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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well, I did it on the treadmill. On April 22 I made up my mind. Who cares if I am still fat. I am not going to wait any longer to train myself for a 5k. I decided that I wanted to run, but quickly learned that doing a walk/run was going to have to be good enough for now cuz my body just couldn't run that whole way. So, on April 22, out of the blue, I got on the treadmill (I had been working treadmill into my routine but had NEVER done 5k before) and decided that "this is the day." I finished looking like a Mack truck hit me at a less-than-thrilling 54 minutes and some odd seconds (I looked it up in the fitness tracker - but I don't know why I never recorded the exact time). Today I finished the 5k for the first time since that day. I've been slowly building up to that length over the past 7 weeks. Today's time? 45:23. In the last 7 weeks I was able to shave off over 8 minutes from my time. I think that's pretty great!

I have some goals for the upcoming months... I want to do another 5k in the fall. But my doctor says that when this one is done I need to give running a break if I want my leg to heal. So I think I'll take 2 weeks and focus on elliptical and swimming and maybe some biking and then work running back in. Anyone who's read my blogs for a while or whom I've talked to about running knows that my music keeps me going. I have been fast walking on the verses and running on choruses. So, after my two week break, I'll start with shorter distances, trying to extend the length of each running period. Eventually I'd like to be able to run through whole songs... and after that run the whole thing. I know it's a work in progress and I am willing to take it slowly. I know I've been anal and perfectionistic about training for THIS 5k, simply because I knew I didn't really have very long to get ready. But once it's done I'll be sure to give my body more time to adapt to changes while running.

So, considering this is the first time in my life that I have really set and accomplished goals, I am very excited... even the smallest things encourage me. Today, after running, I was so sweaty that I looked like I'd got caught in the rain. It's huge for me cuz I was lucky if I ever broke a sweat before... only if I tied my shoes or cleaned something. Otherwise, couch potatoes don't break a sweat very often. Now I do it every day! Wanna see my nasty sweaty pics? lol. I think the reason I've been more willing to show pics of me even if they are unflattering is because I am really pushing myself to get more comfortable with me and accept who I am right now... that said - here ya go!

Boy! That sweat-wicking sports bra works great!! lol

And... here's me - sweaty as heck but really happy about my finish time!

5k, 10k, triathlons, half-marathons... here I come! (What? Are you crazy? No! I am not doing a full marathon!) lol. I'll get there... this is a process.... I'll get there....
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