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Announcing a new way to Spread the Spark - Facebook Connect

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm really excited to announce that you can connect your SparkPeople account to your Facebook account to share your updates from SparkPeople with your Facebook friends. I think this is a great new way to Spread the Spark and help many more people reach their goals! However, if you don't have (and don't want) a Facebook account, we completely understand. (There are many other ways you can still Spread the Spark.)

As a SparkPeople member with a Facebook account, you can choose to automatically feed certain SparkPeople activities, such as status updates, blog posts, and more, to your Facebook account. You can do this by using Facebook Connect to link your SparkPeople account to your Facebook account.

To be honest, the most valuable way you can Spread the Spark to others with Facebook Connect is by updating your current status on SparkPeople, which will appear prominently on Facebook.

For example, I like making status updates on SparkPeople like, "I just added 50 fitness minutes to SparkPeople!" or "Two SparkPeople members were just featured in USA Today!" Each time I update my status here, it automatically updates on Facebook.com, too (thanks to Facebook Connect). This is a fun way to motivate my friends on Facebook to join me at SparkPeople to get healthy and reach their goals.

Thanks a bunch to anyone who chooses to help Spread the Spark by enabling Facebook Connect. We appreciate your support! I hope that you'll help some people you know by doing so, too. This is one of those things that if enough people decide to do it, it could make a real difference in our mission to Spark millions of People to live healthier lives!

Click here to learn more and to connect your accounts



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think I'm going to have to try this! I'm excited about linking the two...it gives me more incentive to make it happen this time!

    3311 days ago
    Whenever I try to share, all I get is a link. I would love to link the two up, if only for the exercise tracking.
    3754 days ago
    If anyone is still wanting to disconnect their Facebook with SP (I just did this also), try this. I got it from SP's FAQ section:

    3806 days ago
    I too am not sure I want to make public my struggle with my weight to be public. Its a good idea I suppose, but my facebook page is dedicated mostly to business. I think when I've lost the weight I post something on my page.
    3851 days ago
    3859 days ago
    Here's how you DISconnect from Facebook:

    3932 days ago
    Unlike most people here, I love having the connection between SparkPeople & Facebook. I have many friends on FB who want to know how I'm doing but they're not interested in joining SP, for whatever reason. I don't have anything super personal from here going over to FB, & the people on FB with whom I really want to share - I just private message or email or call them, depending on the easiest way to contact them. Some things that I share here I'd share on FB, too, & with FB connect, it's the simplest way to do that. It saves me having to copy & paste certain things.

    This is just my opinion & I'm thankful that I can connect the two in this way. But that's just me. emoticon I'm glad no two people think exactly alike. That'd be boring! emoticon
    3982 days ago
    Not sure I want to merge SP and FB. I like that what I say to my Spark friends never goes further. Spark is personal. FaceBook is part professional and part casual and I censor much of what I say there. I never feel the need to do so here. And I want to keep it that way. Of sourse some of my Spark friends are also FB friends, but we keep the conversations separate for the most part.
    Thanks for the option though.
    4018 days ago
    How do I disconnect my SparkPeople status updates from Facebook?

    I will not change any status updates on SparkPeople until I can be sure that they do NOT go to Facebook anymore.

    The two social groups serve different purposes, different interests, different circles, different focus, different members.

    Thank you,
    4021 days ago
    I love having my sparkpeople updates on my facebook account!! I wish I could tie it to myspace too! More ways to inspire people to join the site! :)
    4039 days ago
    I love having my sparkpeople updates on my facebook account!! I wish I could tie it to myspace too! More ways to inspire people to join the site! :)
    4039 days ago
    I agree!! I don't want my co-workers and high school "friends" to know my weight struggles. Or at least I can give them the details I choose.

    BTW~ since losing 17.5 lbs everyone is asking how I did it. Of course I'm giving credit to SparkPeople and I've refer members to join. I've even got some of the guys in the office to join, being that they can track their protein and carbs while they work out.

    Loving my SparkPeople!! emoticon
    4130 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1926750
    i have to agree with everyone also that facebook is wayy too public to share my spark struggles with,,,on spark we all share a common ground ,,joys mixed with sorrows depression and sometimes tears that we share at our personal struggle that most who dont have a weight problem can understand,,,id love to have many spark people join me as friends eventually on facebook,,but to share the person status from spark is well too personal for those not on spark to understand,,
    4134 days ago
    Can anyone please tell me how to disconnect my SparkPeople account from my Facebook account? I don't want them linked anymore and I can't find anything on how to disconnect them.
    4270 days ago
    I am already very conscious of what I post on Spark and it is personal.

    What is posted on the Internet ANYONE can see.

    Someone already it well that FB is with old buddies and SP is personal, never the two shall meet.

    I will continue to spread the Spark to friends and Twitter tweets. As cool apps or changes come out on Sparks I share. Example: www.sparkpeople.com/walking map your walk/run route and see mileage and calories burned. That is Tweetable.

    Thanks for continuing to improve our Spark experience.

    Peace from 1984 ;-)

    4290 days ago
    First, Let me just say how much i love SP. SparkGuy you have been a big help to a lot of people. You have given me accountability for what i do about my weight from now on. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
    I am proud of what I am doing here and as my myspace account says:

    be who you are and say what you feel
    because those who mind don't matter
    and those who matter don't mind.

    Second, I would be honored to add you to my facebook. I don't have an account as of right now but because of this request and because of how much you have done for me I am going to make an account.

    Thanks SparkGuy for all your love and inspiration,
    One of your biggest fans.
    4297 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4048900
    I agree with other posters that I would like to keep SP and FB separate. Most of my FB friends are old buddies from High School and my old home town. I don't feel right sharing things with them like I do with my SP friends. But that is just me. Many people put their whole lives on FB and that is their preference. Maybe I am just from a bit older generation.
    4297 days ago
    While I feel confident enough now to share my issues with my fellow sparkers I don't feel the same way about sharing on facebook. Yes I know that most of the people I meet here on the spark pages are total strangers but we share common issues and problems and I fell like if I open myself up on facebook it would be like the gossip column. If there was some control to the information that I can share on facebook that would be different.
    4301 days ago
    Thank you for the offer, but I would rather keep these two account separate. If there was a way to pick and choose each item that would be displayed on Facebook, I would be all for it. My Facebook account is linked to so many people that I went to school with, live in the same town as and have as customers-all of which do not need to know how much I weigh or what I eat, or how much exercise I do. I love my Spark family because we are all trying to get healthier, and by doing that we have an added benefit of loosing weight. Spark members offer support, advise and help when you need it. They do not judge or gasp at someone's measurements or weight--I do not think that would be the case with my Facebook account.

    If there was a check list for all of the items that would link to Facebook, I would link my accounts.

    I never stop telling people about how wonder SparkPeople.com is and how it has helped me.
    4302 days ago
  • MOMMAC1214
    I have to say that since I started to share my spark status on facebook I have been getting more support from friends. People that I did not think to let know I was trying to lose weight have been more supportive than some that do.
    4302 days ago
    i have to agree with the others comments though i am proud to say i do give credit to spark on facebook on my links and info page so that the spark can still be spread emoticon
    4304 days ago
    I love Sparkpeople......I love Facebook....NEVER EVER the two shall meet.....
    One is for fun and the other is way to personal.... BUT..... Thank you for giving us the option to join the two.....That is just another reason I LOVE Sparkpeople....WAY TO GO emoticon
    4304 days ago
    Spark Guy,
    Although you have a great idea, it sounds like most of us don't want others to read our personal information. This information is so difficult for me to share because I am obese and struggling to get healthy, I don't even share my weight with anyone on Spark, just the amount I want to lose. That's how self conscious I am. I do plan to join facebook anyway and I will spread the Spark but not my information.
    4305 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I do plan to join FACEBOOK, since I have learned that it isn't a Teenage place like "MySpace" but has a larger group of older people. But, I have no intentions of dealing with my weight and health issues there, like I do here on Sparks. I'm on SP for those issues, but I'm not talking about them to people who don't understand the way they do here.
    4305 days ago
    I'm not getting something to NOT put my SP blog on Facebook - how do I do this to keep them separate?
    4305 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4300142
    First just want to say how much i LOVE SPARKPEOPLE! And I appreciate all you do here to help us reach our goals, continuously adding features that you think will help us. I do "Spread the Spark" all the time, in many different ways and venues. However, on here, even though all the things we post on our profiles are public, it's kind of like going to a Weight Watchers meeting or an AA meeting. What happens here stays here, and there is an element of being able to open up more about our struggles and true thoughts and feelings through our blogs and message board posts. On Facebook, however, there is a completely different element. I have reconnected with friends and acquaintances from all different phases and aspects of my life, and it would be awkward to share all that i type on SparkPeople with all of those folks. Do I really want every single one of my h.s. classmates to know how much weight i've gained since h.s.? Do i want them to know how many times i've fallen off the wagon and gotten back on? Not really. However, I do share specific articles on there that i think are good info for all to have, and I have shared with many friends and family about how awesome SparkPeople is, and I will continue to spread the spark as much as i can! I believe in SparkPeople and I love you guys! Thank you for all you do!
    4305 days ago
    When you write a blog on SP you have the option not to publish it to facebook. I enjoy being able to stay in touch with my friends from across the country that I don't get to see that often.

    Be aware, too, that on facebook only your friends can see your profile.

    Beth G
    4305 days ago
    I joined facebook and dropped my membership after just 3 days. I like my privacy. Don't enjoy reading other people's conversations. Makes me feel like a snoop. I have a large support group at home and really don't need all the extra attention. I use SparkPeople.com because I can journal my food and fitness. I use the exercise videos and the recipe calculator. I have just 7 pounds to reach my goal, but will continue to track my nutrition and fitness.
    4305 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/14/2009 10:40:13 PM
  • no profile photo CANDOANYTHING
    I would suggest that SP create a GROUP or CAUSE on Facebook!
    Then all the Spark People could join and the message is very quickly spread through the FB network.
    People could then just add posts as they wish without divulging everything.
    Spark Guy could update with interesting posts and the message would spread very quickly.
    Facebook is a remarkable networking tool!
    4305 days ago
    I was really glad to read your comment - I feel the exact same way, but was afraid I was the only one who felt like that. I'm sure the link will be great for a lot of people....but there are some things I prefer to keep private or to share only on Spark.
    4305 days ago
  • DWAN1969
    As some have said...I think that weight loss/management is such a personal topic. I include information on my Spark entries that I wouldn't want just anyone to know. To each his own, though...I know that some people will really appreciate this link.

    I do spread the spark, though, and have had many people sign up and have started a team to help encourage other spark members. So please know that I think SP is awesome...I just don't want to share all of my personal struggles...
    4305 days ago
    I don't mind promoting Sparkspeople, but I really don't want everyone to know my weight or progress. This very personal to me. emoticon
    4305 days ago
    I thought this was a great surprise and a great idea!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    4305 days ago
  • no profile photo TWO.CANTINA
    Thanks, this is all new to me
    4306 days ago
  • AMM092304
    I've joined Facebook a few weeks ago but I don't feel comfortable sharing my weight management problems with everyone there.
    4306 days ago
    This was a great idea, I use Facebook to find old friends, and Spark to make new ones!
    4306 days ago
  • CARLIN5007
    I think it is a great idea to. But I also agree with VHASKEW36, Now to figure out how to make a FaceBook. Carlin5007 emoticon
    4306 days ago
    I agree this is a great idea. nOw if I can just figure out face book. lol
    4306 days ago
    I was searching all over for how to do this! Thanks, Spark Guy. Your website is wonderful, and well worth promoting.
    4306 days ago
    Great idea.
    Thanks for all!!
    4306 days ago
    4306 days ago
    I'm not on facebook. Maybe it's time to check it out.
    4306 days ago
    I connected my facebook and sparkpeople because it's a very good way to keep me accountable. I'm very open about my lifestyle changes and goals to get fit and healthy and if a friend or family member on my facebook sees that I'm having a difficult week or that I haven't done anything to keep myself moving (exercise, etc.) then they can send me a message. Same goes for if I'm doing well and they want to tell me so. All while not having to ask them to actually join, yet another, community just to stay 'in the know' when it comes to my health and fitness. While I do understand the need for some to keep this part of their life private, I, myself, find it an excellent way to spread the spark and get even more support. Thanks for adding this feature!

    4310 days ago
    Yeah, I just did ... I want them to know that I joined this team. Let's see what will happened emoticon
    4311 days ago
  • ERINP36
    I do like the idea....most of my facebook contacts are family or friends that I have reconnected with. I am not sure I am ready to share allllllllllllllllll of my weight stuff with them(even though they see me at least once a year and KNOW I need(ed) help.) I will link my status or sparkpeople.com info. I have been referring friends left and right and spreading the spark verbally. When something works you want everyone to try it!!! Great idea and I am sure once I AM OK with me I will be ok with connecting the two.
    Once again fab idea

    4311 days ago
    I'm not on facebook, but this is good to know.
    4311 days ago
  • JWILLY87
    Im going to keep my SP and FB seperate for now, as I see it all of the people on FB dont need to know that I'm having issues with my weight...once I get my lifestyle in order I will definitely link the two, that way everyone will know how I did it! And that it could work for them too! Great idea though!!!
    4311 days ago
    I am not on facebook either, but nice to know we have the option
    4311 days ago
    I connected mine because I feel that is a good way to advertise and if I don't like it, I'll separate the two. Right now, I like the idea!

    4311 days ago
    For now mine will stay separate, but I do like knowing I can change that in the future. Thanks for making that available!

    On another note, are there any plans in the future to have your strength training count towards your exercise minutes?
    4311 days ago
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