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5/2010 @ 240lbs

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32yr old mother of one princess on this healthy journey to be 100% so I can live a long & healthier life with my family. In 2011 I lost 30lbs with the help of Spark, Atkins & Working Out and now I'm on the next phase of losing 30-45 more lbs!!! My First Goal is 215lbs Second Goal 200lbs & My Ultimate Goal 195lbs!!
Check Out My Weekly Weigh In Videos and anything else crazy I might do lol!

WooooHoooo Are You With Me Are You Ready Because I AM!!!!

January 2012 Month Goal Wt-225lbs
1. 1/6 -233lbs **Monday(1/9 230.4lbs)**
2. 1/13-228.4lbs WooHoo!!
3. 1/20 -227.2lbs (-1.2lbs WooHoo)
4. 1/27 -227.2lbs (0lbs)
Total: -5.8lbs GONE!!

Febuary 2012 Month Goal Wt-220lbs
1. 2/2-224.8lbs (2.4lbs Gone!!)
2. 2/10**no weigh in**
3. 2/17 230.2 :o(
4. 2/24-227.2 (3lbs)
Total: +2.4lbs

March 2012--OFF

April 2012 Month Goal Wt.-225lbs
1. 4/6-230.4lbs (-4.6lbs)
2. 4/13-227.2lbs (-3.2lbs)
3.4/20-225.2lbs (-2.0lbs) Made GOAL Before The End of The Month!
4.4/27- NO WEIGH IN Out of Town Family Emergency!!
Total: -5.2lbs LOST WooHoo!!!

May 2012 Month Goal Wt.-220lbs
June 2012 Month Goal Wt.-215lbs
July 2012 Month Goal Wt.-210lbs
August 2012 Month Goal Wt.-205lbs
September 2012 Month Goal Wt.-200lbs
4.9/28 -227.0lbs
Total: N/A
October 2012 Month Goal Wt.-225lbs
1. 10/5 -N/A-AUNT FLO
2.10/12 -227.6LBS
November 2012 Month Goal Wt.-
December 2012 Month Goal Wt. 215lbs or LESS
1. 12/7
2. 12/14
3. 12/21
4. 12/28

New Mommie New Beginnings & Still Determined!!

I'm back ya'll after having my precious daughter Jordyn Marie in January 2011. The last weigh in (5/28) before I found out I was pregnant I was 234.4lbs!! So my first goal will be to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 234.4lbs and once I get there then I'll be back to where I left off. Of course this times different because now Im a mom so I have to make time to workout and do whats right for me. Also the reason why I'm becoming a healthier woman has changed as well...I have to be an example to my daughter and be around to raise her & live life with her!! So Get Ready for the Videos & Also 411 on being a new mom as well because trust me I'm going to need Spark lol!!

March 2011 Weigh Ins: Goal Wt 255lbs
1. 3/4 -260lbs Not Happy At All!!
2. 3/11 -256lbs (-4lbs) I can't believe it!!
3. 3/18 -252lbs (-4lbs) Im In Shock!!
4. 3/25 **sick no weigh in**
Total: 8lbs

April 2011 Weigh Ins: Goal Wt-249lbs
1. 4/1 255.2lbs (+3.2lbs) Not Good
2. 4/7 254.2lbs (-1.0lbs) I Guess lol!!
3. 4/15 251.8lbs (-2.4lbs) Hit My Week Goal!!
4. 4/22 249.4lbs (-2.4lbs) OMG!!
5. 4/29 248.4lbs (1.0lbs) Hit Goal!!!!
Total: -6.8lbs Lost

May 2011 Weigh Ins: Goal Wt-245lbs
1. 5/5 -248.6lbs (+0.2lbs) Im Cool With That!!
2. 5/13 -251.0lbs (+2.4lbs) NOT COOL!!
3. 5/20 -248.8lbs (-2.2lbs) I was sick but I did it!!
4. 5/27 -246.8lbs (-2.0lbs) YES!!!!!!
Total:-4.2 lbs Lost

June 2011 Weigh Ins: Goal Wt 242lbs!!
1. 6/6 -247.4lbs (+0.6lbs) Its Cool!!
2. 6/10 -245.8lbs (-1.6lbs) Yes!!
3. 6/17 -247.4lbs (+1.6lbs) My bodies Setting Me Up!!
4. 6/24 -246.0lbs (-1.4lbs) Yay!!
5. 6/30 -242.2lbs (-3.8lbs) Yay Thank You Lord!!
Total: -5.2lbs ( I made my month Goal!!)

July 2011 Weigh Ins: Goal Wt -237.2lbs
1. 7/8 -241.4lbs (-0.8lbs) A Lost is A Lost...So Yay!!
2. 7/15 -239.6lbs (-1.8lbs) Thank You Lord!!
3. 7/22 -244.0lbs (+4.4lbs) There Are No Words!!
4. 7/29 -239.0lbs (-5lbs) AMAZING- GOD IS GOOD!!
Total: 2.4lbs LOST FOREVER!!!

August 2011 Month Goal Wt-234lbs
1. 8/5 -237.4lbs (-1.6lbs) WooHoo!!!
2. 8/12 -236.4lbs (-1.0lbs) Yay!!
3. 8/19 -236.4lbs (0lbs) WooHoo!!
4. 8/29 -No Weigh In :o(
Total: -1lb GONE 4Ever

September 2011 Month Goal Wt-230lbs
1. 9/2 -234.4lbs (-2lbs) YES I'm Back @ PrePrego Wt!!!!
2. 9/9 -234.4lbs (0lbs) Aunt Flo Is HERE & Sinus Infection :(
3. 9/16-232.8lbs (-1.6lbs) WooHoo...2.8lbs Away!!!!!!!
**9/19-230.4lbs MADE IT TO GOAL#2..WooHoo!!
4. 9/23-232.0lbs (-0.8lbs) NOT HAPPY!!
5. 9/29-231.2lbs (-0.8lbs) Going Down!!
Total:-3.2lbs GONE 4EVER!!!

October 2011 Month Goal Wt-225lbs
**10/3-230.8lbs WooHoo!!**
1. 10/7 -231.6lbs(+0.4lbs) TOM...HEFFA!!
2. 10/14 -231.6lbs (0lbs) Its ALL GOOD!!
3. 10/21 **HIT THE RESET BUTTON!!!!!**
4. 10/27 -231.6lbs (-0.8lbs) Its A Great Re-Start!!
Total: +1.4LBS

November 2011 Month Goal Wt-220lbs
1. 11/4 232.0LBS (+0.4lbs) Its okay!!
2. 11/11-227.0lbs (-5lbs) Halleloo!!!
3. 11/18 +232.0lbs (+5lbs)
4. 11/25 **thanksgiving break**
Total: 0lbs

Start Date: January 3, 2010
Now I'm 30yrs old & Still Fighting the Battle of Losing this Weight!! But I have to say that Im happy because I started this journey with Spark at 278+lbsand Now Im 258lbs much more aware and ready to continue this journey!! So thank you to all my sparkfamily for sticking with me thru this journey... Now Are You Ready Because Im Still Determined!!

January'10 Weigh In
**My Goal To Get Back To 252lbs**
1. 1/6-256.8lbs (-0.4lbs)
2. 1/14 257.8lbs (+1.0lbs)
3. 1/20 254.8lbs (-3lbs)
4. 1/27 257.8lbs (+3lbs)
Total: O lost :(
Febuary'10 Weigh In-Goal Wt 252lbs
1. 2/3 -254.8lbs
2. 2/10 -254.4lbs
3. 2/17 -254.0lbs
4. 2/26 -255.8lbs
Total: +1.8lbs
March'10 Weigh In-Goal Wt. 249lbs
**3/1 Weigh In: 252.8lbs!!**
1. 3/5 -250.2lbs (-2.6lbs)
2. 3/12 -248.8lbs (-1.4lbs)
3. 3/18 -247.2lbs (-1.6lbs)
4. 3/26 -246.4lbs (-0.8lbs)
Total:-3.8lbs Fantastic!!
April'10 Weigh In-Goal Wt.239lbs
1. 4/2 -244.6lbs (-1.8lbs)
2. 4/9 -243.8lbs (-0.8lbs)
3. 4/16 -241.8lbs (-2.0lbs)
4. 4/23 -241.4lbs (-0.4lbs) Aunt Flow Week!!
5. 4/30 -239.4lbs (-2.0lbs) I Hit Goal...Yay Baby!!
Total:-5.2lbs Lost This Month!!
May'10 Weigh In-Goal Wt.235lbs
1. 5/7 -240.2lbs (+0.8lbs) Not To Happy!!
2. 5/14 -240.2lbs (-0lbs) WTF...Im Not Happy At All!!
3. 5/21 -236.8lbs (-3.4lbs) OMG!!
4. 5/28 -234.4lbs (-2.4lbs) AMEN AMEN!!
Total:-5.8lbs YES YES YES!!
***Surprise I'm Pregnant***

My Minds Made Up No Turning Back....My Life Depends On It!!

You guys keep me on track and you guys are so inspiring!!My life has been a roller coaster dealing with my weight...since the first day of school I've been a big girl. I lost weight one time when I was 20 due to me having surgery. Of course the weight came back in full force. But Now At 28yrs old I'm DONE Being A Big Girl!!
My health is not the best its horrible and I want to live and have a family but most important LIVE for ME!!
So follow me as I go on this journey and tag along because this ride will be fun!! But of course it will be hard but WE can get thru this TOGETHER!!

2009 is Here & I'm Making 30 this year and I want to be Healthier & Happy for My 30th Birthday Which is August 15th!! Even After My Birthday I will not stop because I need to lose 100lbs!! So Every Wednesday I Will Weigh In. I'm doing Atkins which helped me in the past so why not try it again...right?!?
Plus of course exercise & Drinking That Fab Water!!
**Start weight for '08 278lbs**Start weight for '09 263.4lbs**
January Weigh In Wednesdays!!
1) 1/7 - 261.4lbs (-2)
2) 1/14 -262.4lbs (+1) STRESSED OUT!!
3) 1/21-262.6lbs
4) 1/28-261.6lbs (-1)
Total: -1.8pounds
**Febuary Weigh In Wednesdays-Start Weight: 264 Weighed in 2/2/09 Horrible-I think the scale was!!
1) 2/4 -260.4lbs (-4) if I go by 1/28 weigh in -1.6!!
2) 2/11-259.8lbs (-0.2)
3) 2/18-258.2 (-1.8)
****Out of 260-ville Thank You God!!***
4) 2/26-257.8lbs (-0.4)
March Weigh In Wednesdays-Start Weight-256lbs*
**I weighed in on 3/2/09**
1) 3/4 -257.8 (+1.8) Aunt Flo In Town!! Its On!!
2) 3/11 256.4lbs (-1.4lbs)
3) 3/23 257.8 (+1.4lbs) TERRIBLE No EXCUSES!!
4) 3/31 257.8 -The Same!!
Total: +1.8 NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!
April Weigh In Wednesdays!!
1) 4/2 256.6lbs (-1.2lbs) Can't Believe I Lost Weight
2) 4/8 256.6lbs (Same)
3) 4/15**No Weigh In This Week**
**Start Weight 4/20/09 -257.6**
4) 4/23 257.0lbs (-.6)
5) 4/29 258.4lbs :( (+1.6)
Total: +1.8 Gain...Whatever!!
May Weigh In Wednesdays!!
1) 5/6 258.4 (same)
2) 5/12 259.4 Aww Hell Nooo...This got to Stop!!
3) 5/20 259.4 Its okay I'm about to shake this off!!
4) 5/26 260.4 Unacceptable!!
Total: +2pounds
June Weigh In Wednesdays!!
1) 6/2 260 lbs (-.4) Great Start!!
2) 6/9 258.2 lbs (1.8) Fantastic!!
3) 6/17 261 (+2.8) Grr...Aunt Flo!!
4) 6/24 256.6 (-4.4) Yes I'm Close!!
5) 6/30 256.6 (-0) the same!!
Total:-3.4lbs Fantastic!!
July Weigh In Wednesdays!!
1) 7/7 -257lbs (+0.4) its okay!!
2) 7/14 -253.6lbs (-3.4) Fantastic!!

Member Since: 12/25/2007

Fitness Minutes: 5,251

My Goals:
Scale Goals:

Goal#1:234.4lbs (DONE)

Goal#2: 230lbs (DONE)

Goal#3: 215lbs

Goal#4: 200lbs

Ultimate Goal:
195lbs or less

Non Scale Goals:

Goal#1 Diabetes Under Control w/no meds

Goal#2 Jog a 5K

Goal#3 Be A Healthier Woman!!

My Program:
-Atkins(Low Carb)


-Exercise 4-5days a week


Personal Information:
I'm From The Wonderful City of New Orleans,LA

Now I Live In Atlanta

Other Information:
You Can't Go Back & Change What Happen In The Past But You Can Change What Happens Tomorrow!!

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    The typical Leo is a natural showman, and delights in having a full measure of recognition and admiration. Leo is the most expressive sign in the zodiac. You love to show off. You probably see your role in life as the starring role. Often the Leo personality chooses some artistic form through which to express talent. There is much drama associated with Leo, and the general approach to life is full of emotional exuberance. If you are not careful, these traits can result in too large an ego, which in turn can make you very susceptible to flattery. Though you have a high opinion of yourself, you still need the approbation and appreciation of your friends and followers. Your ego needs constant reinforcement. This helps keep the spotlight focused on your activities.
    Naturally emotionally exuberant, you are not only a good actor, but you make a truly outstanding teacher, as well. The Leo association with the fifth house of the chart suggests a strong bond with children. You may consider your children to be expressions of your creativity. Typically, the Leo is very close to children, the loving benefactor and protector.

    The lordly Leo sometimes feels there should be an automatic granting of power and authority. Because of this, you may be one of those Leo types who doesn't feel the need to work your way to the top. Though in many ways you show that you are ambitious, you also can be lazy. You may only want to work at jobs that offer prestige, glamour, power or a good time. You exert yourself only in those situations were you can exhibit your star quality, and garner the attention and respect of others.
    Your gift is surely the ability that you naturally possess to lead and to inspire. You are at home on the stage or at the podium. Your poorest showing comes when you are unable to control your ego, and you let an exaggerated sense of your own importance get the upper hand. In spite of your self-assurance and dignity, you may have a degree of concern about being laughed at or disgraced in some way. Again, ego is at the base of your nature and being.
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