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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, I did it. I finished the 5k. That's about the only positive thing I could say about the day. Maybe my positive attitude will kick in later in the blog and I'll think of a few other things. lol. I think I'll start from the beginning.

Woke up nice and early - 6:30. Wanted to shower, eat something, get ready, ice my legs, stretch a bit then head out and get there at least 30 minutes ahead. I had already picked up our t-shirts and numbers from the head office so we didn't need to register or anything. Well, things just started to go wrong. Hubby let the new puppy go on the floor, he didn't think to get the kids out of bed and get them ready while I was in the shower and nobody had eaten breakfast either. So, needless to say, we were a lot more behind than I anticipated. By the time we got there the race was only 10 minutes away from starting and the closest parking was a quite a ways away from the starting line. So there I am, all stressed out, looking around this crazy, chaotic park for the place where the runners start. We finally get to the area where all the runners and walkers are and I am about to take a couple minutes to stretch when the runners start running! And I we couldn't break into the group so we just waited until the end of the group. I was told at the running store (where I got my new shoes last night... I'll be getting to that in a minute) that each person is given a chip that activates when you cross the start line and records your finish time too. Well, that didn't happen. There was no such thing for this 5k.

You might think that this was a crazy start to my first 5k, but there is SO MUCH more. Started running and then stopped to walk (which is the only way I can get through it at this point) and hubby starts trying to get me to run slower and don't walk, just jog continually. This made me paranoid. I was stressed out, had shin splints (yes, apparently the shin splints still exist for me if I don't stretch) and, oh yeah, the shoes. I realize that it wasn't a really bright idea to put on BRAND NEW running shoes this morning without running in them first. My toes on my left foot were numb and I had to stop twice to loosen the laces. And then there were the comments from hubby about how it would be better to _______ (whatever advice he wanted to give me for why I wasn't doing it the right way). I kept trying to explain that for right now this was how I trained. Then there was the water issue. I was told there would be several water stations. Um, one. There was one. At the one mile mark I was at a little over 13 minutes and felt pretty good about it. By two miles I was exhausted and SO frustrated because it was NOT very well organized. There were no signs telling people which way to go so we spent (and this is NOT exaggerating) a good five minutes total wandering in a group of walkers who were already done (they did a 3k) trying to find even one person who could tell us where the rest of the runner's route was. Isn't that ridiculous? No signs. No volunteers. Nothing! At one point there was a guy whom we assumed was a volunteer and we asked, "Do we go left or right." He said left but we weren't positive. I said, "You're sure this is the way for the runners?" He said, "I'm pretty sure." What? Pretty sure? By this point I had gotten irritated with my husband's comments about jogging instead of walking and had snapped at him a few times and so he just shut down completely. He didn't talk to me for the second half. Later he said that he just didn't feel like getting snapped at anymore. I admit, I was not on my game. The wind, the new shoes, the lack of stretching, lack of water, hubby not willing to accept the way I had trained for my run, lack of signs... I think the chaotic start just got me in a bad mood that I couldn't shake. I was WAY stressed out and got a bad time because of it. I am normally (when I run either treadmill or the track) very focused. My goal was to get under 46:30 (but deep down I was really hoping for under 45 minutes). It didn't happen. I was hoping that I just wouldn't be in the last 10 people - that didn't happen either. I believe my time was 48:08 and my husband and I crossed the finish line with only 2 or 3 people behind us. Now, my husband says that I shouldn't even think about the time because we wandered around for like 5 minutes, making our time totally inaccurate.

So, I am done being negative. I am going to think of 5 positive things that happened today.
1 - I finished the 5k.
2 - I was supporting a worthy cause.
3 - I had a group of friends who walked or ran to support me.
4 - Now that my first experience is out of the way I will be more prepared next time.
5 - My children were able to be there and cheer on their Mom while she accomplished something she'd been working for. I set a good example for them!

Here are a few pics:

Me and hubby close to the end of the race.

Our group - from left: Team No Regrets - Ron, Christina, Joe (hubby) and Me; Team Monkeyspit - Rob and Amy; Team Monkey See, Monkey Do - Rick and Karyn

Just the girls (Amy was singing Lean on Me very loudly in my ear at this point, lol)

Overall, I think it was a learning experience. And if nothing else, I'll be better prepared for whichever 5k I decide to do in the fall.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    well I have started training for my first 5K so I really appreciated this blog. I am shooting for a September run. I think it is phenomenal that you did it- I hope you can have a bit more awesome one in the fall. I'm so proud of you for doing it!
    4217 days ago
    Hi there! I came across your blog through a friends page. I just wanted to tell you that you are doing an amazing job. It sounded like your first 5K was very frustrating. I wish you would have had a better experience because not all of them are like that. You should be so proud of yourself for accomplishing it. That is seriously a HUGE accomplishment. Keep up the great work!
    Hugs, Heidi
    4223 days ago
    Due to just getting back from vacation - I missed this blog. Well, your first 5k is over and you never have to do a first one again. Hope you haven't thrown in the towel because of one bad experience.
    4223 days ago
    WOW!!! You did it it! I certainly felt your frustration though, etc... Glad you were able to make it a positive...
    >Why was there a third team? I mean, we know that the one "friend" made her own team, but anyway, just curious...
    4224 days ago
  • CAROL_
    I don't think you're being negative! You were telling facts that those of us who want to run someday need to know. We know what to look out for now, in poorly organized races.
    4225 days ago
    WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! FIRST 5K DONE!!!!!!! :D CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! And honestly, you weren't THAT far off of your goal time especially considering the lack of directions and the rough start and all that -- probably your start time added a bit to your time as well since there were no chips. I've never run a race with chips except for the 8K I did and all the other races I've done are 5K's, so either they MOSTLY don't bother with such a short distance ORRRRRRR it's just cause the 5K's were all in Alabama and very small and the 8K was a big one in San Diego, WHO KNOWS. But I've never seen more than one water stop in a 5K I don't think... usually somewhere around the middle. Maybe two if they have them at mile one and mile two. Your hubby sounds like he was BEYOND annoying -- he should have given any advice he had to give while you were TRAINING instead of trying to change everything up on race day. But!!! Like you said -- it was a learning experience and you MADE IT, YOU FINISHED, and you were NOT LAST even with all of the obstacles of stopping to re-tie, looking for the route, slow start... all that. :) GREAT JOB!!!!!!
    4225 days ago
    ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! AWESOME job Sarah. Yea did it your first 5k, how fabulous is that. How proud are u? I am so very proud of u and for yea. Not the ideal picture perfect that yea were wanting, but in life what truly is. It how we see it afterwords and our perspective. Yea doing the 5 positives at the end of the blog is what this is all about. Keeping that perspectives on the things we are doing to make a positive impact on our lives. Keep it up!!
    4226 days ago

    Forget the time and just bask in the glow of the finish. Now make notes about everything that went wrong and figure out how to keep that from happening next time.

    It sounds like you and hubby don't run a lot together. Before the next time I would suggest either a couple training sessions together or you just sit down and explain how you trained and what you need from him in terms of encouragement. Men like to "solve problems" and see problems even when there aren't any. My hubby is like this too and after snapping a few times I usually remember it and flat out tell him what I need to hear to motivate me. It works.

    The night before you should also discuss what the expectations are with the kids. Will he be getting them ready or will you? Just to make it easier to schedule your morning so you're not starting out stressed.

    How are the shin splints doing? All gone now?
    4226 days ago
    I would have been disappointed if it had run smoothly! I know people who would have said it ran smoothly even if they had the exact same experience as you had. Thank you for your HONESTY - and I agree with Giginae - you turned it around into something positive, put it in perspective as you have a gift for understanding what life really is about.

    I always had a personal motto when it came to doing something I really wanted to do and that is:

    I'm not really doing what I love to do if I don't happen to hate what I love to do every once in awhile too.


    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4226 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/29/2009 11:27:17 AM
    Good for you! Even though it wasn't the day you had imagined - it was the day that you finished your first 5K! And that is huge! Be proud and thankful for how far you have come and praise God for your new found ability! I can't wait to hear about your second one!
    4226 days ago
    Congrats . . . .

    Someone told me to think of everything like driving the car the first time and the last time. The first time, we were wrecks, nervous and checking everything. The last time, we hopped in and took off.

    The next time will be better and the time after that will be better yet.

    emoticon once again

    4226 days ago
    I know your day was chaotic...but I am SO proud of you! And you know what? Those pics are wonderful! They really show the true spirit of the walk/run, even if it was poorly organized and your personal experience wasn't all that you had hoped it would be. You're doing your thing, even if you're irritated while doing it, and you have friends and family around you supporting you. All in all, a good day that you will always remember and be able to look back on and say, 'That was the first run I ever did...and no regrets!' By next year's race, I be you'll have a couple more under your belt and it will be a breeze. You're very inspirational and I'm so glad you shared it all with us.
    emoticon and emoticon , Jandell
    4226 days ago
  • CCW2005
    Men can be soooooo irritating...well except for me. Cuz, my wife tells me that I act like I know everything and that I am always right.

    Anyway, Sarah. Look at it this way, 48:00 finish time is the time you will have to beat in your NEXT 5k. DONE!!

    This was your first one dude. You can train and train and train, but nuttin takes the place of actually being there and doing it. What did you learn?
    Shoes - Wear ones that are broke in.
    Arrival time - Drive yourself and leave the hubby at home
    Course map - Check into that before race
    Water - Get a small Camelbak that holds 50oz of water then you dont have to stop
    Stretch - Begin that the minute you wake up on race day.
    Lil chips in your shoes - Usually those are provided during bigger events

    Doing your first 5k and having the opportunity to biotch about it after....Priceless!

    I'm proud of you cuz this time last year I bet u thought 5k stood for $5,000

    4226 days ago
    I love your honesty about how you really felt, and then your positive thoughts about the 5k. Every 5k is different... some are just better planned than others (the one in my hometown is run by a church, and if you never did it before, well, you could get pretty confused). Better sponsors usually mean better set up... that being said, HEY, you did it! You learned from it! LOL BUT most importantly YOU DID IT!!
    4226 days ago
    CONGRATS on your first 5k!!!! No matter what ended up happening...you did it! I have to agree with the hubby on the time deal...it sounds like you were on track despite the lost moment. I'm sorry the race was so chaotic..that would have frustrated me too! And im one those people who keeps that frustration with me for awhile. I think its silly there were no volunteers or signs...that's crazy! But like you said, you now know what to expect, so the next one should go quite smoothly. The pics are awesome! I just wanted to send Congrats your way today :) emoticon
    4226 days ago
    Great pics and I love the 5 things - helped you put it all in perspective. That's just awesome!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!
    4226 days ago
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