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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes, this isn't going to be my typical exciting blog. This one has an actual purpose! lol.

Some of you may have read my blog entitled, SOME POSITIVE RESULTS where I talked about being frustrated with my fat neck. It's been the same size for a long time - don't remember a time when it was smaller than 17 inches - must have been a few years ago. Anyway, I just started wondering if there was anything else I could do beside just lose weight to get rid of the double chin and make my neck thinner. I remembered an article I read a while back that talked about chin - and so I did a search for how to get a thinner neck. I did find a couple of exercises and they are so simple to do. Well, my double chin IS getting smaller - I have no doubt it's from poundage lost also - but I really think the exercises had something to do with it. As for the neck - it finally measures at 16.5 - and no, I didn't just pull the tape measure tighter! lol. And another thing I noticed - when I talk now I can see my neck muscles flexing! Before my neck just looked like a lifeless blob! (And yes, i CAN see myself when I talk cuz I talk to myself in the mirror!) So, even though these pics are totally ugly and unflattering - I am putting them on here because I love all my little Sparkies and it might help someone else the way it helped me!

1 - CHIN STRETCH - tip your head back and push your chin forward as far as it will go, like you are pointing to the ceiling with your chin. You should FEEL the muscles pulling and stretching all along the front of your neck to the tip of your chin. I do these in sets of 10 - somewhere between 3 and 5 times a day. I generally do it in the bathroom. Drink a lot of water, make a pit stop, wash hands, do neck and chin stretches. It works for me. Sometimes I do two sets at once (chin, neck, chin, neck)
Here's that ugly pic of me doing the chin stretch

2 - SIDE TO SIDE NECK STRETCH - This stretch has 3 positions. To the left, straight up (just like the chin stretch) and to the right. While doing this stretch, keep your chin pointed out the whole time (just like chin stretch) and the neck muscles tensed. You should feel stretching from the lower neck, up the side all the way up to your ear. Tip your head and look to the left (looking straight at wall) - don't forget to have a pointed chin! Then slowly rotate your chin upward until you are looking at the ceiling just like chin stretch, then to the right. You'll know you are doing it right if - your eyes follow a big arc - left, up, right, up, left AND you can feel those side neck muscles flexing and stretching. DON'T FORGET TO POINT THE CHIN! That's very important. Left to right to left is a whole stretch, so I only count each stretch when I get back to left. I also do 10 stretches on this one - several times a day. Here's the pics - hopefully it will help you picture it if you were still having trouble.

I know this was little bit of an odd blog, and I apologize for it being so wordy. And to all those scouts out there looking for a writer to describe exercises for their book or site - it's not me! lol. Hope this can help someone!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2299 days ago
  • no profile photo LIFES*2*SHORT
    And this.... my dear... is exactly why I love you! You rock!!

    4240 days ago
    haha, I love your honesty of posting the pics of you doing your exercise. Well done you for giving fellow dieters such a superb exercise tip.
    I'm new on this Site and I love how helpful everyones blogs are.

    4240 days ago
    I know they say that if you do sit ups and your chin is on your chest it makes your "double chin" area worse. You're supposed to make sure your eyes stay on the ceiling and you're always looking up. That one seems to work for me, and it's got the double benefit of working two problem areas at once!

    I bet your chin stretches are GREAT at relieving tension in the neck and shoulders though, so I think I'll try them too!
    4240 days ago
    You crack me up girlfriend, BUT, I love the info you give us all, you are too cool! Thanks
    4241 days ago
    Great post. I'll try the exercises.

    4241 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4515830
    Great info!!! I bet you have lost weight in your face. I haven't lost a lot yet, but my driver's license picture of my face is noticeably different.
    I forgot about these exercises! I'll start doing them now, too!
    emoticon emoticon
    4242 days ago
    God Bless YOU!!!

    I carry a lot of weight in my face. As I lose weight I would see it go down but still way too much fat there. Of course with all my weight I won't do as many. Could you imagine me building muscle there? emoticon

    Have a Great Day emoticon
    4242 days ago
    Hey there! Years ago I bought this lady's video, and it really made a difference (when I was sdoing the exercises--lol)! Check it out...

    4242 days ago
  • TERESA6262
    Your blog title caught my attention. I've lsot weight and feel a little saggy under my chin now that it's not so chubby. Stumbled onto a TV infommercial on a device you could buy that was an exerciser for your chin/neck. It was 19.95. I didn't order it... but certainly wondered if it might work. LOL. then I stumbled upon your blog title. I'll try your exercises! They're cheaper than 19.95!!!
    4242 days ago
    You are gonna be the NEXT Jack(ie) LaLane.
    You also probably caught me doing some of the exercises while reading your blog, too bad you couldn't have seem with my web cam, LOL

    Keep it up, you're doing fantastic!
    4242 days ago
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