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See this image largerBought me a bike to rideSee this image largerWell after my birthday my brothers birthday and July 4 th I totally blew it I'm so ashamed but owning it so back on track as of today now I have to re lose the 24 lbs I gainedSee this image largerSee this image largerDown 4 lbs in two days extra exercise and proper healthy eating I love this app as it allows you to get fit while still eatingSee this image largerDown 4 lbs YaySee this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 7/7/2017See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 7/7/2017See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 7/7/2017See this image largerI just seen my husband with his new girlfriend and while she might be thinner than I she can't lose UGLY LOLSee this image largerDid not feel like exersize this morning read the article about wearing a cute suit jumped up and got in to it thanks sparks. Really working out hard every day since last WednesdaySee this image largerMy morning routine now off to the poolSee this image largerDecided to treat myself to a full smile this is the before pictureSee this image largerIt's been one week today that I've really tracked and ate right and not so right I've lost inches but no pounds but I did not gain either so I'm happy and pissed off today is a new day moving onSee this image largerNo weight loss since my 4 lbs but none gained eitherSee this image largerI stopped weight watchers and I gained 24 lbs lost 4 lbs so far scale does not want to move but inches are coming off I will measure tomorrow and see what happens by next sundaySee this image largerSee this image largerFeeling wonderful and looking great today may everyone be blessedSee this image largerDown 1 pound and proud(1 comments)See this image largerYesterday was the first day I stayed within my points and I was not hungry when I went to bed it took some time but I'm there nowSee this image largerGained some weight and really don't like it but I'm back on track once again(1 comments)See this image largerBack on track again todaySee this image largerFeeling sore but so ready for a changeSee this image largerSo would love to be accountable with someone else who is on this journey so I will be posting daily day 3 going strong we got thisSee this image largerday 8 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 9/24/2017See this image largerGained weight back on track againSee this image largerBack after series of health issues gained some weight but starting over again today(2 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerBack once again to lose all this weight once again.(1 comments)See this image largerReturing once again this time after thyroid surgery. Ugg this is so hard being this heavy againSee this image largerFeeling good today 3rd day at the gym feeling great(1 comments)See this image larger1st week completed Results will be posted in today's blog Went to the gym 3 times Food diet completed did ok eating want to do better this week. GOOD LUCK everyoneSee this image largerI started my Journey on December 18 2019 it's been a struggle to get it together the eating and exceeding together but mu results as of today I'm down 7.2 pounds #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerStarted 12/18 down 7.2 pounds feeling pretty dam goodSee this image largerHappy New Year Feeling fabulous with my new toySee this image largerHappy new yearSee this image largerGoing back to the pool tonight finally(1 comments)See this image largerPool and hot tub was wonderfulSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBack after a week break YaySee this image largerStruggling but hanging in there

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