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What an Awesome Feeling ! ! !

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Compliments are nice, especially when it comes from unexpected places. I work in a warehouse as a supervisor and periodically have to sign for shipments. Well a driver came in who is usually very chatty with me but I haven't seen him for about 4 months. But today he walked past my office and didn't say 2 words. Then he came in and did an about face. He said he thought someone new was working in my office that is why he didn't come in right away. I thought he was playing with me but he was serious. He totally didn't recognize me since I lost 111 lbs. He said that I was looking really good and he was proud of me. I was finally taking care of myself and I looked much happier.

That really made my day. I was very busy and it was a little stressful. And for a couple of hours after he left I had the biggest smile on my face. Everyone was wondering why I was smiling. I told them and they were like look out he will be asking you out soon. I said funny, but I was already in love with Dwayne and we are very happy. I said the driver was just being nice.

Ok, this was corny, it sounded way better in my mind. But didn't come out so well typing it. Anyway thanks for reading about my "OH YEAH" moment.

Take Care and God Bless ! ! !

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