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See this image largerSee this image largerThis is hard but I will do it.See this image largerMy breakfast this morning! Doing so much better than the past with my eating. Plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and flax seed, Sauteed onions and peppers with sausage rye toast with low fat cream cheese. Water and coffee to drink !(1 comments)See this image largerI fell off but I'm backSee this image largerSee this image largerOn a cruise next year I plan on being in better shape.(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerI have lost 16 lbs !See this image largerI have lost 16 lbs !See this image largerStarting over until I get it right, Never giving up !See this image largerFeeling good about my workout this evening! I rewarded myself by going to the fireworks.See this image largerThanking God for another Day and beautiful blessing! My new Granddaughter Cheyenne.See this image largerSee this image largerLunch today with 6 saltine crackers.See this image largerBlessed and ThankfulSee this image largerTaking one day at a time.See this image largerLiving and loving life !See this image largerLoving the skin I'm in !See this image largerI have more work to do ! I know I can do this !See this image largerMaking Changes one step at a time cause I'm worth it!See this image largerI walked 4 miles today and it felt great !See this image largerHappy Friday Everyone !See this image largerHappy Friday Everyone! I have had 3 great days of exercise ! I love the way it makes me feel afterwards. My sleep has been better too !See this image largerI'm feeling unstoppable today !See this image largerMaking this a new lifestyle not a fad !See this image largerStarting off on a good note today !See this image largerI can do it!See this image largerLove yourself enough to try!See this image largerI'm Proud of Me !See this image largerSee this image largerA new year and a new beginning!See this image largerPutting power behind my words ! Watch the change!See this image largerI'm going to rest today and go to bible study but I will be back in the gym tomorrow that's for sure!See this image largerSmiling but I'm sore . I have to keep it going.See this image largerLiving my best Life !See this image largerNew Day New Goals !See this image largerA new Day to start over !See this image largerTrying something new !See this image largerI'm doing a new thing !See this image largerBlood sugars are finally on point ! Wearing my new freestyle libre sensor !

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