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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get terribly horrifically violently sick.

So on wednesday my mom told me she had plans to ride her motorcycle this weekend, and even though I didn;t think I cared (I have seen her ride it since my brothers accident) I ended up sort of obsessing about it which resulted in a BIG FAT FANCY PANIC ATTACK on Thursday. This is the first one ive had in almost 2 years (well full blown one) So I called my mom and one of the docs at her practice called me in the lowest does of Paxil. (I HATE Meds and don;t think I need it but I take it because my mom is worried).I take it Friday around noon and throw up 15 mins later. This shoudl have been my first clue...

Friday night after awaking form my panic attack coma I drive to my parents house so my mom can examine me and make sure I am ok. I take my paxil for the night and go to sleep. Wake up Saturday morning feeling worse than I have in any past I can remember. Nauseuas, pounding headache, shaky, freezing, sweating, lightheaded and barly coherent. I sleep most of the day. Saturday night I accompany my mom to the grocery store because I hadn;t eaten in almost 48hours. I proceed to pass out in the parking lot of the grocery store causing a sceene and ending with me having apple juice and a fast food cheeseburger stuffed in me to raise my blood sugar. My mom consults both the doc who percribed the paxil as well as my cousin who is a General Practitioner they advise her I am creating the sickness in my head based on anxiety. I SWEAR to my mom its not in my head im not even feeling anxious at this point but she calls me in a Rx for phenergan (Nausea meds for cancer paitents) and I go home and sleep for 17 hours, then sunday about 15 more, then monday my mom has had enough.

I attempt a trip to the hospital to have some bloodwork done but return to my house and have to be driven because im too sick. The bloodwork comes back fairly normal, Im anemic, dehydrated, and have a low glucose blood level but these are fairly normal for me. SO.... I decided enough is enough take my own butt to the ER tellign my mom and all the docs in her office to kiss my butt on the way. AND

dum dum dum

All along it was the Paxil that was making me sick, I stopped taking it, feel fine 2 days later, am eating again AND don't feel anxious. I made an appointment with my CBT just to be sure and becaus eI do take my GAD seriously but other than that I HATE Doctors.

**As a side note I am NOT opposed to Paxil or any other antidepresant or anti anxiety meds, However I am opposed to being prescribed them just because Im anxious. I see no reaosn for me to be on an SRRI when I only have full blown attacks every 2 years, If or when it ever became more frequent I would OBVIOUSLY consider doctors recomendation. I just hate how easily they are prescribed when I don;t need them** I fully accept I have GAD but I think after losing both a father and brother to horrific accidents within a couple of years of eachother I have a right to be anxious about death or abandonment just a little.**


For those I have missed I am trying to catch up
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    Bless your heart. I certainly can be sympathetic. I too suffer from GAD and I have issues with my sugar levels as well. I also refuse SSRI's Mine were due to mainly envrionmental influences. My dad has it too and we both handle ours in the best way we can and it's enough. Sometimes life is too tough to handle in a sane way. I choose music as my escape. You are doing very well. I look forward to reading about more of your success! emoticon
    4117 days ago
    I am so sorry you went through such a rough time-- I want to reduce my weight but not that way for sure.. hope you ae back to normal soon emoticon
    4117 days ago
    Big hugs to you.Hope this week is a good one for you.Hang in there friend emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4118 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/16/2009 3:36:28 PM
    Wow what an ordeal Ashley and a learning experience! I am glad you got to the bottom of the problem and that you are back to your old self again.
    Take care and hang in there! emoticon
    4118 days ago
  • DEANAC20
    So sorry to hear of the rough time you had. Fingers crossed that the anxiety stays away and that you are feeling tip top again!!

    4118 days ago
    How scary for you and scarier yet that the doctor wasn't even willing to do a full evaluation without just prescribing more meds. I am so glad you are feeling better. What an awful experience!

    Thanks for stopping by my page to let me know how you're doing.
    4118 days ago
  • BIXIE23
    Good for you for getting another opinion when you knew things weren't right! I'm sure it's tough going against your mom's opinion. If you're feeling up to it, don't forget about the Spark Rally at Baldwin Park this Saturday morning--we'd love to see you there. Otherwise, feel better and have a great rest of the week :)
    4118 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1280599
    Sorry you have a time of it. Hope you are better now!

    good Luck on your journey.
    4118 days ago
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