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Should I Become a Personal Trainer?????

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I've been bouncing this idea around for awhile now, so I thought I would put it down on "paper". I'm currently very unhappy with my work. I own my own business producing bridal shows, but it is just not me. I've been really struggling with finding what is right for me. I love owning my own business and being my own boss ... the greatest thing ever!!! But doing the bridal show stuff has really put me in a place I don't want to be ... emotionally. I can't own my own business if I have absolutely no passion for it. It has broken my spirit for living life to the fullest and that is NOT a good thing. It has become such a burden and I'm getting really tired.

Going through the process of losing weight and getting fit was a great experience in learning who I was ... somewhat anyway. I've come to really love fitness, I always did, but getting off the couch was the hard part. Sometimes I do like to get back on the couch, but I think this time I'm putting the couch in the dumpster. I feel I have a lot to offer someone who wants to get into shape. I know where they are and where they need to go and how it feels and how hard it is. The ups and downs and the frustration.

I would really like to get into teaching group fitness. I love aerobics and boot camps. I instructed a boot camp in my neighborhood over the summer. I had a great time designing the program and they really loved it and are waiting for me to do another one. It was free of course because they are my friends. And doing things in a group is so much more motivating and keeps you on your game. That is why I love SparkPeople!!! I've come to believe that support and accountability is the ultimate key to success.

I guess I'm scared to take the leap. I'm worried about failing ... but this is my own insecurity that I'm working on. And if I want to help others succeed I have to have the confidence to know that I can get them to where they want to be through encouragement and a healthy lifestyle. Wondering if I could make any money to survive worries me in today's economy. But, it would take me about 6 months to just complete the training ... so maybe things would be better than ... at least we can hope.

I would like to be the trainer who is about "being real". Living in the real world with a real body that isn't perfect but makes you happy at whatever size. Being healthy so that you can enjoy a long and wonderful life. I don't look like a fitness model and never will ... I have one of the "real" bodies with the cellulite and spider veins and white as a ghost ... tanning beds are bad bad bad. But I'm strong and could beat the crap out of someone ... being strong and feeling strong is one of the best feelings!

I don't know. I just need to keep thinking about it. What is the worst that can happen. I can lose some money ... so what. I'm not going to die ... like Jillian would say ... YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE.

This has helped a lot. I don't ever blog or journal about things, but it actually helps organize your thoughts.

Thanks to anyone who reads this and any advice would be great. I know no one really knows me and can't advise me whether I would make a good trainer or not, but that's okay. Writing this has really helped me.
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    Hey, HEALTHYARTIST! Yes, add me as a friend. I added you as a friend, too! I'm going through NASM. Just thought they had a really good professional program. I take my test in about a month. Congrats on going for it too. I'd love to follow you on your journey. Going it alone isn't very fun!
    3843 days ago
    I found you as you answered my question has your weight loss lead you to want to be a personal trainer. I'm only two months into my journey with spark but I feel so, so healthy I also want to be a personal trainer. I will not be at my goal weight until Dec so I thought about taking the courses now and be ready to go when my body is fit and able to take on new challenges! I was thinking of ISSA, where have you gone for your cert? I am going to add you as a friend if that is okay, that way you may read my spark page and my journey as I proceed behind you, but proceed I Will!

    Glad you found the right direction in which to go. Emily
    3844 days ago
    As you said I don't know you but you have passion and that is what you need to be a great or even a good trainer. Every time I get a trainer it's all about what they want for me not what i want. I believe someone that's been there will make a great trainer. Go for it and move to San Antonio and come train me. Good luck!! emoticon
    3870 days ago
    I say--"GO FOR IT"!
    What do you have to lose?

    3870 days ago
    You know, I think it would be a FABULOUS thing for you to become a personal trainer. I think you would be quite effective, especially for people that have weight to lose and might be new to working out (or at a gym).
    3901 days ago
  • SHER2BE8
    just adding you back onto my updates
    3917 days ago
  • SHER2BE8
    I just got this video and thought of you, it's by will smith, there are other motivating video's by him you can link to after watching this one.


    Hope I got the right link.

    3945 days ago
  • SHER2BE8
    This is how I see it, the other job is robbing you of your soul a bit every day, if this continues there won't be much of you left or you will get sick from doing something that is not in line with your higher self.

    Secondly, if it's something you feel passionately about, YOU CANNOT FAIL. Just from all that you have said threw time and on this blog, I believe you have allot to offer and the best motivator to others is the feeling that you understand, that you have been there, threw your own trials and success others will flock to your work outs to be like you health wise because of your story you give them hope that they too can do it, and by your passion to want to help people in this way, what could make for a better work out teacher/instructor.

    I say go for it! when I am in fear about making such a decision I have a quote that I say to myself which is "Make a decision, step forward, no regrets" and than go do it, that quote seems to empower me some how. And really the worse that could happen is, it's not what you thought it would be and you want to move on and try something else, in the mean time you learned something and are a better person for it. Life is after all about learning and growing, and we can't do that without trying new things and pushing ourselves sometimes.

    I would certainly go to your workouts emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Have a fantastic sparks day.

    emoticon sherry emoticon
    3945 days ago
    You are a great motivator and I think your personal story would inspire so many people. I have no doubt that you would be a great personal trainer/fitness instructor.

    You could start by taking the training and getting certified. See where the economy is when you finish. Worst case scenario, you decide it is not a good time and you put it on the back burner for a while. Image all you will have learned in the process. The best case scenario, you become your own boss but this time, doing something that you LOVE.

    You will figure out what is best for you.

    3947 days ago
    Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm actually feeling a little better about it and kind of feel relieved to have got it out. I greatly appreciate the encouragement!! We shall see where it takes me!

    3947 days ago
    I'm proud that you got your feelings out. Like you said...you've been there and can do it. You sound like the trainer I would hire. And, you already know how to own a business. I think you'll do just fine.
    Best wishes emoticon emoticon
    3947 days ago
    First off, congratulations on your amazing success so far. You look fantastic! It's interesting how I've been glancing at pages lately that have motivated me so much, just like yours!

    Like the previous post, I'd say approach it like you did your weightloss journey, you had a goal, you got the tools and you did it. If you're passionate about it and your heart is in it, you can't fail! Even if at the end you decide you don't want to establish an entire business, but contract out, that's still doing something that brings you joy! Good luck!

    P.S. Just from experience, people can relate so much more to someone who has fought the fight and won the battle than someone who watched from the sidelines!
    3947 days ago
    If you make the leap, the net will appear.
    You can never fail if you follow your passions! And think of all the cool stuff you'll learn and all the interesting people you'll be exposed to in your new adventure. To be the best trainer, you should learn as much as you can. Get certified from ISSA, study nutrition with Dr. John Berardi, and explore everything that interests you in the fitness field. You don't have to do it tomorrow, which can make it considerably less scary. Do it one step at a time and you'll know when to make your move.
    I speak from experience. My husband and I own a gym, and I am a Homeopath. I use my knowledge of alternative healthcare to help our members make better choices and heal their bodies. I say go for it!!
    3947 days ago
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