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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Friday...umm..Yesterday I put on my winter gear and hit the trail. 3 hour...6 mile terrain (sorta) hike. It was 8" of POWDER SNOW..beautiful. You can tell others had been on the trail as ..thank goodness that lead the way! The actual trail was about 6"

I couldn't believe how beautiful it was..how quiet..how serene. I couldn't believe I never got "cold"..I was certainly dressed for it.

I knew I would pay for this with my back...but you can't lie down and just say "I'm done..." I won't do that. I will continue to do the things I love until I physically cannot do them.

Above is what you get to 1/4 at the start of your hike..it's a Pine Forest. When you come up to it, it's like all a sudden..IT'S THERE!.. And it takes your breath away, how tall the trees are, how they sway..it's like a magical forest you would imagine when your a kid.
My heel started hurting less then 1/2 way (Plantar Faciatis, NOT unusual, like a hell spur)

This above is another beauty. I think a lot when I walk. I try to get a handle on my life, how I got myself 50+ lbs overweight..why didn't I stop when clothes got tight...I think about how I can hide MYSELF from looking at me, but the fact is..EVERYONE sees me more then I SEE ME...and you think about that when you see a picture of yourself someone took at a party or such and it's like...YIKES..AM I REALLY THAT FAT? Well..yes you are. So what do you do instead of working to get it off..you avoid the camera. I have become a PRO at camera angles. But now on facebook and such..Ughh..friends post pictures and I realize...it's out of my hands now and it brings me to tears. NOW..I will say I have asked to have them remove them and they do. But really? I'm still that girl in the picture.

Above is the yellow spring..it never freezes, it has a very high iron count and the rock is a vibrant golden/orange. There was steam around it.
I don't know how I got this way. I'm 36 and I feel well..not 36. By 3/4 of the way on the trail I was hurting in my foot / ankle (bad sprain/arthritic). I didn't care...I thought to myself..I'm gonna pay for this tomorrow so I am going to take it all in now and roll with the punches tomorrow.

Well, I did. Today is bad. I have no right to truly complain. I mean I do and I should, afterall it's my blog. But getting down 146 steps into the Glenn (hiking spot) is not for the weak or timid. It's not for people with bad knees and I (KNOCK ON WOOD) have good knees. I am grateful for very strong legs, good knees and my love for hiking and not being afraid to hike alone (I go with my dog anyways!) I hurt today. I have a prescrip for Vicoden, but it was written in Sept. I will see tomorrow. Monday I am calling the pain clinic for another visit. Meds...basically drugs. pain killers. I hate that, but today , well..I need it.

I had a GREAT TIME!!!!

My drive anymore....to lose 50+ lbs and to see how my spine is and if it's still bad...at least the dr's can't say "LOSE WEIGHT"
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    Can I tell you how much I understand your need to experience the forest? It is beautiful! I also get my strength by experiencing greenery, wintery woods and waterfalls/trickeling brooks- I love it and thank you much for sharing your pics.

    You hit a nerve about the running from pictures- I do the same thing. I hate having my pic taken and I have the same amount of weight that you do to loose.

    Sounds like you have a few physical things to deal with, the pain clinic is not giving you any alternate therapies? I hope you don't pay to much for you walk- it sounds like it nourished you soul. Sharon
    4063 days ago
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