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My Driver's License say.....

Thursday, January 07, 2010

142 lbs. That's what my drivers license says! hahhahahha...now that is funny, (I weigh 218 now..that is 76 lbs difference..no officer, I swear that's me :) )that is what I weighed AFTER my son was born (1997)...geesh...I remember then how my pants wouldn't fit, I remember that is when I said "F%*$# IT"...well not out loud but looking back that is what I started "blaming the weight on" my pregnancy. I had gained 70 some lbs (not under some, over some), he was almost 10 lbs. I never lost it. Then went on to have 2 more kids. The 2nd gained normal healthy weight, the 3rd lost weight due to health issues (mine).

You know, do you watch the Biggest Loser? Well if you don't, they took the First Show of this season and the Weigh In for the contestants was IN their HOME TOWN in PUBLIC in front of friends and family. Not only did they have to stand on the scale, but were sporting shorts and; for men, no shirt, girls a sports bra.

Now ..I realize it's humiliating but I have a few comments here.

WEIGHT IN NUMBERS...I will use "ME" for example. I am a size 16, I weigh 218. NOW....do you REALLY THINK that others in MY Life would be surprised?? DO you THINK that I would hop on a scale and it say "142"..HECK NO...so don't you find it funny that we are HIDING OUR NUMBERS from family and friends (that see us all the time? Or coworkers, strangers?) I mean HELLOOOOOO

Do you not think when you slip on your clothes (if your overweight) that people at Walmart, grocery store, shopping mall, swimming pool, gym, yada yada can SEE YOUR OVERWEIGHT??? I mean...don't you find it funny that we always hide our WEIGHT in numbers from ourselves? That we hide our body from OURSELVES?

The only thing we hide from ourselves is the truth, denial got us overweight, not being honest to ourselves. So although my heart goes out to them folks on biggest loser for having to endure that...you and I..we do it everyday, the clothes don't hide the fat, it just makes it colorful.

Oprah once said something that stuck with me....."Everyone should look at themselves naked in a full length mirror; if you can't look at yourself don't expect others to look at your either"

NOW...with that being said...IF you watched the biggest loser, I thought the 26 mile marathon BIKE RIDE (stationary) was ridiculous, cruel and dangerous for those people morbidly obese, people that never exercise. Shame on Biggest Loser. SHAME ON THEM.
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    you know, and when you drop weight at that rate of speed, your skin does NOT have time to catch up to that and your left with a lot of sagging skin...:(
    4076 days ago
    I agree, I think 26.2 miles on a stationary bike for those who are 300, 400, 500 lbs is ridiculous! I know that they had MDs there, but something really bad could have happened. Their bodies are not used to that kind of stress. As for losing 20 or 30 lbs in one week, I think that is unhealthy and unnatural! Shame on Jillian and Bob, they should know that losing that much wt so fast is bad!
    4076 days ago
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