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shawnatony right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dr. was great with me yesterday; a sharp contrast to the verbal lashing she gave me last Friday. My weight was up 3.5 lbs in 10 days so she was happy with that. (thats from doing my best to eat 4000 calories a day) I won't have to go for another weigh in appt for 2 weeks, but she expects the same sort of increase. For the record, my weight went from 124.2 with boots on to 127.6 with boots on.

Tests all came back pretty good, except for the obvious problem, my electolytes are totally messed up. This accounts for heart palpatations, etc..... Main causes of disturbed electrolytes are taking diuretics and excessive diarrhea. Well, I don't take diuretics.
she is retesting for my sodium and potassium and also has ordered some different stool samples. Then she mentioned celiac disease...

Shawna mentioned this to me a while ago, and although I usually take seriously what she has to say, i just didnt want to alter my diet. after doing some research now, I am amazed at the similarities in my symptoms. As well, 3 day ago was a pretty good day for me ( had some energy, wasn't running to restroom every 5 min, etc...) , then yesterday was HORRIBLE. Well, guess what I had eaten on the one day and not the other.... lots of gluten.

So here goes. I just ate my last homemade oatmeal raisin cookie with enriched flour. I am going to try and eat gluten free for the next two weeks and see how that goes. Maybe I will get this all figured out on my own.
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  • ~KARA~
    Hey sorry to hear your not feeling the best. But if you really do have Celiac disease look for a new book out by Elizabeth Hasselbeck from ABC's The View. She suffers from the same thing and is putting a book out with info and diet tips. Hopefully you feel better soon. I'm doing good trying to lose this last 20lbs to hit goal. My little guy is 8 months now. Can you believe that! Hugs! Kara
    4183 days ago

    this is a blog from KIMBEROU812 she also had many issues with Gluten. Read her blog and maybe she could offer you some advise.
    I hope you figure out what this crazy health thing is for yourself Heather!
    4365 days ago
    hi sweetie!!
    Im so glad you got on and posted!! And good to know u have gained ((( ))).

    I will say YEAH for this dr of yours to mention Celiac!!! many dont. wont. or dont know enough about the synmptoms to even think it maybe a cause..so you are in GREAT hands! :)

    I also just read what Michelle posted on your previous blog and If you consume any arti=sweetners- stop.
    I notice a huge increase in MS symptoms(the numbness/tingling) HUGEGLY... if I have them. and no, its not just from one packet with my am coffee, but I can go on streaks on weekends where its diet coke all weekend, sugar free foods filled with fake sugars and BAM.
    I have also realized the mental(lol) effects of sugar and arti sugars.

    wholefoods seems to be where its at ;) not all fun, but am learning that being healthy is worth it.

    So anyway..wanted to bring the arti-sugars thing up.

    Please let me know if you have any questions on the gluten,
    if your not sure if something has it.. its a tricky one! Its in soy sauces, cereals,)look for malt flavoring) call me if your looking at something and not sure! LOL

    but if you stick to whole foods. nothing in a box, or bag u will be ok.
    Corn works(although not healtiest for you) if your still needing to get those high calories in, eat corn products.

    Big taco salads with corn chips(watch taco seasonings- they have wheat flour)
    nachos with soucream(homeade!) tons of cal's there!! :)

    try to eat clean. and if your not sure- then dont eat it.
    Let your dr know that your going to do this.. generally when a test is done the person should be consuming gluten on normal basis.. or the test can be off..

    But I did the same thing.. figured it out myself. None of my dr's even mentioned it after tests for lymes, mercury poison etc.
    But withing 3 days my energy was back! WOW! and my brain fog and dizzzy spells were gone after a week.
    so I know how u must feel after keeping it away then bam!

    I hvae had 3-4 episodes(accidental) with gluten and its a B&^% for a few days.

    And hunny dont think there is not much u can eat!~! or that u can ever eat bread. I have the BEST gf bread that I get at my health food store. $5.00 a loaf but so worth it.
    Most GF breads are filled with sugar, high in fat, sat fat and no fiber and this one is made from Millet. Its sugar free, LOW cal, lower fat..and has 3+ fiber per slice.. and unlike the other gf breads, it does NOT crumble! LOL

    so u keep me posted. U have my email and phone!
    Hoping its not Celiac, but also hoping for an answer to whtatever it is and if its this..as I have always said.. if I was going to have something this is the disease to have. ITs CONTROLABLE. liveable and and u can control it.

    this carboholic, bread loving fool is proof ;)
    Love ya

    4377 days ago
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