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Friend Feed and Activity Feed Updates Based on Your Feedback

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, we launched Friend Feeds and Current Status updates this past Monday. (Click here to read a full-length article explaining these features.) The response from our members was mostly positive, but we did have a few requests. We hear you!

Today, we launched a couple upgrades to these features based on your feedback.

1- We've added an Activity Feed page, where you can more easily see which of your activities are "fed" into the Friend Feeds of your mutual friends. Please note that from this page, you can also delete items from your feed. Click here to see your Activity Feed.

2- You can now choose whether your Activity Feed shows up on your SparkPage (or not). Some people didn't like how their Activity Feeds looked on their Pages. Now, you can choose to remove it completely on your privacy settings page. To remove your Activity Feed from your SparkPage, you must UNCHECK the "Show My Activity Feed on my SparkPage" at the bottom of the preferences list. (Or, go into "Edit" mode for your SparkPage to find the same checkbox.) Please note that your Activity Feed will still show up on the Friend Feeds of your mutual friends—just not on your SparkPage. Also, your "Current Status" will continue to show up on your SparkPage—but only one status update at a time will appear.

We hope you will enjoy the new updates to the Friend and Activity Feed Features that allow you to better customize the look of your SparkPage!
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