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Can You Trust the Calories Listed by Restaurants?

More and more restaurants are including calorie information on menus and display boards. A recent study reveals the accuracy of the information could be questionable.
Posted 8/12/2010  5:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 59 comments   48,633 views
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Which Strategy to Reduce Salt Would Work for You?

We know we need to lower our salt intake but the question is always how to accomplish our goal.
Posted 3/11/2010  12:41:20 PM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 167 comments   16,434 views
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Confession: I Make Special Requests When Dining Out

Is it possible to eat healthy at a restaurant without making lots of special requests? This blogger doesn't think so!
Posted 2/24/2010  6:00:00 AM By: Nicole Nichols : 320 comments   28,157 views
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7 Hot Restaurant Trends for 2010

It is very important for restaurants to keep up with national food and beverage trends in order to develop the menu mix that patron's desire. What will be hot next year?
Posted 12/3/2009  5:00:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 71 comments   26,949 views
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4 Ways a Famous Food Critic Maintains His Physique

How do you stay trim when eating is your job? Here are four strategies we could all use!
Posted 12/2/2009  3:06:58 PM By: Nicole Nichols : 133 comments   24,833 views
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Make Over Your Favorite Restaurant Meal, Win a Vita-Mix

We've extended the deadline to submit your recipe to the Un-Chained Recipe Contest. Make over your favorite restaurant meal and you could win a $450 Vita-Mix!
Posted 10/28/2009  12:01:40 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 17 comments   16,223 views
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Why is There So Much Sodium in Restaurant Food?

When trying to limit your daily sodium intake, eating away from home can be very hard. We take a closer look at this popular problem and changes that may be on the way.
Posted 9/24/2009  6:53:56 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 134 comments   76,745 views
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With More Nutritional Info Available at Restaurants, Are You Making Healthier Choices?

Restaurants are disclosing nutritional info and offering smaller portions and healthier dishes. And yet, experts say we're still choosing the high-calorie food. What gives?
Posted 8/7/2009  6:00:00 AM By: Stepfanie Romine : 170 comments   31,807 views
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Restaurants Offer Healthy Options, But Are You Eating Them?

Many restaurants these days are offering healthier menu choices in response to consumer feedback. But are people taking advantage of these options? A new study says maybe not.
Posted 7/24/2009  5:44:35 PM By: Jen Mueller : 194 comments   26,959 views
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Will You Stand Up for Menu Labeling?

Many people want nutrition information on menus and legislation was first introduced in 2003 to require menu labeling. Why hasn't it happened?
Posted 6/8/2009  6:00:14 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 180 comments   20,033 views
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10 Requests to Add to Your Dining Repertoire

The author of 'Your Big Fat Boyfriend' shares 10 tips on slimming down your restaurant orders.
Posted 3/4/2009  10:00:54 AM By: Stepfanie Romine : 54 comments   8,677 views
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9 Ways to Save when Dining Out

We all enjoy eating out from time to time. Use these 9 tips to help you save money.
Posted 12/22/2008  10:20:00 AM By: Tanya Jolliffe : 54 comments   11,270 views
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Quick Tip: Eat Slowly When You're in a Group

How do you manage to keep yourself from eating too quickly or eating too much when you're in a group?
Posted 11/20/2008  6:20:09 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 77 comments   9,121 views
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Long John Silver's Debuts Healthier Menu

Long John Silver's, a fast food restaurant known for seafood that's batter dipped and deep fried, has debuted a healthier menu.
Posted 10/30/2008  12:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 95 comments   19,322 views
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Food Showdown: Chicken Snack Wraps

Fast food restaurants keep touting their "snack" wraps. Will choosing one of these wreck your healthy eating habits?
Posted 10/2/2008  1:16:28 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 78 comments   47,533 views
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