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See this image largerSee this image largerAs we approach our 51st & 52nd ages, I realized after taking a hiatus from Sparkspeople, we have relapsed and gained a considerable amount of weight over the years. My husband even developed type two diabetes since I left here. Now I’m back.Our plan is to keep track of what we’re doing and get healthier again. And stay on track.See this image largerDon’t feel obligated if something isn’t in your best interest.See this image largerSee this image largerPurge everything & everyone that lack value in your lifeSee this image largerThis was my first cookbook. With a lot of hearty choices. But enjoying doesn’t mean indulging. There are limitations to everything.See this image largerThis is the visual goal for me. I just will not manage the scale any longerSee this image largerLearn from this.See this image largerI’m so proud of this young man. I am blessed with two great sons.See this image largerFeeling pride today.See this image larger💪🏽See this image largerEnjoy your familySee this image largerSo happy my youngest son came home for Easter. He surprised me because he said he wouldn’t be able to come. ❤️See this image largerThrowbackSee this image largerPart of my life is devoted to art. It saved my life.See this image largerMissing my home of NYC.See this image largerSometimes you just gotta smile. Even if you are down and out.See this image largerBeing a president of a nonprofit has its challenges. But it’s all worth while.See this image largerSometimes you just need to reminisce with the pastSee this image larger#tbt when doing family stuff made it easier to say trimSee this image largerSee this image largerPost jurassic Park. Parenthood is still rewardingSee this image largerGetting ready for an art festival this week. Will be packing my lunch since they allow us to bring in our own stuff as opposed to spending money on typical carnival food.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerFood for thoughtSee this image largerSo very sad to have lost such a genius in the industry. Sadly this brings awareness to keeping tabs on your blood pressure. Sadly John Singleton suffered from hypertension. Passing away at the age of 51 of a stroke puts everything into perspective. He was born the same year as I. And it’s scary to think how many people we have lost so young. Keep track of your health everyone. If you don’t feel well, please get checked out.See this image largerThere’s got to be something at the end of the rainbowSee this image largerWhen life was simpleSee this image largerSaw Lion King last week. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely worth it. 👌🏾See this image largerRemember when gaining weight was celebrated. Well this preemie was born at 5 lbs. 3 oz. And gaining weight was the natural progression for an infant.See this image largerJust appreciate natureSee this image largerHappy Mother’s Day to all the women who are nurtures to the individuals in your life who were chosen by you or by God. Thank you for all you have done. #happymothersday #loveSee this image largerThough they are now grown men, this by far is one of my favorite photos of my sonsSee this image largerVery beautiful tulips 🌷 from Mother’s Day See this image largerMy students worked hard on their abstract collagesSee this image largerWork almost completedSee this image largerHappy Sunday. Rest for the weary.See this image largerNot an AKA, but inspired by the sororitySee this image largerKeep it in mindSee this image largerFeeling brand newSee this image largerTruth of the daySee this image largerSomething to think aboutSee this image largerRelaxingSee this image largerNice day so far See this image largerCollaboration piece w/my husband & ISee this image largerSome of my work installed in our show.See this image largerCollaborative with hubbySee this image largerOur 28th wedding anniversary today See this image largerToday we are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerVietnamese noodle soup for lunch. So good & fillingSee this image largerPasta from Italy tastes nothing like our American pasta. Though the texture is thicker it’s so much lighter. Delicious. Thank you to my son for bringing this to me for my birthday. And my husband for making itSee this image largerWe had a group birthday celebration to celebrate our fellow Geminis. And one of our artist friends who is also a baker created this cake for us.See this image largerFood tasting at our art show tomorrow. 85% vegan options.See this image largerSold several books & a piece of artSee this image largerWorking on a birthday day gift for brunch . Hope I finish in timeSee this image largerOut celebratingSee this image largerSolyone of my art pieces last nightSee this image largerCelebrating my fellow Gemini birthday either the finished pieceSee this image largerHappy Father’s Day to all the fathers & father figures See this image largerHappy Father’s Day to all the fathers & father figuresSee this image largerHappy Father’s Day to my Maternal GranddaddySee this image largerHappy Father’s Day to my husband and the father of our sonsSee this image largerMy daddy & his daddy circa 1985See this image largerMy husband and sons #daddyshenanigansSee this image largerHappy Father’s Day to the strongest man I know. He became a single parent after my mother passed away. He was a great man.See this image largerShe is very popular. Must be the pearlsSee this image largerIn Miami the other daySee this image largerMe todaySee this image largerIn a nutshellSee this image largerHanging out with hubbySee this image largerLazy SundaySee this image largerMy homemade arroz con gandules (Translated: Peas with rice)See this image largerThe meal. Spanish food all from scratchSee this image largerBusy day. Time for a bunless burgerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDid a community project yesterday. Interactive murals for the community.See this image largerWords of the daySee this image largerHaven’t been a soda drinker in years. Great alternative. Still has the fizz with no calories or sugar.See this image largerKeep this in mindSee this image largerThat’s in everything in lifeSee this image largerI said that looking at cheesecakeSee this image largerFinished by the community on SaturdaySee this image largerVisiting my sonSee this image largerMy son and ISee this image largerMy youngest son & I in DCSee this image largerSome of what I doSee this image largerHappy National School Picture DaySee this image largerMy husband Co-created this dress. The co- designer still has it. My goal is to be able to get it so I can wear it.See this image largerGood times with friendsSee this image largerIt’s Ben 10 years since I self published my first book.See this image largerThink about itSee this image largerYup See this image largerOctober AwarenessSee this image largerTell isSee this image largerTruthSee this image largerFor breast cancer awareness monthSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThe weather is changingSee this image largerCutest story about a stray cat in Brazil who occupied a law firm. The firm gave the cat a job as an official attorney.See this image largerIn my gardenSee this image largerWent to an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant. And I was blessed to have arroz con gandulesSee this image largerSmileSee this image largerTomorrowSee this image largerAt Art Miami. Got my serious steps in.See this image largerHubby sold two pieces of art during art week in MiamiSee this image largerBaked corn chicken empanadas. Really good.See this image largerHappy birthday to my husband.See this image largerHappy new yearSee this image largerDate night yesterday. YummySee this image larger#tbSee this image larger#TBSee this image largerMy baby boy turns 24 tomorrowSee this image largerIn the gardenSee this image largerKeeping the germs at baySee this image largerLost 12blsSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMe then & nowSee this image largerCleansingSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDay four of 30 day cleanse. Had a craving for something sweet made a minion vegan gluten-free oatmeal raisin muffin. Taste pretty For the first time making itSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHappy National Cereal DaySee this image largerYumSee this image largerA vegan gluten-free Alfredo pasta. Homemade. Not bad at allSee this image largerVegan banana oatmeal raisin muffinSee this image largerHappy National Pi DaySee this image largerYesSee this image largerThisSee this image largerDay 15 of the cleanse Breakfast consists of small box of raisins, a banana and a gluten-free oatmeal muffinSee this image largerCleanse is over. Baked fries & grilled steak. Cucumbers (not pictured)See this image largerEthnic mermaid by my husband artist Anthony Burks Sr.See this image largerHoney ginger salmon, fresh vegetable medley and yellow rice made by hubbySee this image largerThrowback Happy Mother’s DaySee this image largerLololSee this image largerThrowback. Age 21See this image largerI made this for our snack for our 29th wedding anniversary yesterdaySee this image largerSoldSee this image largerHappy Heavenly Birthday Prince 62See this image largerMy heroSee this image largerHomemade paellaSee this image largerPart of our product lineSee this image largerYup tired of dumb questions?See this image largerLaunched our new line during this pandemic

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