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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have been a snorer for a long time now. I know that even in high school I snored. How do I know that? I had a friend who's name was also Sarah. Seeing that her last name began with an L and mine began with a T - she was Sarah1 and I was Sarah2. Any classes that we were in together - the teachers even called us Sarah1 and Sarah2. Well one day we were in AP English (a class I loved cuz the teacher was great) and I had fallen asleep sitting up... kind of dozing off, when all of a sudden I hear Sarah say, "Mr. Z! Sarah2 is snoring!" My eyes flew open and I declared, "I am not!!" Oohh, I was mad at her! She was my friend and she turned me in! Mr. Z was cool and never said a word about it except for a quick comment as I went out the door, "I'll try to make it a little more interesting for you tomorrow." His little smirk let me know that he wasn't angry. But from then on I was always paranoid about falling asleep anywhere that I knew there were other people.

As I gained weight the problem got increasingly worse. When my husband and I got married I was fortunate that he was a heavy sleeper and usually fell asleep before me - even if it was only by a few seconds. In the last few years my snoring has actually kept him up. If I fell asleep before him he would not be able to fall asleep. If he woke up in the middle of the night he couldn't get back to sleep and would move onto the living room couch. I believe that I have sleep apnea because I am easily exhausted even when I believe I have had enough sleep. I would fall asleep at friends' houses while a bunch of us were there watching a movie... then my husband would tell me later how loudly I was snoring. How embarrassing!

Two weeks ago hubby told me, "I think your snoring is quieter than it used to be. Must be because of the weight you've lost." Then a few days ago he said, "Your snoring is DEFINITELY quieter. I can fall asleep after you and if I wake up in the middle of the night I can still fall asleep." I asked him how loud it really was before. He said, "Loud enough that if I was downstairs in the living room I could hear your snoring through the ceiling and it would tell me if you were still sleeping or awake." Through the ceiling/floor he could hear my snoring! On different floors of the house! He said he can't hear it anymore. And if I fall asleep on the couch I don't disrupt the movie. Wow. That is a change.

And one more change... last month I was so frustrated cuz I was hormonal BEYOND crazy and didn't know why. Then I weighed in and had gained... and didn't know why. That day I got my period. That was a big deal cuz I had gone since October without one and my norm for the last 6 or 7 years has been one or two a year - not good. So I was happy when my hormonal stuff and weight issue was explained by TOM. Well, last week, ONLY SIX WEEKS LATER! - I got it again! My hubby was kind of cute about it. He doesn't like to use technical terms like period or cycle or menstrual cycle - he just calls it "bleeding". So the day after I got it he walked in and said, "I'm glad you're bleeding. It means that your body is finally doing what it's supposed to." It was an out-of-the-blue comment and you could tell he'd been thinking about it on the drive home (he had just walked in after coming home from work). So, things are definitely changing for me. I won't stop. I'll keep going. I know things like less snoring and more periods aren't as exciting as smaller clothes or people commenting on how skinny you look, but it means alot to me because my body has been in disrepair for so long now. It's finally starting to heal itself and there's a lot more where that came from. I've got another 110 pounds to lose, but just imagine! If there's this much change after only 40 pounds - how much more after another 100! I am really excited to see what the future holds!
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    It is just another type of small victory on this trek that we are on. It is right there with being able to do stuff for longer. Enjoy them.

    4231 days ago
    Sarah, I think these are JUST as major if not MORE major than smaller clothes or people noticing. As someone said in an earlier comment, sleep apnea CAN kill you! I am wondering too if those neck/chin exercises you modeled for us might be helping that area too, because it is the loose skin in the back of our throats (you know) that vibrates when we sleep causing us to snore, SOooo maybe the exercises are toning the inside of your neck/chin/ throat too? Who knows, it really could be! I'm gonna have to try them.

    People who are regular with their periods really have NO idea how blessed they are, either! I am happy DH is noticing these things along with you, AND commenting on them unsolicited, because that shows he is paying attention and cares and I don't know that just breeds respect and love and caring and warm fuzzy feelings, LOL! You know what I mean?

    4234 days ago
    One thing for sure I know you will notice is that getting up to do little things is so much easier - such as, instead of asking my son to hand me this or get me that, I just... get it myself! Bouncing in and out of a chair, even a comfy couch gets easier. I'm a performer too, and for me, I noticed certain times during my performance where I would always run out of air - and now that doesn't happen anymore in that spot! the constant repetition involved in being in a play always makes you aware of your body and shape! this positive step for you is, as you said NOT just a little thing. Make it big! celebrate it - another big milestone towards feeling better and doing better! I'm pulling for ya! :)

    4234 days ago
    First of all, the snoring thing is MAJOR! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're probably sleeping better yourself. (A lot of people who snore will semi-wake themselves up and don't get the good, deep sleep they should.) You'll probably start noticing changes in your energy levels before much longer. That is fantastic!!!

    The period thing is another MAJOR thing! OMG your body is starting to do what it's supposed to. It's giving itself the correct signals. Your hormones are working correctly. That is SO BIG!!! I'm sure that's also not just diet but shows that your efforts to eat whole and healthy are paying of also.

    You are doing so fabulous! Give yourself lots of pats on the back! You really do deserve them! GO YOU!!!
    4234 days ago
    Oh that really is exciting, I love it when the body starts to work right, when it is healthy and getting happy, the smaller clothes will come. You gotta keep going to see what else is around the corner, always something new. emoticon
    4234 days ago
    I'm so happy for you! It's also great that your DH commented on a positive change. Sometimes it seems that our DHs can only comment to criticize. Good for you!
    4234 days ago
  • CAROL_
    Wellness and a return of normal bodily functions is a wonderful reason to celebrate! If we don't have our health we don't have anything, and sleep apnea can KILL you, so I'm celebrating with you (even about Uncle Tom).
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4234 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/24/2009 9:25:20 PM
    Sarah, the is so wonderful. Seriously! We don't realize how much the extra weight affects every part of our being until we start experiencing these wonderful and healthy changes.

    That is why the scale is last on my list for being a success. Hugs and congrats on all that is happening for you right now.
    4234 days ago
    That is awesome, and I disagree, I think things like that are as exciting as smaller clothes, it's usually those things we notice first because those things are more noticable to us.

    Great job!
    4234 days ago
    That is AWESOME about the snoring being so much better! :D AND for periods! WOOHOO! :D It's awesome. I think it's really cool. hahaha
    4234 days ago
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