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Staying Fit On Vacation

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The hubs and I left for Jacksonville,Florida on the 11th of June.
I figured since we were doin a mini Va-K (just the two of us-NO Kids!!!)that we could have some great one on one time--LOL!!
My husband's best friend was getting married on Saturday so I thougt we would just relax..........
To my surprise instead of sitting on the beach, the hubs tells me that he has to study!!!!
and read two chapeter for his class(BTW my husband is doing online classes)

WHY HONEY WHY!!!!!!!?????!!!!

So instead of knocking the man that I love out cold---LOL!!!
I decided that I would just hit the fitness center in the hotel and do what I do best.........Take my fustrations out on the treadmill.

So each morning I did 2hours of full on cardio on the treadmill one day on the Eliptical the next.

Saturday (the day of the wedding) Was really beautiful, his best friend and new wife got married on the beach--Two Words: Absolutely Beautiful!
The ceremony the reception just Awesome.

The hubs and I left Florida on Sunday feeling a little sad.
If I could describe Florida in one word it would be:Hot
Three words: Hot & Humid
But overall, it was so much fun, the people are soo nice and the food really Nice.
Heck If I had my choice to pick which place to move it would probably be Florida!!!LOL!!
I am not kidding, I am still drooling over the realty books we brought home--LOL!

So on Sunday I get a call from a friend of mine and I am telling her what we did and ate etc...
and she says to me, You actually worked out while you were on vacation?
I said yea and she says to me"what's the point of going on vacation if you are going to do the same thing you do at home?" So I told her It is soo not the same!

First of all when I am at home I have to get up at O'Dark Thirty to workout because lets face it, I got three little kids fresh out of school for the summer.... what other time am I going to workout ??Hmmmmm

Second running on a treadmill that was made in 2007 vice running on my 1980 treadmill totally diffrent--LOL!

And Third ..............................
...............So what I worked out!!!
I like working out and if I want to run or lift weights while on vacation with no kids than dog gon it
I am going to do it!!!!
Not because I have too
But because I really like it!!

So my friend says"Jeez Camelia, don't you remember I helped you pick out the hotel because it had a 24hour fitness center?" And I said oh...thats right.......Sorry LOL!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PHLOX13
    I'm heading to a conference on Friday and plan on hitting the gym and pool in the hotel. I know I can't afford to not do it.
    3415 days ago
    I am with you! You are not alone. I am in the makings of planning my "pre-50th" trip in October and I am going to Las Vegas and I am checking hotels to see what kind of fitness room they offer.
    I feel that at least when I am on vacation it is no diff than being at home as far as getting in your activity. Plus, if you are working out while on vacation at least you dont have to be fretting about how or what you are eating, you can indulge in moderation. Well at least it works for me that way.

    And it does not even have to be a hard workout as long as you are doing something. So I say, YOU GO GIRL!!!! I hear yah!!!! Kim emoticon
    4147 days ago
    Good for you! I'm leaving on vacay next week to visit my family on the east coast. I'm really worried that I'll be missing my work out time ( I work out 5 days a week, without fail!). So I think I'm just going to have to find the way to keep at it by doing outdoor activities (walking, running, squats, lunges). My parents have a pool which is great. I hope to get some laps in and water running. But I too feel the same. Going on vacation is about keeping me healthy and happy so exercise and fitness is definitely part of it.
    4149 days ago
  • ZARIA9999
    Wow, this is JUST what I needed to hear, I'm heading to Orlando Florida next Friday with my hubby and kids en-tow.

    I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going to continue my healthy eating while on vacation. I know my hubby is going to HATE that idea, but he doesn't have to do it with me. I just have to get my PLAN straight and my cooler packed along with the shoebox of fried chicken and white bread that he and the kids love to have on the road... Lord have Mercy!!!
    4150 days ago
  • NYCOLA44
    That's awesome.... thats my biggest fear about vacations. Once you get to a level of working out on vacation you have truly conquered the healty lifestyle mindset. I still have hills to climb myself( one being weekends and eating out and the other being vacation fitness and work travel fitness). But I thinks its awesome that you and your husband found that balance to do the things that were important to you. Kudos ( O' and BTW I am Florida Girl born and raised...and there is nothing like it! but yes Jesus it's hot already).
    4150 days ago
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