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See this image largerSee this image largerMy tiny visitorSee this image largerPretty productive day. See this image largerWhile out running my errands today I saw this car. Thought it was so nice so I snapped a quick pic.See this image largerGood morning SparkPeople peeps!! It’s beautiful outside. Gonna use that elliptical and have no knee pain and do a trail walk to plan for my trail run. It’s gonna happen soon my recovery is going smoothly.See this image largerTook my fur kids out for a hike today. Let them run out some energy and let myself get a good hike. Enjoyed the outdoors before all the rain comes.See this image largerIt has rained so much that the grass is growing in my tires where I do my high knee lifts and I also usually trip and sometimes fall flat on my face. Lol!!! Not to mention that my beloved teenage son (sarcasm intended) didn’t move them when he cut grass yesterday.See this image largerHot and humid today. Had no problem drinking my water cause we were outside with fam for a memorial/family BBQ. See this image largerIn my mind, I’m fighting to get back to the healthy me. When I feel tired and don’t wanna work out, or I’m in my workout and I wanna quit I look at this and keep moving.See this image largerReasons to workout!!! Not all of them by far.See this image largerThis starts tomorrow!!!! I feel like I’m a captive to the scale so I’m going to set myself free.See this image largerHad a few setbacks in May but they just set me up for my June comeback!!!See this image largerNot to bad for a rainy and stormy Friday.See this image largerJust gotta put this out there cause I was on a small vacation and it was soooo great. But, diet and exercise sure did fall to the wayside. No shame, no regrets but it’s time to jump back into this fight and come back hard.See this image largerFirst run after MANY months physical therapy and training. No matter what nothing can beat the feeling of running outside. Of course, nothing can prepare you for the terrain of an outside run. Only did .69 mile my intent was to do .50 but oh well. Starting slowly and working my way back up to a 5k and more.See this image largerHappy 4th of July!!!! Got my run in this morning. Stay cool guys it's hot and humid.See this image largerMy doggies are worn out after our run this morning. A tired dog is a good dog. Lol!!! They are tired and content.See this image largerDay 1 of the fitness challenge complete. See this image largerJust barely finished the challenge today. I did look didn't want to workout but I sucked it up and did it. Tomorrow will be better cause I hope to get a good run in the morning. See this image largerGot my 20 min today but it was from housecleaning, and yard work. I sweated buckets. See this image largerWent for a hike yesterday with my very energetic 12 year old. Encountered the stairway of death which she flew up with no problems. Lol!!! Just a few pics it was very pretty and we will be going back soon.See this image largerNot gonna get all my exercise in today and I only have walked about 8,000 steps today, but I'm soooooo okay with it cause my rescue/sweet baby had her own little nuggets today. Her pregnancy was a surprise but a happy one.See this image largerDay 1 down and 20 more to go. See this image largerI forgot to add the screen shot of the workout that I did yesterday. So I'm putting it on here today and then I will add today's workout later on today. See this image largerSee this image largerYesterday's active minutes (workout) took a break from the elliptical but got my workout from house cleaning. See this image largerAnd today back to the elliptical, if it wasn't so dang humid I would go outside. Until then I'm just gonna stay on this elliptical. See this image largerForgot to post the 1st day!!!!

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