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See this image largerHad fruit and a smoothie for breakfast...ribs, salad, and rice for lunch/ dinner. Trying to go vegetarian for a week but hubby wanted to grill a bit. I ate more salad than anything! Whew!! 😊See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerHaven't shared much for a while this gal's been BUSY! 😉 but, here's my breakfast...did eat a cookie and a strudel but tracked it!See this image largerGot this 365 Create planner from Joanns...LOVE IT!! Added a fitness section so that I can have both worlds combined. 🤩See this image largerLove me some pretty flowers!!See this image largerUp at 5:30...push, push!! 😊See this image largerMy 1st homemade miso soup!! It was amAzing!! 😋See this image largerSunday beautiful! 😳See this image larger32 oz of water with lemon early in the morning...trying out a new habit!See this image largerMy birthday dinner with my best friend (husband)~wish it wasn't so fried but it was good. That margarita though!! Yum 🍹See this image largerMade tofu was SO good!! Didn''t like it before I knew how to cook it...very filling!!See this image largerDon't give up my friends!! 🤩See this image largerThe journey is just as beautiful as reaching the goal. Love yourself!! Have a beautiful Saturday!! 😘See this image largerGot my workout in!! Yay! Hope ya'll are pushing play 😉See this image largerSee this image largerA friend shared this with me...just 💜 it!!See this image largerI may not have a face 2 face pic but the sun is shining and I'm feeling blessed!! Happy Friday ALL!! Be healthy!!See this image largerTracking always gets me progress. Yes, I get bored too but without it I always go overboard on my fats and too low on my fiber. I also like to watch my salt. So two ways to track for me!! If it works then stick with it!! You can do it 😘See this image larger#friendfinder Hi! Single mom with a crazy schedule with 4 boys looking to cut back on fats and get my bmi down. About 20lbs to lose and could really use the support to push through my plataeu!! Will also love to give the same kind of support!! 😁 Let's do this!!See this image largerDisappointed in myself! Kept my weight off for a few years and now I have like 15lbs to lose. Always track!!! My best advice. So, went on a 2 mile walk and then Jujitsu class. Tracking my food!!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerTurkey stuffed with apples and pears. Healthy is good!!!😋See this image largerCard making fun! Do something with your friends!!See this image largerAll year I have been struggling to workout and eat right. I haven't been perfect but I stuck with it!! Something about this spring gets me thinking that I am almost there!! So excited and glad I stuck with it!! You can do it...just STICK TO IT!!😉 More muscle plz 😁😁See this image largerFasting for brunch! Went on a walk and did random knee highs ...of course with a jacket...🙄 Have a great day and hope you're planning healthy foods!!😜See this image largerMy food...tastes so good after a fast!! Yes there is one egg!!See this image larger#eattherainbow Ok, I had broccoli, beets, avacado, sweet potato, blueberries...& spinach 🥑🥦...😍(1 comments)See this image largerDay 2 of fast...lifted and all honesty I'm good!!!😁😁 Hope all of you beautiful people never give up on you!!See this image largerWent on a brisk walk today while the kiddos are sleeping. Beautiful weather in Colorado. Still fasting and feeling great!!See this image largerWell, I know it's not a good excuse but life threw me off. 😔 Family came to visit, pinched a nerve in my lower back😖, and trying to adjust to this new way of life. My feet lower back hurts...and I hate getting older. Time for a new healthy plan!😘 Keep loving you!😁🌞🥗🥰See this image largerHi all!! I am still doing yoga, watching what I eat, and intermittent fasting. Been doing more stretches and losing weight 😃. Put on my newly washed pants today and have to keep pulling them up!! Stay safe and healthy!!...yep these pants!! HahaSee this image largerBack in school, watching my food, and exercising. I want to be a healthy student!📚🤓😁

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