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See this image largerSee this image largerBlack beans, pork carnitas, shredded cheese and salsa in a blistered bell pepper. Delicious!See this image largerBurritos minus the tortilla. Messy but delicious work lunch today. Coworkers were asking me if I'm a rabbit with my lettuce wraps #eattolive #healthychoicesSee this image largerThe weather app lied and told me it was 66 out this morning. Im confident it was closer it 80, but I pushed myself past the heat and the pain of chaffing thighs and shorts that kept riding up to run/walk a little over 2.5 miles!See this image largerHealthy work lunch. Goodbye sandwich bread hello pickles! Yum!See this image largerBaked salmon with butter, pepper, and rosemary. Lunch for me and my oldest son.See this image largerDelicious breakfast my honey made me. Scrambled eggs and turkey sausage with a side of mushrooms, blistered farm fresh tomatoes, and avocado. California breakfast at its finestSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I had no idea how much cutting carbs out would change my life. Its only been 11 days since I started, but I'm happier and more energetic than I've been in years. It has changed my relationship with food. I no longer will live to eat, but eat to live. I still have a long way to go to get where I want, but I'm so grateful for these first steps. I'm barely 5'0 tall and I had entered the overweight category and am proud to have moved back out.See this image largerA warm day here on the california delta.. swimming and bbqing, and of course rope swinging with farm fresh plums in hand.See this image largerHappy Thursday! This was my view from work (costco) last night. Got up this morning at 5 am for an hr long walk/ run and another 30 mins on the recumbent bike!See this image largerYesterday was our 14th anniversary. My honey made me my absolute favorite... filet mignon with blue cheese melted over it and sauteed mushrooms and onions. Heaven on a plate. MmmmSee this image largerTried the fathead breadsticks and daaaamn gina.. they are amazing. Guess the kids thought so too because I was letting them cool and walked back in the kitchen to only three left. Better fire the oven back up for a second batch #keto thank you @X-TINAKETOFIEDSee this image largerSparkers.. please share your brussel sprouts recipes. Ive only made them once and it was years ago. Im getting burnt out on brocolli every day but trying to stay on the keto train... trying to get some variety in. Tell me how to make delicious brussels please!See this image largerCrazy sunset from work tonight.. beautiful but sadly its from all the smokey wildfires in northern CaliforniaSee this image largerAlmost my 35th bday so my honey treated me to new hair and new running shoes are ordered. Great way to start a Friday.. almost a new year new me! "Before" and "after" Amber pictured!See this image largerSee this image largerFood is fuel! Two eggs scrambled with bell peppers, onions, and spinach. Topped with half an avocado and a big scoop of salsa verdeSee this image largerMy new shoes finally arrived! 40 hrs of standing and running on cement floors is about to be so much better.. Im actually looking forward to work today!See this image largerMy awesome healthy work lunch #foodisfuel ! Salmon and cherrt tomatoes baked in olive oil and rosemary with a big side of broccoliSee this image largerLate night work dinner... salmon, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh green beans all baked in olive oil and rosemary. So filling and fueling.See this image largerI know I'm a short mama, but I didnt expect my 13 year old to start creeping above me in height so soon.. and that mustache 😨See this image largerToday is my 35th birthday! Celebrating it with an 8 hr shift at Costco.. and a cold no carb beverage when I get home. Have a beautiful day friends!See this image largerWent out for an evening drive just to explore instead of snacks in front of the tv with my honey. Not bad for 45 mins from San FranciscoSee this image largerStayed on track at the bbq.. everyone loaded up on margaritas, pasta salad, potato salad and pies with ice cream. I had just tri tip and zucchini with ice water.. and one big glass of red wine was my splurge. Willpower is hard!See this image largerYOU GUYS...WHAT?!!! Coffee and tea counts towards your water intake on keto according to webmd. I always thought it counted against it.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter ugh.. lost 12 lbs, gained it all back the week of my bday and then lost 9 lbs again.. all over the last 2 months. The struggle is real!See this image largerGuys, I FINALLY tried zucchini noodles on family spaghetti night and...omg. so good, way better than I expected! Should have tried it a long time ago!See this image largerThis is how I meal prep.. never enough bacon. #ketoSee this image largerDirty mirror, old sexy dress. I almost fit back in it(1 comments)See this image largerIm having an emotional day today and it has derailed me. Im emotionally drained. I woke up okay but the boys had a rough monday morning and I drove past the home of a good friend that passed away a couple months ago and my soul just needs something... not sure what. Not gonna beat myself up for it. Im still a work in progress.

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