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See this image largerMe NowSee this image largerMe at Goal weightSee this image largerday 366 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/31/2016See this image largerI'm starting to feel healthier and happier. I don't dread picking out an outfit anymore. 20lbs to go, but I have come so far already. I need to celebrate this body!See this image largerTrying hard to stay focused on my goals, but feeling really discouraged today. I took a walk on my lunch and ate under a tree. The calm helped me a great deal.See this image largerMy son actually asked for veggies and dip for his snack today! I think I've modeled some great behavior!See this image largerToday, I walked EVERYWHERE. Kids wanted to go to the park, walked. Wanted to get some French fries at the mall, walked. Wanted a nature walk and maybe a sweet treat to top the night off? Walked! I walked almost 32,000 steps today, and earned every indulgence. Plus, I had some awesome summer fun with my babies.See this image largerThis is the first pair of shorts I have owned since 2009. I hated them then, and I hate them now. I'm trying to be a positive influence on my daughter, but man its hard! Of to the beach for Canada Day!See this image largerSee this image largerGood day, despite the heat!See this image largerI made the time for a great breakfast this morning (the luxury of Sunday.) I made enough for tomorrow too, and portioned it right away. I have leftover veggie chili for lunch, and a chickpea curry on couscous planned for dinner!See this image largerDinner!See this image largerFirst day back to the morning drop off routine. All before 8:30amSee this image largerDown 4lbs! What a great first week back! I know they won't always be like this, but I am prepared to face the bumps in the road.See this image largerMy whole department was eating Doritos this afternoon. I knew if I had a couple, I wouldn't be able to stop, and I didn't want to blow all my calories for the day. I decided to enjoy a pre-portioned snack bag of sweet potato chips instead. I got to crunch along with something bright orange, but slightly healthier. I think I made a good choice.See this image largerDecided to make myself a fancy brunch on a cold, rainy Saturday.See this image largerGot my workout in! Compensates for my restaurant veggie skillet meal for brunch. I sacrificed the hollandaise, but it was still a not exactly a healthy meal.See this image largerSee this image largerAfter a wonderful 4lbs loss last week, I actually gained a tiny .2lbs this week. I'm not going to lie, I'm disappointed, but I'm realistic. It wasn't a perfect week, I'm human, and bodies are weird. I am really proud of my extra work out time, and resisting office temptations. Just gotta keep moving.See this image largerDeep snow shoveling two days in a row. It only took me about a half hour each time, but man was I sweating! Compensates a little for my indulgent sushi lunch yesterday! Balance, amirite?See this image largerUgh, I gained a pound this week. Overall, I'm still down 3 pounds in 4 weeks, but what I disappointment. I know the reason to - we went to the Mandarin Chinese buffet for my mom's birthday on Sunday. I worked out for an extra hour that day, and tried to be reasonable with portions, but c'mon... it's all you can eat - and expensive! I was really good for the rest of the week, but this meal was full of fat and salt. All I can do is move forward, right?See this image largerUgh, I gained a pound this week. Overall, I'm still down 3 pounds in 4 weeks, but what I disappointment. I know the reason to - we went to the Mandarin Chinese buffet for my mom's birthday on Sunday. I worked out for an extra hour that day, and tried to be reasonable with portions, but c'mon... it's all you can eat - and expensive! I was really good for the rest of the week, but this meal was full of fat and salt. All I can do is move forward, right?See this image largerI've been looking over my meals for the past month, and I've noticed how unbalanced my days are. I've never been much of a breakfast person, but I've been trying to eat something. I usually have a balanced lunch, but an afternoon snack, my dinner, and often an evening snack means the vast majority of my calories are eaten between 3 and 8pm. I think I need to reassess this in February and eat more protein earlier in the day. What do you think? What works for you?See this image largerSeriously, not all victories happen on the scale. I haven't lost in 3 weeks - in fact I gained a pound - but I know I'm still making progress. This is the dress I wore the day my husband proposed. 10 years and two children later, I can zip it up again, with ease! I'm really excited!See this image largerIt was a good week! Despite growing pains (good stress) and work, and imperfect food choices (because life) I lost 2lbs this week! That means I've lost 6lbs in 6 weeks. A really good, permanent way to do it. I had a goal to lose 8lbs in 7 weeks, which might still be possible... I will give it my best shot! Otherwise, I'm just happy with my attitude and effort. See this image largerFeeling the burn after an unexpectedly hectic family yoga! My abs are hurting from holding an extra long downward dog, while littles crawled through! Didn't want to crush anyone!See this image largerOkay - it's time to back up here a little. After an extra long weekend for my birthday and a holiday in my province. I over did it a little... Maybe a lot... I can feel it and my body is not please. Time to refocus and get back to basics!See this image largerIt was a beautiful day, and I took full advantage.See this image largerSocial distancing means making it work at home. My meals have been on point, but I'm really missing my morning walk - as surprising as that is for me to admit. I've been running up and down the stairs to get in a few more minutes, but I'm going to have to start doing a workout out video or something in the evening. How are you coping inside?See this image largerDoing our best to safely get out and get moving when we can. Yesterday we fed the ducks and geese.See this image largerMy son is really into bird watching right now, which is a great activity he can do indoors and out. We took the bird book out on a quick morning walk today, and it was great.See this image largerI just haven't felt motivated lately. The social distancing restrictions has made the whole family a little lethargic. Today we made a strong effort to shake things up, including a super good, healthy dinner, and a nice nature walk.See this image largerGorgeous nature walk today, and our most ambitious walk to date. I was exhausted at the end! Enjoyed a relaxing shower, then a big omelet with an English muffin to recharge.See this image largerTwo good walks today. I need to carve out a little time every day.See this image largerGood morning my fit fam! It's rainy and grey in southern Ontario, Canada today, but I pushed myself for a walk-jog anyway. It felt great!See this image largerReally beautiful, cool morning for a walk-jog. I did it much faster than I thought, so I'll have to add a few more blocks to my routes next week. The best part? So many bunnies! It makes me so happy to see them around.See this image largerWe did an epic family walk today! We treated the kids to happy meals and two park rest stops along the way. I had a glorious iced coffee with no fear, because I earned it!See this image largerI'm preparing for an exam, working full time, and making decisions for my kids' schooling under less than ideal circumstances. It's a lot of pressure. Do you know what helps though? My fish. My husband designed a beautiful planted tank that sits in the corner of my home office. It's such a great moment of zen to watch them swimming peacefully.See this image largerI had this epic salad for lunch before my exam today. Spinach with a cucumber and a tomato I took straight from my garden. Dressing was my new favorite - green goddess dressing. Lighter and more flavorful than ranch with a great herb quality.See this image largerI'm on my 3rd week of early morning walk-jogs, and getting up and out is not getting any easier! Once I get past the first 10 minutes, generally I'm feeling good and happy to put in the effort, but convincing myself to do it is still so hard!See this image largerA beautiful family walk today. It got very hot near the end, so we should have left earlier!See this image largerI'm feeling a little discouraged, but I'm trying to trust the process and stay the course. I had a wonderful walk-jog this morning. Eventually, the results will come.See this image largerI'm struggling today. I didn't "cheat" or sabotage my efforts, but the long view is challenging. With the isolation of the current pandemic situation, and my own personal bag of stuff, I'm just feeling really low. I've pushed through a few walks, and tended to my tomatoes, but it's lackluster. It's been catching up with me since Thursday last week, but today is the lowest. My fire is dim, but not completely out.See this image largerGot up nice and sharp this morning to challenge myself to up my distance. I've been aiming for 3-4kms, and I wanted to increase it to closer to 5kms. Mission accomplished! Today felt great.See this image largerHere are some beautiful pictures from my morning walk. Almost 5km down by the river and home. I think I will take some of my best shots and print them to hang in my home office. A new day is a beautiful thing.See this image largerWe had a great nature hike today with two mini picnics! What a walk... I'm exhausted.See this image largerSunday are for cleaning, two places in my case. Just finished scrubbing up the trailer, and in the way home to do the housework. At least I got a lovely nature walk in this morning!See this image largerWell, my walk took a strange turn today, literally. I was on a new trail, doing my walk-jog, taking my morning photos, when I crossed paths with a coyote! Luckily he scurried away, but I was shook and got a little lost. Went way over my new 4-5km target! Stay safe, friends, and drink your water!See this image largerFeeling a little low and tired today. Probably because it's a busy day at work. Just pushing through and trying to hydrate. Thank goodness I'm off tomorrow!See this image largerA practically perfect day. Hiking, beautiful drive, and a little reward for hard work.See this image largerTired today, but I pushed through a beautiful morning hike with the fam. I can feel the slight shift in the weather, and the signs of fall coming! I can't wait.See this image largerWhat a walk today! I was definitely sweating up a storm when I got home.See this image largerStarting fresh... again. Sometimes you just need to put the past in the past and move forward.See this image largerHaving a bit of a tough day, so I'm just focusing on the little things I can control; healthy, happy meals and a little light housework.See this image largerI've decided to look hard at my macros for a two week period and journal some of my feelings/moods, etc. Day one, and I struck a pretty good balance. I felt really satisfied, but I do need to up my protein a little. Pictured here my picnic lunch at my sisters and my dinner.See this image largerSecond day of my challenge, and I'm still over carbs and under protein. I've been out of the house helping my sister paint both days, so I focused on making healthy choices before and while out, but haven't been hitting the mark. Next 3 days I'm working from home, so I will try to be extra precise!See this image largerLearning so much about macros and not just calories. I had a beautiful breakfast of cottage cheese with mixed berries and an almond milk latte, and an amazing lunch of salad with tuna and green goddess dressing. Feeling satisfied and proud.See this image largerIt's extra frustrating to have a sedentary job, when I have to work from home currently. Really need some new ways to introduce safe, regular exercise into my life when it's dark, cold and super easy to immediately flop on the couch from my desk chair. What are you doing to stay busy and active? Spam me with your fun ideas for solo at home exercise!

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