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New Community Features: Blog Prompts, Enhancements and More!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good morning!

As you know, we at SparkPeople are very proud of our active and positive Community. We also feel that Community involvement can help you stay motivated, get support and reach your goals. So I wanted to let you know about some exciting changes and improvements we've made to our Community this week.

NEW Blog Prompts
Many SparkPeople members write "blogs" (online journal entries) to share the ups and downs of their healthy lifestyle journeys. Like journaling, blogging can keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. We realize that blogging might be a new concept to many of our members, and that some people may want to blog but aren't sure what to write about. So we've created Weekly Blog Prompts. With one click, you can easily respond to a weekly prompt your own blog and/or read some of the most popular responses from other members! To find Weekly Blog Prompts in the future, go to the Community Home page (under the Community tab) or look in Tuesday's Weekly Spark Newsletter.

NEW Blog Redesign
As you can see from reading this, we've updated the look of our blogs and improved their functionality! Now you can post multiple photos on a single blog entry (and they'll show up more clearly than before). Plus, you'll see links to more blog posts to the right of each entry, as well as links that make subscribing to blogs quick and easy! Below every blog post, you'll see two new buttons: "I Liked This Blog" and "Share This Post With Others" (which makes it easy to email or share a blog entry on sites like Facebook).

NEW "I Liked This" Buttons
You'll find "I Liked This" buttons at the bottom of every blog entry on the site, as well as at the top of every Community Message Board thread. Message board posts and blog posts with the most votes will be highlighted for others to read on the Community Home page, which also has a fresh, new look to highlight the best of everything going on in SparkPeople's Community!

We hope you enjoy these new improvements! If you have any questions, please post in the Site/Technical Help forum.

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