    *Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
    *Cruise - Florida Georgia Line
    *Feel This Moment - Pitbull

    I like to mix my classic with my current for running.
    - 8/10/2014   8:58:06 AM
  • ETIENNE2014
    Shut up (Cascada)(great motivation to do more)
    Wild Wild West (Will Smith)
    I don't miss you at all (Selena Gomez)(Fast tempo)
    It's All Electric (All the danse music from Shake it up Chicago)
    Any danse music song can be seen as a running song, you replace Let's dance by let's run in your head ;-)
    Don't let your feet touch the ground (Ash Koley)
    Can't remember to forget you (Shakira)
    International Girl (Pitt Bull)(Most Pitt Bull song are great for marathon running)
    The faster the beat, the better you run - 7/25/2014   11:33:56 PM
    everyone does the list, listen to the songs people! These aren't good running songs! They're just songs that the poster likes. - 7/5/2014   6:57:26 PM
    Zedd "Clarity" and Rhianna "We Found a Love" have kept me going for months now. - 5/14/2014   4:44:44 PM
  • 198
    There is a difference between "best songs of ALL time" and "best songs currently". I doubt that Pink's song (#1 on your list) will be remembered in a couple of years. - 5/12/2014   6:54:33 AM
    Some of mine:

    Scripts Hall of Fame
    Atreyu Falling Down
    The Monster Eminem
    Flash Dance Michael Sembello
    Twisted Sister I Wanna Rock
    Young the Giant My Body - 4/18/2014   10:08:43 AM
    Metal gets me revved up. Slipknot, In This Moment, Nightwish, Kittie, are some of the bands on my playlist. - 4/3/2014   3:57:21 PM
  • 195
    Great suggestions.... "take" a little from everyone. - 4/3/2014   2:05:14 PM
  • SWALSH80
    We own it - 2 chains and wiz kalifa, from Fast and Furious 6 - 2/20/2014   10:09:46 PM
    I like the following for my play list
    I'M out-Ciara feat Nicki minaj
    I'm out of my mind-B.O.B feat Nicki Minaj
    Starships-nicki minaj
    In the Dark-DEV,
    Lets go-Ne-yo
    Work Bitch-B. Spears
    Top of the world- The Cataracs
    All you-The Cataracs
    U R a Fever-The kills
    Werkin Girls-Angel Haze
    Brain Stew- Green Day
    Rise above this-seether
    Breath Today-flyleaf - 2/12/2014   2:32:22 AM
  • 192
    I like all the oldies. Three Dog Night, Beatles, Turtles, etc. What can I say? - 2/7/2014   5:12:15 PM
  • 191
    Keri Hilson - Turnin' Me On
    Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
    Kanye West - Stronger
    David Banner - RUN - 1/8/2014   9:49:58 AM
    Viva la Vida- Coldplay
    Higher Ground- Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Zero- Smashing Pumpkins
    Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac
    Ride Like the Wind- Christopher Cross
    Perfect Kiss- New Order
    Rock the Casbah- the Clash
    A Sort of Homecoming (live)- U2 - 12/29/2013   11:09:51 AM
    I am not a runner and these songs are not for me. - 11/11/2013   7:39:25 PM
  • 188
    Funny to read (some) comments when people get really surprised that not everyone has same taste in music as them. Music is a matter of taste. Being mean at someone for liking a certain style of music is like yelling at someone for liking broccoli with melted cheese. I dont understand why there are so many snobs out there who deem it necessary to force-feed their opinions to others, and claim that their experience in the matter makes their statement any more credible than the next. If you dig it, awesome. If you dont, awesome. Dont make someone feel guilty for listening to what he / she enjoys. Above is just a suggestion...keep on running! - 10/14/2013   1:58:27 PM
    Hopefully some of these suggestions are eclectic enough!
    But all of these put me in a good mood and make the miles go by!

    Room To Move - John Mayall
    Ramblin - Dwayne Eddy
    Start Me Up - Stones
    White Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
    Takin It To The Street - Doobie Bros
    One O'clock Jump -
    In The Mood
    Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darrin
    Take Me to the Top - Lover Boy
    All Along the Watchtower - Lenny Kravitz - 10/7/2013   12:58:54 PM

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