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I Need to Break This Cycle!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

OK "fession" time...here I am with working knowledge for right combination of food and exercise that is best for me. Maintenance has been ongoing for the past 6 months.....HOWEVER...Life decided to throw me a few curve balls to see how well I was at the bat! LOL

It all started back in May when our dog BJ ripped his cruciate ligament and we had it surgically repaired. Ok...cast on, intense rest with slow therapy and daily trips to Vet (totaling 2 hrs including drive time) for therapy wedged in with other dogs, work, meals (HA), then hubby....3 mile walks no longer...any form of exercise starting to go by the wayside, the first to be let go in an already too hectic schedule. As work stepped up more and more; travel became more and more, then puter time to get done what was being missed while on the road became increasingly more demanding.

Uh OH...Enter fast food or whatever could be found. Double UH OH... Enter sugar for that quick burst of energy. WHAM! Exit exercise. Enter Lethargy...oh I know this I know what is happening...I want my exercise back!!

Moments of intelligence and desire or should I say time increments allowed or perhaps forced...and I slowly began getting Maggie and Tippy out for our early AM walk muttering to heck with work until I get some amount of exercise for both me and the dogs!!

Enter... BJ started having nosebleeds. Intermittent at first then daily and we are talking some have been really heavy. Our house at one time had the appearance as if an axe murder took place. Nope...wait we are not through yet!! Then...enter....kennel cough. BJ contracted kennel cough from his last therapy visit at one of the Vets. Thank goodness it began to manifest on the eve of the day I took him to vet for the nosebleeds and I had an antibiotic. Ooops....Back to Vets for "cough" tabs...

Enter S-T-R-E-S-S even more than before. Work, pills, Vet trips, Vet bills, Work, road trips, meetings, road trips...oh yeah vet trips and vet bills....hubby? Who is that? Exercise?? Did someone mention exercise? What is that??

Exit... minuscule amount of exercise that WAS being done...Maggie now has kennel cough. Tippy thank you Lord was vaccinated. vet trip, vet bills, work...wait a minute did I not just do this?? Hey...am I getting exercise jumping in the car rushing to the Vet, rushing home then flying back upstairs to office to work again? Can I count that? Huh, can I?? LOL

Ahhhh...Tippy. You now have diarrhea and are spitting up?? Enter....getting up on the hour ever hour during the night. Enter Rice and chicken broth. IT WORKED! Eased back into kibble...oops! Every hour on the hour up all night...meanwhile BJ & Maggie are sounding like whooping cranes! OMG~LOL! Tippy back on rice and broth...I at this point do not care how stopped up you are let me sleep! Ooops!

Mentally I have been trying to get back into my healthier eating of veggies and fruits. I now have so much sugar and processed food in me the sugar withdrawal will be sheer will power...so been there done that. Grocery shopping today...all healthy fruits, veggies and whole grains. Sweet potatos vs white, fast food fixes when no time = Healthy choice veggie lunches as well as Amy's organics...see I told you I know how to do this! It's just a matter of DOING it!

Intense heat & humidity this summer have been contributing to my I don't wanna do this too...I will confess. That and lack of water surprisingly my weight the last I checked 2-3 days ago I am up approx 7#'s which is 2# over my goal...I am surprised it is not more BUT I am stopping this right now while I can before it gets completely out of control!! Exercise in the heat and humidity is my biggest obstacle right now and I must start setting my clock to get up and out by 5:30 for my 3 mile walk...I have not done that since the heat hit us back over a month ago!! As for exercising inside? Well, with a retired hubby under foot and me not too big on doing my DVDs...I need to get back to my Yoga...my wonderful calming much needed and much missed yoga...and my walks!!

OK, I have vented, I have mused, I have outlined what needs to get done, I have set up a game plan, the right foods are in the fridge and pantry. Mentally I have made myself aware of what needs to be done and to quit having a pity party! BTW, did anyone remember the cheese to go with my whine? I so hate feeling sorry for myself and blogging has really helped me get my focus back!

Think I'll nibble on a little determination with that cheese! LOL
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  • no profile photo CD534346
    ROFLOL...and trust me dear friend, I am laughing WITH you not at ya as this is all too familiar here in my life as well...( minus the doggettes) Did I miss any mention of your juice and supplements in there.....they do help with the energy levels remember! Hop we both get back to doing what we KNOW works.......SOON...after all holidays will be here before ya know it!!!

    4114 days ago
    I am so there with you girl. Run, run, run. Opps doggie probs. Okay feeling better, uh not yet no meetings in the recent past and must figure upcoming present. And so on, and so on, etc.

    LOL I give you the gold star for having a positve grip on not having a grip.

    4125 days ago
    emoticon Here you go Ellen....just what you wanted! ROFLMAO

    I do understand and can sympathize but you DO need to get back into exercising and doing your yoga. I know that will make you more focused and energized for work and your dogettes. Not to mention hubby.......
    4127 days ago
    Love your writing!!! Keep up the good work!!!
    4127 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1935667
    Hi Ellen!! emoticon emoticon

    It is so positive that you still come here (when you can), that you realize that you need to change some things, that you have blogged to sort things out in your head (and release some tension),that you have taken control of those things you can control, and, that you have throughout this kept your sanity (relatively speaking - lol!!). emoticon !

    Focus on those things that you have been able to do, Ellen!! You are putting full effort into keeping your business going, putting in bids, developing contacts,driving about with purpose. You have given full loving care to your precious companions, your dear puppies.You have nursed them through rough times and rendered them tender and watchful care.You have been there for hubby too as much as you can. I also happen to know that you have given a helping hand to many of your closest friends these past few weeks. emoticon

    Being exhausted,feeling like you are running on a treadmill going nowhere fast - well, there are solid reasons behind those feelings. We are not as young as we used to be! {grin}.The desire that you now have to balance your life is to be commended.It is time to take a bit more care of Ellen, isn't it? emoticon

    As you know , I have been drowning in processed carbs for a couple of months.They are so addictive and completely unbalance the system. (But they taste so good emoticon ,or at least many of them do - lol).You will work out a way to wean you off them. If you want to talk about it though - Spark mail me or something, ok?One thing I have found helpful is smoothies. They are a bit sweet to satisfy the taste buds,very nutritious,and quite filling. I like to sip them, a bit at a time. emoticon

    As I have been saying for weeks Ellen (LOL!) - get some of your yoga in. Glad to see you mention it here! emoticon You are so enriched by it. Its not all or nothing Ellen. Even if you can get it in 2-3 times a week you will notice a difference. emoticon

    Have you had any time to tend your garden , observe your birds and enjoy the wonderful experiences on your doorstep? emoticon . Your connection to nature is as strong as mine.Even 10 or 15 minutes of full bliss will recharge your batteries and strengthen your soul. emoticon

    I am so glad that you took the time to write, Ellen. You have so many friends here, and, we are all pulling for you.Hold fast to your deep faith and know that with Him at your side, you can conquer all!! emoticon

    emoticon With Love,
    emoticon F2F,
    emoticon Dianne
    4127 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5078271
    WOW....i couldn't help but chuckle while reading this blog! My human kids are grown so I don't reallly have to deal too much with their traumas/dramas, However, my doggies....well they are a different story! I so related to all the little dramas that your dogs bring to your life and I can also relate to the love you have for them in spite of those dramas. Keep doing a great job...for them and YOU!
    4127 days ago
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