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How Do You Start Your Day?

Friday, January 29, 2010

We all know by now how important breakfast is. We usually haven’t eaten in over eight hours and breakfast signals to our bodies that it’s time to crank up our metabolism! A healthy breakfast increases focus, causes you to eat less over the day, decreases irritability, helps maintain a stable weight, etc etc etc. So how do you start your day?

(Note I focus on “typical” breakfast foods BUT there is NOTHING wrong with eating nonstandard breakfast food like soups, salads, etc and they are often PREFERABLE to most standard breakfast foods out there. Also you should strive for balance-a mix of carbs/protein/fat- fruit salad is “awesome” only if combined w/ a protein and fat like pb)

Atrocious: Nothing at all or just coffee

Still- Atrocious (something but nutritionally void might actually be worse than nothing): White bagel, doughnut, pop-tarts, white toast, bacon, fried eggs, fried potatos, sugar filled “muffin”

Kinda- Bad (Small amounts of nutrition amongst the junk): Cereal like fruit loops/lucky charms/cinnamon toast crunch (fortified and some whole grain but lots of white flour and sugar, Omelet w/ lots of cheese and sausage (heavy, greasy) , granola bars/ nutrigrain bars

Neutral (about half healthful ingredients and half junk): Standard protein bars, 100% whole wheat bagel w/ light cream cheese (healthy but high cal and not very filling), Instant oatmeal packets(non-plain), standard flavored yogurt (tons of sugar)

Good (Mostly healthy): Cereals like Kashi GoLean original, standard pb and jelly on wheat bread

Awesome (Filling and chock full of nutrients): Larabar, Plain oatmeal with healthy toppings (fruit/nuts/etc), Plain yogurt w/ fruit, nuts, etc, whole grain waffles/pancakes topped w/ berries and natural almond butter or cottage cheese, low fat cottage cheese w/ healthy toppings, egg white or tofu omelet filled w/ veggies, fruit salad, natural nut butters, 100% whole wheat toast w/ natural pb and all fruit jelly

Super-Powered (The ultimate kick off to your day): green protein smoothies w/ fruit, veggie, healthy fat, fiber and protein! Blended for easy digestion and chock full of nutrients and antioxidants.


I start my mornings with 8oz of plain water right when I wake up-already next to my bed. About fifteen minutes later I follow this with 8oz of room temperature water mixed with the juice of half a lemon and cayenne powder. It doesn’t taste great but is well worth it:
• Helps to alkaline the body and disease is less able to develop in an alkaline environment
• On an empty stomach it helps flush the liver and gallbladder (releasing bile- the body’s natural laxative)
• Stimulates the body to produce digestive juices that gets the system ready for food digestion
• Can assist with weight reduction by cleansing the liver as a toxic liver can not efficiently metabolize fat.
• Excellent source of Vitamin C to keep the immune system strong, the adrenal glands functioning, and increases the absorption of iron into the body
• High in potassium and vitamin B1 too.
• The calcium in lemon supplies bones, teeth and the nervous system with basic nourishment
• Lemon also phosphorus and helps to digest proteins.
• Cayenne can rebuild the tissue in the stomach and increase the peristaltic action in the intestines- this means it helps you go.
• Aids in assimilation, meaning it helps us to absorb the nutrients from our food (or in this case the goodness from lemons)
• Helps the body to create hydrochloric acid, which is so necessary for good digestion and assimilation, especially of proteins.
• Said to be unequal for its ability to boost circulation and increase heart action
• Can increase peripheral circulation and stimulates organ secretion, helping to increase the rate of delivery and action of nutrients in the body.
• Can enhance cardiovascular performance while actually lowering blood pressure
• Cayenne is a counter-irritant; it brings blood to the surface and allows the toxins to be taken away.

I follow this with another 8oz of plain water and start to sip on tea- usually green.

Then about thirty min- an hour after being awake I eat. I also take a probiotic, coq10, and a fish oil at this time (multivitamin, another fish oil, calcium, vitamin D and another probiotic are taken in the early evening, I also take .5tbsp flaxseed)

Typically on the weekends I have a brunch from the “awesome” category. Some of my standards are plain oatmeal w/ banana blended in and then healthy toppings like fruit, nuts, etc. An egg white omelet with tons of veggies and hummus and hot sauce on top, often on half a 100% whole wheat pita, or whole grain pumpkin protein pancakes w/ berries on top.

But on weekdays I have my super powered green smoothie to fuel me through long days. It is stuffed w/ healthy ingredients and holds me over for hours. It consists of:
-5oz unsweetened almond milk
-3oz water
-1 ice cube
-70g frozen banana
- some blueberries if available
-2 cups spinach
-1 tablespoon shredded coconut
-.5 tablespoon carob powder
-1 tablespoon spirulina
-liberal sprinkling of cinnamon
-1.25 servings of unsweetened brown rice protein powder (adds 20g vegan plant based protein)
-8g chia seed (healthy fat and fiber)
-1 teaspoon of agave after tasting if desired

This provides 286 calories with 34g carbs, 6g fat, and 24g protein with 9g fiber; I drink it over about 30min. It is super filling due to the awesome micronutrient balance and fuels me through long mornings of babysitting, class or workouts. It is so full of health that I feel like I am glowing, plus my hair and nails have never been healthier. It just is amazing to start your day with that much nutrient power and already at least 3 servings of fruits/veggies in you!! This is also how I start my weekend mornings if I happened to be drinking the night before. Every ingredient contributes to building health!

don't be, I admit that smoothie is a bit intimidating and you probably don't even have many of the ingredients, plus mine is very "green" tasting. Plus this is very important to me and a priority in my life that I am dedicated to, you may not be so much and this is too high maintenance or you are more concerned with your kids BUT everyone can do one or two things to start your day off better-so what can you do? pick JUST one or two or all! whatever is reasonable for YOU
- start your day with a full glass of plain water or water w/ lemon before anything else
-make sure you at least EAT BREAKFAST!
-If you do eat cereal choose a high fiber/ high protein variety so that you stay full and satisfied, choose 1% milk for reduced calories with a little fat to add satisfaction and staying power
-granola is not actually a healthy choice unless low sugar and used as topping
-not ready to switch cereal, try mixing half of your favorite with half of a low sugar healthier variety
-swap bagels for 100% whole grain english muffins
-banana can top toast/oatmeal/cereal/yogurt anything and as a bonus adds sweetness
-use natural pb instead of traditional to eliminate sugar
-have AT LEAST one full servings of fruit/veggies in your breakfast, two is better
- if you take supplements put them somewhere you will remember to take them
-add tea to your morning, green if possible, decaf if desired
-choose whole grains
-nothing wrong with a sandwich for breakfast instead of lunch- build a healthy one with 100%whole grain bread, lean meat, veggie burger, or hummus, veggies, mustard, and avocado.
-eat whole fruit over drinking fruit juice, the fiber ensures the sugar hits your bloodstream slower and its more filling
-skip the drive through or office bagels by planning ahead
-avoid sugar and white flour which will start your day on the wrong foot and cause you to crash mid-morning
- if you lack protein add a small side of plain low fat yogurt (with drizzle of honey or all fruit jelly mixed in if desired) or cottage cheese
- eat HEALTHY dinner leftovers from the night before if it works for you!
-try and have some kind of carb/protein/fat mix to stay satisfied
-plan the night before and get things ready if your mornings are rushed
-add spinach to your smoothies- any smoothie you may already make but try and have banana if possible which makes it sweeter and gives you potassium, frozen chunks of banana are a great way to thicken smoothies w/o making them icy. The spinach will make your smoothie green but doesn't do that much to the flavor! A great way to start is just 4oz milk of choice, 4oz water, 1 banana frozen in chunks, and a cup of fresh spinach. Blend the spinach and liquid to liquefy the spinach and then blend in banana. Add any other healthy ingredients you like!

****Edited in response to some comments*******
NO I DON'T SIT HOME!!! I DO THIS ON THE GO! I get up 30min before leaving the house to babysit and manage to get up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, get dressed, do all of this, do something with my hair, and throw on a dab of makeup before leaving. The key is planning. I get everything ready the night before including clothing, lunch (make your lunch w/ dinner the night before), water bottle, gathering everything for my purse, books for classes that day, gym clothes, putting out everything I might use in the morning- it takes about 15min before I go to bed. And this is for a full day since I often leave at nine in the morning and don't get home until nine at night b/t babysitting, multiple classes, gym, errands, etc that all require different things be brought along.

I wake up and drink my first water down (already next to my bed!!) and start getting ready. I go drink down the lemon/cayenne in about 30sec- the lemon was juiced the night before and is sitting out next to a glass of water the the shaker of cayenne- about 1 minute TOTAL. I put the water for my tea at the same time and grab another glass of water and supplements while I keep getting ready. The water and tea bag go in a stainless steel to go mug (already out). Right before leaving the house the smoothie gets mixed in about two minutes- the blender is already out. The dry mix is done in batches and stored in little glass containers. In the morning I just throw in the dry mix with banana, spinach, and milk and blend for a few minutes while fishing out the tea bag and doing any last minute things (like finding my phone and getting shoes). Dump it into a sealed to go cup (already out). I usually drink my tea in the car and bring the smoothie to sip on at school/babysitting whatever. EVerything is ready so it goes like clockwork- very doable.

Like I mentioned above this is something I am passionate about and that I make a priority. I don't expect it to work for the majority of people! I am simply sharing since I get soooo many questions everyday about my diet and because I want to encourage everyone to make one or two simple changes that can work in your life and help you start your day off healthy!!!

*I will try to answer all questions in the comment section after this*

Nutrition Breakdown:
Banana, fresh, 70 grams 64 16 0 1
Spinach, fresh, 1 cup 7 1 0 1
Almond Breeze Almond Milk, Unsweetened Original, 5 oz 25 1 2 1
Carob Powder, 0.5 tbsp 10 3 0 0
Jarrow Brown Rice Protein- Vanilla (2.5 TBSP- 16g), 1.25 serving 69 3 0 15
Spirulina (powder) by Source Naturals 1 Tbs=9 grams approx., 1 tbsp 35 1 0 5
Unsweetened Coconut Organic Reduced Fat (4 Tbsp=1/4 cup), 0.06 cup 17 1 1 0
Agave Nectar 100% pure, 0.33 tbsp 20 5 0 0
Chia Seed, 8 gram(s) 39 3 3 1
Breakfast TOTALS: 286 34 6 24

given as calories/ carbs/ fat / protein
I am thinking of cutting the spirulina serving in half to reduce the grassy taste while still getting benefits which would allow me to eliminate the agave.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Printing this whole post out...that's how fab I think it is. I'm here on SP trolling blogs for some diet motivation and I think yours is just what I needed to get my butt in gear. Congrats on all your success!
    3821 days ago
  • COOP1224
    Your morning sounds just like mine! I get everything ready the night before, get up, make my green smoothie and head to work! Im going to add in the water/lemon juice/cayenne powder, Ive read something like this before. Great blog!
    4047 days ago
    Where do you get the brown rice powder, chia and spirulina? :)
    4052 days ago
  • IXCHEL23
    I loved this blog, I will have to look at your other blogs too. It seems very intimidating for me when I hear of all the ingredients, some of which I have never heard about, but when you talk about the baby steps you recommend it does make it possible! I want to start learning to eat clean for myself and my family.

    You should do recipe blogs, you would be great!

    4064 days ago
    I can't believe I missed this the first time around!!!

    I definitely go to bed at night DREAMING about breakfast. My fave thing right now is an organic wheat english muffin sandwich with egg whites, tomatoes, avocados, baby spinach, and a slice of organic turkey breast.

    Thanks for all the awesome blogs - I definitely don't have enough people in my life who are serious about their commitment to clean, healthy, and sustainable eating, so I really appreciate all your pointers!

    4064 days ago
    Hi Angela, GSCOTT told me about your blog and I just had to read it. You offer some fantastic insight into eating all the right stuff. I am currently on a detox and am having the lemon water each morning and was curious as to how that worked, so GSCOTT told me to look here. WOW, is all I have to say, thanks a bunch for the info. I am going to read over this and see where I can tweak my attempt at clean eating for life plan. I haven't gotten there yet and probably won't be as diligent as most clean eaters but I am slowly taking this one step at a time. I truly believe that with clean eating our lives would be much healthier and long lived.

    Thanks again for posting this great blog!!!


    4069 days ago
  • LOVE_2_RUN
    Such an informative blog. I'll have to try the smoothy, though I still need to buy a few of the ingredients. Thanks!!
    4076 days ago
    I absolutely love your blogs!!
    4089 days ago
    Music: For the water I do about an 8 oz glass with half a lemon and just sprinkle cayenne on top until it looks good to me. If nothing else try doing just the water in the morning and work up to adding lemon. You are right about how important it is to get our metabolisms started! That's awesome that you started preparing your snacks. Sodium can be a challenge but eliminating processed foods pretty much eliminates sodium! I always do that for long days. Have you tried almond butter and banana? I literally have to hide the jar from myself!

    Kirstin: It can be hard when you don't feel like your family is on the same path as you! Good for you for keeping it up anyways! That's crazy what your doctor told you about water. When I don't drink enough I feel bloated and like death and I need A LOT ( I drink about 20 glasses a day!!) I know its crazy but I eat so much fiber and exercise so much, plus I live in a warm climate which really makes a difference in the amount you lose through your skin. I am thirsty all the time anyways so I guess I would still drink that much according to your doctors orders lol. I say do what feels right for you based on your body bc you know it best!
    Your breakfast is a great and healthy start to your day- nothing to feel bad about!! Just because the smoothie is what I do doesn't mean it will be right for everyone. I think you are starting your day in a great way. You may want to consider adding a tbsp of unsweetened coconut or nut butter or chia seeds for a little bit of healthy fat in the morning to help stay full too, if that is an issue for you. The chia seeds are actually AMAZING for oatmeal because when you stir them in they absorb some of the liquid and make your oatmeal seem extra big and filling and they don't add any flavor, just fiber and omega-3! Don't feel overwhelmed!! Do the best you can and make small changes. They add up big over time!
    4090 days ago
    Believe it or not when I was at the Doctors office yesterday (you can read my blog about that) he asked me why I drink so much water. I was like "water flushes you out and keeps you healthy." He then looked at me and said "you could be carrying around a lot of water weight" and advised me that the new standards for drinking water is only when you are thirsty...huh? He said it used to be 6 8oz glasses a day but that has changed. Has anyone else heard this nonsense??? Everytime I think I'm doing something right I'm wrong. I loved your blog but with 2 kids it seems darn near impossible to do. I do eat a breakfast. I prefer real oatmeal with 1tablespoon of pure honey and blueberries. You have so much information its amazing to read but yes I do feel overwhelmed. At times I feel like I'm the only one in my little family that takes eating healthy seriously. My husband still eats what he wants and its hard. I'm trying!
    4090 days ago
  • MUSICLVR2675
    I don't just "like", but I love your blogs. They're so INFORMATIVE!! I should incorporate the morning water. Not sure about the lemon & cayenne tho...How much of lemon & how much of cayenne in that 8oz glass?
    I read about consuming food or beverage as soon as you wake up because of metabolism. Good to see your plan laid out like this. Thanks Kelly!
    This week I started preparing my snacks with my lunches. More veggies and a little hummus. Although I'm challenged with trying to keep my sodium intake down.
    Last week I finally tried PB with Bananas and now I'm ADDICTED! If the PB didn't have so much fat I'd eat it all the time haha
    4090 days ago
    Turns out all the protein powders we have right now are sweetened. Also, the coconut (just what I happened to have left from Christmas baking) and almond breeze but we have found an unsweetened one (different brand) at another store that we will be switching to. The scoop in my chia seed is also a little bigger (11.5g). I don't have any nutritional values on my spirulina powder, but the one in Sparkpeople is coming up with hardly any calories.
    Anyway, todays came out pretty well at about 250 calories so I am getting there.
    4090 days ago
    LOREENYK: I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT!!! you can use as little banana in you like. My protein powder is unsweetened so I use the banana as sweetness. If your protein powder is sweet than you probably could use less! I should have mentioned that the brown rice protein powder is given in smaller serving sizes than other protein powder usually so 1.25 servings is 70cals 15g protein. You may only want to use 1 serving if your powder gives a larger serving size.
    4090 days ago
    Your green smoothie ROCKS!!! We had everything we needed except the carob powder (found Bob's Red Mill Toasted Carob powder at the Co-op) and chia seeds (got Chia Complete at Shoppers Drug Mart). I used Absolute Vegetarian Protein (Chocolate) and adding up all my ingredients I ended up with more than 400 calories but they were definitely worth it! I am definitely going to experiment with this (tomorrow's is with vanilla protein and a drop of coconut extract) to get the calories down. Do you need that much banana? Can I get by with half?

    Thanks, Loreen
    4091 days ago
  • O0VALD0O
    How much cayenne do you normally put in 8oz of water? I really hate the taste, I wonder if maybe I put too much in.

    I guess the only problem with putting too little in there would be to get no nutritional value out of it and still have that taste! Ick!
    4091 days ago
    Thanks for the info. I had started making some of these changes a while back because of my cholestoral, so I am glad to see that I am on the right track. Appreciate your sharing!
    4092 days ago
  • DAWN788
    great post - very inspiring! we should all be so organized lol
    4094 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3514403
    Wow keep blogging. I'm loving them! I have a magic bullet and now I need to put it to work. I tried a kiwi/spinach smoothie from Oxygen that wasn't bad awhile back but your smoothie sounds yummy! Thanks for all the information and ideas!!! It's emoticon
    4094 days ago
    Scott- haha love the "3 S's comment

    Lilasiago- thanks! I know you gotta read those labels!

    Loreenyk- sounds like you are doing great, its awesome you checked your labels. Aim for the steel cut oats a few times a week. The fiber there is awesome. Let me know how the lemon water goes! It's awesome you take all your vitamins but if you drink coffee in the morning try moving the calcium, vit d, and multi to later in the day since coffee hinders their absorption rates.

    Ursey- true, no such thing as a quick fix. Let me know what you think. Don't stress if you can't get all the ingredients, I accumulated them over time, some are harder to find than others. you may also wish to start w/o the spirulina which gives it the more distinct grassy taste. just the spinach is how I started

    Inspired- I agree that smoothies would be hard in the cold but I don't have that problem! As far as the lemon water I believe that warm water would aid in absorption but I am not 100% positive. I can't drink warm water so I just do room temperature although I have heard warm recommended. I imagine that using the bottled lemon juice is not the best plan. Although I have no evidence I would tend to assume that less processed is always better and that the nutrients would be higher in the fresh plus preservatives are probably added. I'm sure google can give you some answers though :)

    Paris- try any of the little changes I suggested. slow steps are the best way to make progress!

    kay: thanks! water helps get your digestion moving

    Suzy- see the updates I added about planning. I agree it would be much harder with kids. I also understand this isn't realistic for everyone, getting to this point was a process which is why I include lots of small easily done tips for those who want to add a little health to their mornings. It sounds like you are off to a great start, if anything try and use natural pb if you can and choose organic which is only about a $1 more. I RARELY buy organic food bc of my budget but peanuts are one of the absolute most important because peanuts absorb EVERYTHING from the soil they are grown in. They are actually used by farmers b/t other crops bc they cleanse the soil so well. Grabbing a fruit for mid-morning is also a great idea or slicing half a banana onto your muffin w the pb!
    4094 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/30/2010 1:52:11 PM
    RLM- I know what you mean about being filled up. I usually never choose to drink my calories, I would rather eat them! However this smoothie does fill me up due to the high amounts of protein and fiber and the addition of beneficial fat. I have found that sometimes a few hours after I am "hungry for food" but not actually hungry. I often then eat chopped up celery or bell peppers (about 30cals worth) and realize that I am actually really full, my brain just wanted something to munch. Now that I am more used to it I actually prefer it on weekday mornings when I am up very early. ( Weekends I sleep in and prefer to make brunch.) I think it is easier for my body to digest since it is blended and there are no animal products. This also makes a very very thick smoothie and I drink it slowly over 20 to 30 minutes which increases my satiety.

    Something that could be tried for those interested in smoothies but still wanting food is just to make a half portion of this smoothie and pair it w/ an egg white omelet / fruit/ half portion of oatmeal, etc. Another option is to make just the simple green smoothie I suggested w/ small banana, spinach, and milk and have that instead of a glass of oj or milk for example with the rest of your breakfast for some extra fruit and veggie power. That smoothie wouldn't be as filling but would be a good beverage choice to go with a meal.
    4094 days ago
    Well I guess I know what I am getting or making for breakfast now. I know what you mean about getting ready in the morning. I can have all of the 3 S's plus breakfast done and out the door in 25 minutes.


    OK tried the lemon and Cayenne powder thing. That will wake you up in the morning!
    4094 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/31/2010 10:50:04 AM
    Great blog! I know I was shocked to see Froot Loops have less sugar than Smart Start.
    4094 days ago
  • GFMAMA888
    Does it really fill you up? I love smoothies but I feel like no matter what I put in them I am usually hungry in an hour or two! Drinking my calories doesn't fill me...is it in my head?
    4094 days ago
    Thanks for this!
    I checked my cereal boxes (Special K Cinnamon Pecan, Vector, Bran Buds) and realized I have been sucked in by advertising claims - sugar is third on the ingredient list!!! We do have some others (Good For You Muesli, Nature's Path, Kashi, Grape Nuts) that are better choices. Then there is our old fashioned rolled oats, steel cut oats and Red River Cereal for hot breakfasts.
    So, all in all I don't think we are doing too badly, but there is definitely room for improvement.
    I do take my vitamins (vit D, calcium, multi, CoQ10, Cold Fx) with a full glass of water, chew my vit C and follow with another glass of water. I will try your "hot" lemon water as soon as I pick up some lemons.
    Smoothies are something I would like to add more often but not so much when it is 30 below celsius outside!
    Thanks again for this blog - it was great!
    4094 days ago
  • URSEY2010
    Thank you so much for posting this! Its very helpful and I think definitely doable for me if I plan it out right. I am always searching for quick fixes and the fastest meals but as I have learned they are not helping me reach my goals. I might not be able to make this smoothie everyday but I am definitely going to buy the ingredients this weekend. I will also do the lemon and cayenne mixture. Please continue sharing, I am very inspired by your healthy lifestyle.
    4094 days ago
    Very interesting!! Thanks for sharing :) I have to get back into the blender breakfast again.. It's just not as appealing when it's so cold in the morning! I am going to steal your lemon water idea though! Any thoughts on how warming up the water would change the mixture.. or just using lemon juice (yes, from the bright yellow plastic squirt bottle)might change the beneficial effects? THANKS again for the post!
    4094 days ago
    Great blog!! I did the master cleanse a few months ago and felt so great afterward ..so i like the idea of starting the day drinking a small amount of it!!!

    I really should make a morning a better priority!! I normally crawl out of bed and not even move until coffee set in!! And its just soo easier to grab the kids cereal and make yourself a bowl when u already have to make one for them.. but excuses excuses..i prob feel so bad i the morning bc thats how i eat!!!
    4094 days ago
    Great blog! I love all of the advice. I'm going to start my day off with at least one glass of water when I wake up instead of eating right away!
    4095 days ago
    How do I start my day? During the week I usually put some grab and go breakfast into my lunch bag, although these days I'm paying a bit more attention to calorie/nutrition value of the basic stick it in the microwave breakfast. I'm also trying to include more milk in my diet. I like milk, I just rarely drink it as I'm a sip something all day kind of person. Usually water, flavored water, or - gasp - diet soda. But in addition to the diet soda I always put in my lunch bag I also add either orange juice or more recently, a small thing of milk to drink while I'm having breakfast at work. So not a morning person doesn't help either. During the weekend I'm still into cereal. I usually do corn chex, rice krispies or something else I can eat without adding sugar.

    I admit I don't put near as much thought into my meals as I probably should. I'm what Spark rated as a fast fueler. Quick and low maintenance is typically what I go for.
    4095 days ago
    I wish I could eat that healthy in the morning! My mornings are sooo rushed. I have to have me and my two kids ready and out the door by 7 am. There is no way I could drink a glass of water and then wait 30 minutes to drink another (plus I would have to pee every 2 minutes!) I generally eat things from the good category. This morning I had a healthy grains english muffin with peanut butter and a little honey. Probably should have had some sort of fruit to go with it but like I said, rush, rush, rush! Interesting blog!
    4095 days ago
    Haaaaaaaa! Do You Work? WoW! I mean you really do it up right! But, thats why you have succeded in your body building! And Yea! You are built! Makes my bowl of bran and Flax look pretty simple! But thats how I start my day and its followed by Water, lots of water!
    4095 days ago
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