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Well I didn't meet my first goal--yet!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I was trying so hard to get under 200 lbs by March 16th and it didn't happen. I was so frustrated. I have never been this heavy in my life. I figured to myself, since this is not my normal body, then it should come off really easy like i see other people on this website. I am doing all the exercise, the eating, the mind-set, and it seems it's not getting me to my goal. Then, I started asking myself the real questions. How long have I been in the 200 lbs category. I believe I got here 2 years ago after I broke my ankle. Sitting around the house, can't do anything, but still eating. It took approx. 8 months to heal from the whole thing. Then when I was ready to exercise, and I did, I started having some foot problems on the same leg. Needless to say, i was retricted to do only certain activities. I could still go to the gym and workout on the machines... but I didn't do it. Then I had surgery, and this left me impaired for another 6 months. What did I do during that time??? Go back to the above paragraph-- "sitting around the house, can't do anything, BUT STILL EATING."
Hmmph! It's funny how before you know it, the pounds just jump on you. Not to mention, I went through alot of emotional problems at home. Emotional Eating. Yep! That was me. Then I began to eat on purpose to make myself feel as bad as I was feeling. What did that do??? More weight.
So then the question I now ask myself is, how long it take to put all of this weight on??? About 2 years-as I stated before. So why did I think it was going to take 2 months to get it off??? emoticon Silly me. It may not take 2 years to get it off, but this process will take awhile. I have to adjust to that and understand it. Now I'm at the point where I am accepting it. I believe I can do it. emoticon
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    I can relate.
    Lately, I have been completely obssesssed with my weight, as well as my high cholesterol level. The last 2 weeks, I have just been so angry at myself. I went for a run, and the whole run, I yelled at myself for letting this happen to me.
    Let me be clear. I am one dress size too big. ONE! My real trouble is the cholesterol level which is 234 total and 150 LDL. And freaking out has resulted in my having a seizure in my sleep!
    So, my new plan is to work on eating right, lowering the cholesterol, getting exercise, basically getting healthy. I just need to trust God with that which I can't control.
    4301 days ago
    The process has begun - when you wrote this blog and began to get revelation knowledge on what this journey will truly take -- dedication and time. Be patient it will come too pass
    4301 days ago
    AMEN!! Be patient with yourself and trust God's ability to transform you.

    Thank you for that AMAZING post you put on my page. Your "AMEN" really blessed me.
    Take care,
    4301 days ago
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