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Watch: Blogger Takes on the Haters Who Called Her Fat

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Posting anything on the internet can bring a lot of comments and feedback -- some positive and some negative. I wonder though, if it weren't for the anonymity of the internet would the same people that leave negative comments and feedback say the same thing in person? I doubt that they would, so when you get brave people to post blogs and videos, they open themselves up to a lot of scrutiny. Our very own Coach Nicole experienced this several years ago with comments made about her on her YouTube workout videos. I don't know if I could've taken those negative comments as well as Coach Nicole, but I didn't believe one word of the negative comments that were posted.

For Coach Nicole, she chose to just delete those types of comments, but I recently came upon a Youtube video by Meghan Tonjes that addresses negative and rude comments made on her Youtube videos. In Meghan's video, she specifically addresses what I call the Negative Nelly's out there in the land of the internet that called her fat. Meghan says she is fat and is actually technically obese and not trying to hide it, but what others may not know is that last year she was morbidly obese and 60 pounds heavier.
I think Meghan's message is inspirational and a great reminder that we are all on our own journey and we never know what part of the journey someone else may be in at the moment. Health and fitness come in all shapes and sizes and just because someone is overweight or obese, it doesn't mean they are not healthy, fit or awesome. So let's learn from Meghan's message and remind ourselves just how far we have come in our own journey and how awesome we really are!
To view the video, please click play or click here.
Please be advised: there is some foul language used in the video.


Do you blog or vlog? How have/would you handle these types of negative comments?

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I have never blogged or vlogged. Report
Instead of calling these characters "haters" - let's call them what they really are - BULLIES. It doesn't matter if a child is picking on a smaller/fat/different race or gender/ kid in the playground, making fun of someone who is wearing glasses or is disabled - or is an internet stranger making nasty comments about someone they don't know and will never meet. The actions are the same, and the intent is the same - to make themselves feel better by denigrating someone else.

These people have no lives of their own, and have low-self esteem. That's why they try to intimidate others. Report
I remember hearing about folks criticizing Coach Nicole and how she just decided not to pay attention to the haters...same with the vlogger you posted the link to.....such amazing bravery! As for how I would handle such negative comments...I'm afraid I wouldn't do nearly as well as these two women have! Report
Thank you Report
Awesome, confident, and living life unencumbered by negative people. Love It! Report
Your message is uplifting. Thank you. Report
It takes courage to put yourself out there -- and none at all to post hateful nonsense trying to tear down others. Good for you for standing up to the trolls! Stories like yours are wht inspired me and helped me make a lasting change - and I know you are inspiring others every day! Rock on! 😎👍🏻 Report
You are a beauty!!! Report
Thank you for sharing it

You go girl! Such confidence and beauty. I hope anyone struggling with deep focus on the opinion of others, get to see this!! AND those so quick to judge, need to watch too! Report
You go girl. You are beautiful! Report
Great attitude! I love your bubbly personality! Report
I love that you stood up for yourself!! You are an inspiration to everyone out there who truly love themselves for who they are! Bottom line- all people come in all shapes and sizes-
thank you!!! Report
You are beautiful. People calling you fat doesn't make them any skinnier. Nobody matters only how you think of yourself and if you are happy. Duck the haters !!!! Report
Great Job! I love your confidence and your message! Mean people are everywhere, always jumping at the chance to feel superior to you,it only shows how shallow and ignorant they really are! Report
haters gonna hate …..she is an attractive lady with self confidence that is what the haters don't like ….her spirit ! Report
Amazing and Awesome. Thank You. Report
I love this girl! You are inspiring, honest and real! Good for you and the positive attitude you have!!!!!! Report
Awesome vlog! I can honestly relate to it as well! I am still fat but I have also managed to start a change for the better and I am two later and 56 lbs. lighter, still big but majorly awesome just as the vlogger is! Report
ROTFLMAO! ! ! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the strong personality that you are and for helping us all out the way that you have over the years. You are a good friend to have. :- ) Report
82719541, you don't sound heavy enough to have knee problems from your weight. That person was ignorant. There are thin people with knee problems and fat people without them. Report
A couple of weeks ago I posted on line for help with a knee injury. I gave my weight of 127 pounds at 5'1" tall and then gave my problem with my knee. One man wrote back to me and said if I was not so fat I wouldn't have a problem and then proceeded to tell me how I should lose my weight. I guess I learned my lesson, there are allot of mean people out there. Report
LOVE IT!!!! You go girl!!!!! Remember fat can be spelled many ways!! PHAT: Pretty Hot And Thick :-) Report
Awesome! I feel that when people have only negative things to say about others that they themselves are insecure or unhappy or just plain jealous. You go girl!!!! Report
She is FABULOUS! When I was obese, I had a private language teacher who told me every week that I was fat. Then I got home and every week my SIL told me I was fat. I gave up the lessons and DH told SIL to shut up, but I wish I'd had the spunk to use that "foul" language to my language teacher. She needed it. Report
I love love love this video! You've got a lot of charisma, so pretty and should be on a TV show, you are delight to watch. So empowering how you called out those haters! Yes you are awesome! And yes I do thing you deserve more exclamation points. Report
Know what I'd like to call you? Brave...and beautiful. Report
You are so cool. I wish I had a friend like you when I was your age...hell I wish you were my friend now.... :) keep on keepin on.... Report
Awesome ! I love people who say it like it is ! Bravo ! Report
Love it! Report
Well, I don't care what stupid and hateful people say; I think you are a beautiful woman and very courageous. Keep up the good work. 60 pounds off is a big deal and keeping it off a still bigger deal. I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about 11 and I had a period of time when I did not. Got older and a lot heavier and it is very hard to drop weight when one loses a lot of muscle mass and has health issues, however, although it is not easy, it is possible. I say get to a size that is comfortable for you and keep active so that you don't face major muscle loss and you will be fine, if not great. Have a great journey and continue to be who you are ... which seems like a very smart and lovely woman. Report
Well done! You look great! Congrats on your weight loss thus far, keep up the good work. Thanks for inspiring me today :-) Report
I love love love your video!!! AWESOME ... slap them w/ the truth and ya know what... there's a LOT of us out there just like you! ME ... I'm old and fat! I'm a BIG girl ... always have been and always will be .... and I finally have a man (for the past 9 yrs!) who is totally OK w/ it!! And he is SKINNY!! LOL No One is perfect ... and we have to put to good use with what we were born with! Count me in rooting for you should you ever try to do MORE in the world of VIDEO!! Report
Great blog entry! Your words moved me to tears - and it demonstrates an attitude that I wish I could embody as stunningly as you did! Report
Congratulations!! You are so positive and happy in yourself that it shows in your demeanour........ you are admirable. Report
'Somebodies and Nobodies'.
Few months ago I read the above named article about 'Rankism', a term coined by R. Fuller, PhD.
"Rankism is an assertion of superiority. It typically takes the form of putting others down.... Or, more precisely, it is what people who think they're Somebodies do to people they take for nobodies".
People rank in order to claim superior importance as a person.

Enough said.

Wishing you the best of luck

This video is awesome and so valuable for all of us to see no matter where we are on the journey. Report
Megan, I hope you get to see these comments.
What a powerful person you are. You made me smile. Your Vblog lightened my day. Have a wonderful day!
Thank you so much for putting together this video to stand up to all the haters! Not too long ago I put in a comment at another health website trying to help a girl out, somebody made a rude comment about my advice! All I was trying to do was help the girl out! Again, thank you so much for the video and congrats on losing 60 lbs! Report
GREAT message! Although my favorite part is the very end when she does some flashy thing with her hands and sings, "I don't even know what this is but I'm doing it". LOL GREAT personality. :) Report
As a currently obese dietitian who was often harassed as a kid because of my weight I totally applaud and agree with you. It is absolutely true that the people who are doing this are people that hate themselves, but it makes them no less hurtful. My remedy for this is to surround myself with positive people who love me. I interviewed my wife last week about her thoughts about my weight and she was a wonderful mixture of loving and honest.
Keep up the great work! Bill Bradley, R.D. Confessions of an Overweight Dietitian Report
I love it!! I think it's a message and a general issue of judgement that we all need to remember AND be aware of from time to time. Thank you so much for sharing this! She is a breath of fresh air and has gained a new, *appreciative*, follower. :) Report
This video is FABU! Report
I'm so loving you right now!! This brought tears to my eyes I wish I could this happy about myself i'm working on getting there!! Thank you for sharing with all of us! YOU ROCK!!!!! Report
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
you are gorgeous! what an inspirational video! Always remember, haters are spiritually ugly and that is the worst kind of ugly!! Congrats on all you've accomplished and blessings on your journey to fitness! Report
I've become increasingly at odds with social networking and have, more often recently, seen/heard/read some really hurtful replies. Sometimes its about issues you mentioned, sometimes about politics, sometimes the attacks are just plain personal. So to have you 'fight back' is very refreshing. Thank you for standing up for yourself and the rest of us who are not as brave. Report
Wow!!! Your beauty shines through you...inside & out...The confidence you show is a wonderful demonstration of how our opinion of ourselves is most important!!! Thank you for showing us what we all need to know!!! Report
Wow!! You are awesome! I love your attitude. You are so right. We can't give those "haters" any power over us. You rock!! :) Report
I don't blog or vlog - I SPLOG! (SP Blog!) I am fortunate to have had nothing but support from this wonderful community. I think if I were faced with negativity or attacks it would be very easy to let it seriously bother me. After viewing this, and reading about Coach Nicole's experience, I think if it ever happens to me I'll just hit "delete" and go on with my day. :) Report
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