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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

in one year I have attended funerals for 2 children. It's devastation at it's worst. I watched a young family fall apart, the lost of a child less then 1 year old. No baby should ever be in a casket, not sibling should ask their parents what their baby sibling is so cold. 6 mths later I am at a another funeral (today), a young man..a big kid killed in a accident on a icy road, not wearing a seat belt , driving to fast. There were SO many friends at this funeral...so many you would have thought they were gathering for a wedding not a funeral. Mary looked at me and said.........."Parent's DON'T BURY THEIR CHILDREN"........

So much devastation, which leads me to so many thoughts................

Should I ever stand in the mirror and ridicule my "working" body. I have a great marriage, wonderful kids, HEALTHY KIDS , a beautiful home, food in my fridge. Is cellulite THAT bad? Is perfection that needed?

And playing the opposite side..shouldn't I take this weight off for ME..MY HEALTH? MY SPINE...even if your reading this right now and you don't have any "KNOWN" medical problems (Or ones you may not even know you have), I can almost assure you that being overweight WILL Exaggerate underlying medical conditions, it will welcome new ones. So wouldn't you rather avoid that now instead of waiting TILL it happens and then not only have medical problems to deal with BUT having to lose weights AS WELL. Shouldn't WE have ENOUGH respect for OUR BODY, for living everyday, OUR health and to live a long healthy life to play with OUR kids, GRANDKIDS and be with our friends and family. So many of us put it off, we wait, we will do it next week, next month, after the holidays. Before long our knees hurt, our feet hurt, we need orthodics, our back hurts, yada yada and the dr. says..You need to lose weight. Yea yea, we know that right?? But do we? NO. We weight SO LONG to drop that weight that before long years have went buy and we look in the mirror and go.............SWEET MOTHER OF MARY..WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MIRROR"...

If not for ourselves,,,don't we owe those that love us more time with us?

I am so lucky to be alive to have my family, my boys that I should honor that with taking care of myself...right?

Today after the funeral, we did the "gathering at a hall", you know with food. I did GREAT..I had 1 diet pop, I had LOTS Of fresh vegies, 1 slice of roast beef, 1 TBL of potato salad and 1 TBL of green beans (with bacon pieces). I was good with that, I didn't gorge, eat white bread, get desert. I'm unable to truly get a work out with guests here at our home right now so I have to be extra careful about my intake.

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    I personally have buried one son and I will say that it was the hardest and most devastating thing I had to do. He was my first so there was no explaining to siblings, but as my son is getting older he asks lots of questions. When we were decorating the Christmas tree (his brother has an ornament that I was putting on it) he asked me why his brother was in heaven. I told him I didn't really know. He thought about it for a minute and said, "I guess Jesus loved him so much he wanted him with Him" I had to leave the room to compose myself. It makes me sad to see my son playing by himself when I know his brother should be with him. Its still hard sometimes, his birthday, holiday, etc. but we get through it.

    (Even though I am terrible for it too), I don't think you should ridicule your body. Losing wt is not about perfection, it is about your health (or it should be). You need to be healthy so that you can be there for your kids. And I hate to break it to you, but the cellulite that we have will still be there even after the wt is gone, LOL. emoticon
    4077 days ago
    I know...I have been lucky lately, but there was a time where we buried three of my friends in a very short time when I wa in highschool! Recently I have been to two funerals of moms of friends who were just diagnosed with Cancer and in a very short time they were gone! This makes me thankful that although my mom is still working through the process with her Cancer battle that she will pull through!
    Have a great day and enjoy your "working body!"

    4077 days ago
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