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Where the heck have you been?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I've been totally MIA, so I thought I needed to explain myself. I took 2+ weeks over the holiday. I went up to Dallas & spent time with the family. It was a great Christmas & New Year (I got a nano & a bodybugg from the hubby). My plan was to live like my dog (long story see previous post if your really dying to know), and I did except for the healthy eating part. There were nothing but chalk lines around fruit vegetables. Meat, potatoes, bread, and sweets tried to blend into the crowd that had gathered to see the aftermath! I also accidently left my my blood pressure meds at home (stupid).

Before the holiday my last official pre holiday weigh in was 237.4. I got home Saturday afternoon and immediately went to pay pennance to the scale. I know you shouldn't weigh at night, but I couldn't resist. It read 255.8!

That's not a typo! That's 18.4 pounds higher!!!!!!!

I really wanted to cry but decided I didn't deserve any tears because I knew exactly what I was doing when I did it. I made the choice and now I had to pay the piper (that piper is a greedy man).

I also knew that I was retaining some serious fluid (I had the ankles to prove it). I took my BP meds and weighed in at 250.8 the next day. Which is still up 13.4 lbs. I shamefully updated my spark ticker w/ my new weight.

I still ate pretty crappy on sunday, but at least I tracked my food. Yesterday I got back into calorie range and hit the gym (I also worked out over the holidays, but clearly not enough).

I weigh every morning as part of my deficit tracking (but official wiegh-ins aren't until sunday). I guess most of the pounds were water cause I'm down to 242 this AM (4.6 over my last official #). 4.6 is totally not okay but way better than 18.

I'm sure I'll spend the next 2 wks getting back to where I was. I know I have to find a way to vacation sensibly. If the junk food is there I can't seem to stop myself from eating it. Moderation doesn't work either. It's like once I get the sugar going the flood gates open & I get swept away. My mom made the best cream cheese pound cake I've ever had. She made it in bundt pan and the bottom got golden and crunchy while the cake was oh so yummy & buttery. I think I ate over half of it over 3 days. I couldn't just have a piece noooo, had to eat it until it was gone.

I clearly don't have this food thing under control yet. I'm going to keep trying though. I may have to become a hermit... divorce my friends/family... order my groceries online (so I never even have to walk past the bakery section). I'm just kidding...mostly! :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am happy that you are back as the rest of the Spark family.
    As far as your personal family is concerned I think you should kick them to the curb until they decide that they are willing to eat healthier foods.
    There is just one family member that you can keep. I let you choose that one. What you need to do next time you visit your family, you should bring yours and hubby's recipes with you and maybe some of your family members will be willing to cook those for you and him (and hopefully themselves)

    Just kidding about dropping your family.
    I don't want to be the one to get dropped.
    love ya emoticon
    3982 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1508102
    Welcome back. Glad to see you continuing the journey to fitness and better health. Happy New Year!
    3982 days ago
    I gained about 6 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas :(
    I just began a blog 5 days ago and began tracking for the first time in 5 months or so, and it was only for a few days then! I know you can do it!
    3982 days ago
    I have had a rough time over the holidays too. I like how you described that once you get a little sugar going it's like opening up the flood gates. That is so me!!!I have to avoid it altogether because once I take a little nibble I will eat myself sick. Welcome back!
    3982 days ago
    ok... i know i shouldn't... but that pound cake sounds like a recipe I need!! HAHAHA!!

    ok ok ok I'll get myself under control and talk about healthy things. sigh. I'm confident that a lot of it was water weight. If your family is anything like mine, they use a WHOLE LOT more sodium in their foods than I do, and I retained a lot of water. Gulping it down now to flush it out!!

    I'm proud of you for getting back with the program right away and not letting this vacation evolve into months of complacency!! YOU GO GIRL!!!
    3982 days ago
    I get hooked on the crap food and crave it after I eat junk food for the first time in ages. So I detox. Maybe 4 days of eliminating all sugars, white refined foods from my blood stream and liver. I drink lots of water and basically drink my meals and eat small salads. Would a mini detox help you to stop craving the foods you ate during the holidays? To help eliminate your sugar cravings eliminate carbohydrates. Eat protein, vegetables and occasional fruit. I don't eliminate fruit 100% but keep fruit especially berries for occasional sugar cravings. In loving kindness, Linda the gardener emoticon

    3983 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/5/2010 10:42:38 AM
    Welcome back! Sounds like we had a similar vacation. (Haha!)

    Your post reminds me of something I've read on Gretchen Rubin's "Happiness Project" blog about being an "abstainer" or a "moderator." She's got tips on her blog to help you deal better with being one of each.

    I've fought with this concept for a long time because I HATE the idea of giving things up. The thought of never getting to have whatever it is always makes me rebel. Yet after reading her blogs and really looking hard at myself, I think I really DO fare better as an abstainer. Ouch.

    It sounds like you're in the same boat. She suggests abstaining for specific amounts of time, like, "I won't eat cookies for all of January," or what have you. So on vacations you could always pick a particular vice to abstain from and allow yourself one thing, or something like that.

    As much as I utterly despise it, I do find I feel better when the illusion of choice is taken from me, and I have decided abstain from something altogether. I just have to remember that difficult truth.

    I'm glad most of the weight gain ended up just being water and perhaps a little bit of wonky metabolism perhaps. It sounds like it was an eye-opening vacation for you. Glad to have you back!
    3983 days ago
  • JENNIFER0807
    Glad you're back. We all learn from our mistakes...sometimes the hard way. But you did the right thing by being accountable and logging in your new weight and continuing your weight loss. So for that you get a big... emoticon
    3983 days ago
    Well, welcome back!! I am right with you!! I gained like 10 pounds, SOME (but definitely NOT all) of which was sodium related/water retention I think! So I have been playing "catch up" now. I'm still not back to where I was, but close. I don't think it will ever be easy, but we just have to get back with it now. You've already done it, so you can do it again! I think many of us "indulged" over the holidays. Just don't beat yourself up, it won't help!! After all, it isn't everyday you get to have your mom's golden, yummy, buttery cream cheese pound cake! emoticon Cindy
    3983 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2176107
    Without our bad days we cant recognize the good ones emoticon Atleast u know where u need to improve - keep Sparking!!! emoticon
    3983 days ago
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