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See this image largerPlease tell me y'all see the same difference that I do!! 2weeks into it and feeling great!See this image largerHope everyone has a great day!! Go do what ever you want, just DON'T GIVE UP! Together we can achieve anything♡See this image largerCajun water fried rice! So good!!See this image largerToday's work out is about to be under way!! (Although I have already walked a mile, just haven't logged it yet) I can't wait for weigh in day!!!See this image largerDINNER: 412 CALS/15.8gFAT/38.2gCARBS/28.3PROTEIN Groun
d Turkey Meatloaf Cajun Rice SO GOOD, and yes I'll give the recipe. Loaded with seasons, mini sweet peppers, and onion!!!
See this image largerI did it!!!! For the first time in well over a YEAR, not only did I get 10k steps, went over by 600!!!!!! Thank you @COOLBEAR90 for the inspiration! :)See this image largerFeels like it's going to be a great day!!! Hope you all stay on track and feel as amazing as I do! :) My son Paxten had rasin bran and pears, I had slimfast, and little miss Jaylee had a bottle for breakfast, what did you have???See this image largerOk, so it's really hard for me to post this picture, I have not taken a bare belly picture since 2013... I've had two kids since. My baby boy Paxten David 2-5-15 and my new baby girl Jaylee Nicole 4-19-17. I need advice on how to get rid of this baby belly!!! I have a goal of bikini body by next summer!!! Not to mention my over the limit brownie thighs and need to work on my hiney a bit to! #BellyShaming #PostBabyBelly #ThisWasHardSee this image largerFrom 213.6 to 207.8 in just ONE WEEK!!!!!! This feels so good, I can't stop now! I owe this loss to SPARK♡ In almost to the 100's, I see that in my very near future☆ Don't give up guys, it's possible!! #LosingIt #HealthyMom #keto #Fr
iendFinder #ImDoingIt #OneWeek
See this image largerHad to get this posted before midnight! My weekly weigh in picture!! My shirt is so big, on to a new comparison shirt! I'm so proud of myself guys and gals!!!! I'm doing it all with your insparation ♡ (beginning of week photos)See this image largerHad to get this posted before midnight! My weekly weigh in picture!! My shirt is so big, on to a new comparison shirt! I'm so proud of myself guys and gals!!!! I'm doing it all with your insparation ♡ (beginning of week photos)See this image largerHad to get this posted before midnight! My weekly weigh in picture!! My shirt is so big, on to a new comparison shirt! All with SPARK!! Thank you everyone for your insparation ♡See this image larger1 month and 12.4 pounds lighter!!!!See this image largerStarting today!!See this image largerStarting today!!See this image largerDown to 200.8, I can smell ONEderland from here!!!!!!! Feeling great at 30 pounds lighter!!! If I can do it, you CAN do it!!See this image largerSee this image largerI fell off the wagon, rolled down the hill, got hit by a bus and now I'm plus 3 pounds. Back on spark! I HAVE to lose this weight! (And get those eyebrows done, yikes!!!) #FriendFinder #Healthy #FollowMeSee this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerI have done it! I just made myself push through my first workout in MONTHS. 15 minutes non stop and I feel great!!! Starting the year off right😊 #workout #ifeelgreat #friendfinder
See this image largerEVERYONE 👀 go read my blog! :) I will be sharing my journey once a week, here we go!!! Hoping this will be the change that keeps me on track. I need everyone's support NOW more than ever!!! To anyone who takes the time to read and follow with me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! #fitness #goals #friendfinder #healthymom #formybabies #lowcarb #newyear #newme #follow4followSee this image largerI was proud of myself for waking up and saying "Today is going to be a good day!" I stuck to day two of my lifestyle changes, and I am drinking my 8th glass of water as we speak. I felt so good, I done my makeup for the first time for years! Here's to 2018!! 💄👙 #friendfinder #goals #ready #nsv #healthymom #waterdrankSee this image largerSee this image largerToday's make-up! Indiseout smokey eye 😘 So close to ONEderland I can taste it!!! #2morepounds #friendfinder #goals #nevergiveup #lostweightSee this image largerWhere are my night owls? #hoothoot #latenightworkout #friendfinder #follow4follow #NEVERGIVEUPSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerI have done it, I have officially lost 30 pounds!!!!!!! 🤸All thanks to you guys and gals that keep me going, we CAN do this!💪 I can't wait to be in ONEderland! Next goal: 190, here I come! Today is already off to an amazing start, hope everyone else feels this way too 😀 #2018 #friendfinder #mylossismygain #lost30 #nopainnogain #yesWEcanSee this image largerI'll let the pictures talk! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerLooking 👀for a little late night inspiration, what ya got for me night owls?🙏 Feeling a little down, really hoping to be in ONEderland by Tuesday!!! #friendfinder #nightowl(1 comments)See this image largerRough weekend guys and I need your help staying positive today!! I had high hopes to be in ONEderland by tomorrow but the scale says otherwise today and I'm EXTREMELY bummed right now. Intermittent fasting today and nothing but a peice of toast and water water water so far!!! Please help me keep my good vibes going on this stressful Monday morning!See this image largerFRIEND FEED!!!!! 🤝 We ALL need someone to talk to during this hard journey of weightloss, that's something we can't deny!!! So lets show the power of support and encouragement 👏 Comment with your age, current weight, goal weight, and a main interest. Then after you comment follow everyone else that has commented! :) I'll start, current weight: 201 goal weight :130 and I LOVE dancing!!! #friendfinder #goalsharing #wecandoit #2018isit #together #supportSee this image largerBoiled eggs, tuna, and salsa for OMAD! What are you having for dinner?? #seriousgoals #friendfinder #losingitSee this image largerHappy Sparking! I hope everyone has had a great day!!! ₦EVEƦ ŁØ$E $łGҤŦ ØG ¥ØUƦ GØλŁ$!!! #friendfinder #healthymom #2018 #WECAN #GiveItToGod #PraiseTheLordSee this image largerI did it!!!! I MADE IT TO ONDERLAND!!!!!!!! 😭 If it weren’t for Spark this would not be happening! Thank you all so much for your encouragement, and positive thoughts! Thank you for cheering me on! My next goal is 190, let’s do this! #fit #friendfinder #timeforhealth #2018 #itsouryearSee this image largerWeighed in at 198.2 today! Yay! Now let’s show life who’s boss! The health bandwagon is the best one by far!!!! Let’s all do this together!!! I can’t wait to hit 190!!!! #friendfinder #losingit #h2woah #loveinglife #2018 #ouryear #giveittoGod #praisehimSee this image largerShow your body who’s boss!!! Kicking it up and doing a 6 day lemon/cucumber water detox! I’ve seen where people have lost 15 pounds in 6 days doing this, so why not put it to the test! Anyone here tired this!?!?!? #friendfinder #2018 #giveittoGod #praisehim #OURYEAR #health #healthymomma #losingit #h2woahSee this image largerMy extensions for hitting ONEderland came in today!!Weighed in at 197 today, my lowest weight in over a year now! Hoping to hit 190 by the 23rd! Can I do it!? #friendfinder #giveittoGod #fitness #h2woah #milesSee this image largerAlong this weight loss journey I have a new found love for photography💕 This photo was at Avoca State Fish Hatchery, in the background is my fiancé Derrick and our babies Paxten (3yrs) and Jaylee (11mo) We were doing Daddy and me adventure day photography! These 3 keep me going!See this image larger🤚Hey there everyone! It’s time to get serious, and stay serious about my health!🏃🏼‍♀️ I have now made a YouTube account I will be using to post weekly vlogs about my weight-loss and health journey! Please follow along with me and let’s learn together!! Check out my very first Vlog/bodyshot video today!! Happy Sparking!See this image largerProud moment!! My fiancé ordered hisself and my grandfather Burger King 🍔 for lunch, I decided to go home and make turkey, pickle, and mustard roll ups! One 90 calorie pack of carl budding turkey, one whole dill pickle, and some mustard for around 130 calories, 3g carbs, 5g of fat, and 10 grams of protein!See this image largerSee this image larger😱ALMOST OUT OF THE 190’s! I can’t wait to say hello to the 80’s, I can’t believe I’m actually doing it! 💪🏼I NEVER thought I’d stick to a lifestyle change and lose weight! I always thought 💭“I’ll just be the big girl my whole life”☠️ Guys, And gals, this is it!!!! This is my year!!! Let’s do it together 🙋🏼‍♀️ #friendfinder #itsmyyear #healthymom #h2woah #fitness #90sSee this image largerThis was my breakfast, and I’m still feeling GREAT! I have faith that I will be in the 180’s this week!!!See this image larger🙌🏼I weighed in at 190.4 today!! This WILL be the last time I see the 190’s and it feels absolutely AMAZING! Thank you all so so much for you support! God bless and happy sparking! #friendfinder #h2woah #2018 #ouryear #praisehimSee this image larger😱I’m crying right now!!!! Went in a bacon and cheese fast and I FINALLY BROKE THE 90’s!!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Hello 80’s!!!!!! ( sorry the picture is upside down) #ketoon #friendfinder #h2woah #imreallydoingitSee this image larger8 miles before noon! And I feel great💪🏼😜See this image larger👀17 miles on the bike total for today!! (These weeks are how many weeks I’ve been on youtube, I’ve been on here almost a year!)See this image larger🚨🚨It’s been so long since I’ve updated on here!!! Started at 230 and at this moment I am happy to announce that I am down to 181.4!!! Almost at a 50 pound loss total!!! I lost the most weight while using this app so I’m back to stay! 😉♥️ #friendfinder #2018 #ItsTimeToGetRealSee this image largerAnyone else out there fasting today? Down to 180.8!!! I’ll be saying hello to the 170’s so soon I can taste it😜 made it here from 230, and can’t wait to get where I’m going!! Thank you all so much for your support! We CAN all do this together!📣See this image largerWITH A HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE, IM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT I AM OUT OF THE 180’s!!! Today I weighed in at 179.6, I’ve came a long way from 230!!!!!! If I can do it, YOU can do it to!!! #Hope2inspire #friendfinder #h2whoah #milestonesSee this image larger🎉🎊I CAN FINALLY SEE THE CHANGES!!! Tears in my eyes right now!!! Left is today weighed in at 178.8 and right is February 5th weighing 197.8!!!! #friendfinder #h2whoah #nosoada #doingit!See this image largerWeighed in at 177.4 today! Lon way down from228!! I can’t wait to hit more goals!!!! #friendfinder #h2woah #nosodaSee this image largerGet up and work out!!!!See this image largerMaking Monday's my new weigh-in day! Started at 216 Saturday's weight 209. Today's weight 113.6 WHAT HAPPENED. Meet my son Paxten David Lee♡See this image largerComment sets and reps, I've got to make myself get going for the day. I need arm exercises, my legs are killing me from the last two days. Look at me laying here all lazy! #NoPainNoGainSee this image largerRice, fresh steamed broccoli, and Cajun porkchops!!! Yum!! Will comment the cals,carbs,protein when I get some eating! #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerThought I'd post a before picture! Will try and do them monthly ☆ This was at 216 pounds 1 1/2 weeks ago, I am now down to 209.2!!!See this image largerFeeling the burn! That was an awesome work out :)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger

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