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See this image largerDay 1 breakfast: boiled potatoes and chickpea gravy. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerDay 1 snack was a cup of tea with cashew milk and a little sugar. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerI love how many people recognized Chip without seeing his face. The cup was a gift from my dean after I did her a work favor.See this image largerSo I'm back on SparkPeople after a longish break, and I'm excited about it, so please forgive all the posting. Hi, Sparklets! #365FeministSelfieSee this image largerStewing up some spicy, smoky beans and veggies to go with the brown rice that's cooking in the Instant Pot. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerI'm committed to posting even the unhealthy foods (for tracking and accountability's sake). Avert your eyes if you don't wanna see my nachos.See this image largerGot my daughter's favorite juice drink for her but she's not coming over this weekend, so it's mine. 😁See this image largerBig spinach salad with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette.See this image largerOne ounce of chips and (not pictured) mini raspberry danish.See this image largerToast, fat-free red pepper hummus, and a cuppa tea with cashew milk and a little sugar. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerSee this image largerYesterday's beans and rice heated up with some spinach, and a cashew milk latte. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerMelon isn't exactly in season, but it's still pretty good, and even better with Tajin. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerWhole-grain hummus bites w/sweet chili sauce #StarchSolutionSee this image largerBreakfast for dinner: cream of wheat with raisins and a little sweetened cashew milk. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerFarina (cream of wheat/creamy wheat/rava) with raisins, cashew milk, and honey. Cup of tea with cashew milk and sugar #StarchSolutionSee this image largerA co-worker brought in fresh sourdough French bread. So good! #StarchSolutionSee this image largerLate lunch is better than no lunch, but I was getting pretty hangry!See this image largerJames made veggie pasta. Had it with a fruit/veggie Italian soda. #StarchSolutionSee this image largerHad some cheese sauce left over from the other day's nachos. Healthier to eat it over zucchini than fried things, yeah?See this image largerBiscuit. Just one.See this image largerO'Brien potatoes are one of those things we always keep on hand.See this image largerMom got me this strange but delicious drinkable cold soup. I like it!See this image largerLunch is chickpeas in vegan gravy over brown rice and some Salmas. #StarchSolutionSee this image larger2nd half of lunch. Dinner will be really late because I have a board meeting after work. I'm getting awarded employee of the quarter.See this image largerJames fixed me a sandwich and some soup for late supper. One of our fave quick soups is just to heat up a can of V-8.See this image largerSnack. Nori and fruit/veggie Italian soda.See this image largerYesterday's chickpeas and gravy over toast, and a cup of tea with honey and lemon.

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