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Photo Shoot Recap

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So many of you know that I had my photo shoot yesterday and I LOVED it, it was amazing and awesome. Matt is an amazing photographer, very knowledgeable, and very professional. I cannot wait to see the pics and share them all with you. I saw some on the camera but it is not the same!

Matt took over 450 total pics, I will get a CD with most of those but then he will also take his top 6-12 for his portfolio, these will be edited and finished so I will get those too. I am excited for both the natural untouched ones and of course the ones that make me look even better ;) (For those of you who didn't read my other blog, Matt is just getting started on this type of work and building his portfolio, he asked to do photos of me, I get them for free and in exchange he can use them in his portfolio and on his website).

The photo shoot took place on South Beach at a park/ and the beach. We took photos for at least 4 hours!! I did 3 different outfits with about two different locations for each look. I did a black dress/ bathing suit/ workout outfit.

Surprisingly I think the bathing suit was my favorite even though I was the most nervous for it! I just hope they look good but I felt awesome having reached 110lbs and my stomach was super flat that day. I thought it would be so nervewracking to be in front of a camera posing in public in a bikini but it wasn't! It felt so natural and fun, I was loving the posing. guess I am a natural drama queen, but my mom would tell you that :) I took some kneeling in the sand that I can't wait to see.

It was actually very tiring to be out there all day. It was a long day and it was hot and three different looks is a lot! I hadn't eaten/ drank much either (bad I know) but I didn't want a bloated belly!! It is easier than a ten mile run BUT it is not just standing there. You have to shift after almost every photo to give a different angle/shot all while thinking about your posture/ hand position/ hair/ expression/ etc etc etc. It is hard work looking good!! lol

Overall, I had so so so so so much fun and would do it again for sure, although it is much harder work than you expect! Matt seemed genuinely happy with how I did for not being a professional model (which he also works with on some jobs) and said he got a lot of great shots. I am just thrilled that it worked out for both of us :) Matt actually said he would be interested in shooting photos of me again so if it works out hopefully I will get some other looks too, maybe something more glamorous, although I was really loving the kinda of sexy casual things I had going on, especially with the beautiful beach background.
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