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New Automated Process to Replace Inactive SparkTeam Leaders

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We love that our members have created thousands and thousands of SparkTeams, but sometimes for one reason or another a leader is no longer active. We launched a new feature this week where once a leader has not posted to a SparkTeam in 60 days, a note goes on the SparkTeam page saying that someone else can step up as leader. The first person to click this link will be put into consideration to be the leader. The current leader will have 3 days to respond - they can decide to add the person as the leader or decide to stay as leader. If the current leader does not respond, after 3 days the new person will become a leader. So you may see this appear on some of your inactive teams. If you believe a leader is inactive and you do not see this link, its possible another member has already requested to become the leader.

We hope this helps keep SparkTeams organized and moving forward by having active leaders. Also keep in mind that SparkTeams can have mutliple leaders, so if someone becomes a new leader of one of your SparkTeams and you would like to be a leader you can SparkMail them and ask them to make you a Co-Leader.
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