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New Feature - Fitness Maps

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hi everyone

We're very happy to announce Fitness Maps. This feature allows you to measure, save, and see how far you walk, run, or bike when exercising outdoors. What we love about this feature is that its very easy to use. Just:
1) Go to the Fitness Maps page (it is located under Healthy Lifestyle/Fitness, in the center of the page)
2) Enter the starting address
3) Click points on the map to draw your route; note that you can zoom the map in or out for more or less detail
4) Enter the amount of time it took you to complete your workout (to calculate your average speed)

We will then give you your total mileage your average speed, and even the calories burned. You can then add your calories burned to your fitness tracker.

In addition you can also:
- Save your route to access later
- Share your route so other members can see
- Use the city dropdown at the top of the page to see routes in your city

We hope this feature makes it easier to calculate your distance and calories for routes, to remember your routes, and to find great new routes that other members have done! If you have any questions or comments please make a comment below.

This works for any country in the world supported by Google Maps. We experimented with routes in Paris, Toronto, London, Sydney, Seoul and other world cities!
You CAN edit your route or delete steps (click on the red marker to delete a leg of your route).
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