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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image larger3 months post partumSee this image larger4 months post partumSee this image largerMy motivation!!!(1 comments)See this image largerClean eating doesnt have to be boring ♡See this image largerWoohoo pools up!! Lots of swimming exercises to comeSee this image largerThis is reality. Yes i could use a filter and make my love handles look slimmer but this is my body. Its made 3 kids. Its gone through 3 csections. Ive gone from 100 pounds soaking went to my highest 192 when giving birth my skin has stretched. Im trying so hard to get it somewhat back to normal. But even if its never ever flat or of i always have extra skin. I love me.See this image largerSee this image largerHave you guys tried the brand "hood" milk? I picked it up at my local walmart and it tastes jusy like whole milk but half the carbs!!! Deff a must try if your doing keto! And they have chocholate flavored too! Went perfect with my protein shake ♡See this image largerKeto friendly lunch! Celery,carrots,pepperoni,with 2 tbsp of bacon ranch cheese dip soo good :)See this image largerWhat a yummy #ketodinner, veggie tots are surprisingly good :)See this image largerPhilly bowl for lunch #ketoapprovedSee this image largerTonight's #ketoapproved dinner is cheesy taco chicken bake, the whole family approved and got seconds #momwinSee this image largerDown 3.4 pounds woot woot!See this image largerTonights dinner zucchini noodles, chicken, alfredo sauce, ans broccoli yummy and #ketoapprovedSee this image largerThis is so important!!!See this image largerNot where i wanna be yet.. but lookin better #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerSlow and steady wins the race..See this image largerTook a nice relaxing bath with a lush bathbomb, doing little things for yourself as a reward is so important, its not just loosing weight, its making better decisions, its being healthier, its living longer, and being happier ♡ happy Wednesday my fellow sparkers! Dont forget to reward yourself, your doing great!See this image largerSlow progress is better than no progress one weeks difference! Just remember you have already lapped those still sitting on the couch!! It took longer than a dya to gain the weight it will take longer than a day to loose it!See this image largerFinally under 150!! Onky by a few ounces but ill take it 😁😁😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDown 12 pounds! Ive sort of hit a plateau lately but ill figure it out 20 more to go!See this image largerSee this image largerThe lowest ive seen my scale in a LONG time 😁 im loosing so slow, but steady im proud of myself. Happy friday.See this image largerStarting over that me in the red I had a hysterectomy I. July and gained all of my weight back being so short I can really see it in my face arms and stomach. Wish me luck.See this image largerYassss down another pound little victories!!See this image largerMaking mississippi pot roast for dinner! So easy and so juicy and less than one carb per serving !See this image largerMaking zoodle spaghetti :)See this image largerFrom shelter life to fabulous life. Love my rescued girl. She keeps me going!See this image largerGrowing my own veggies! Not only is it healthy i get a workout keeping up with it #urbanfarmingSee this image largerFelt confident enough to wear a crop top with my mom jean shorts :) im holdimg stead at 165. I started a new medication that is making is super hard to have any energy but i will push through somehow.

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