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Day 27 & 28 Boot Camp BEST 5k EVER!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This morning I got up earlier than I wanted to on a Saturday, because I had a 5 mile run scheduled and the gym was only going to be opened until 10 a.m. I'm not a very fast runner and five miles is longer than I've ever run, so I was giving myself plenty of time to get it done, in case I need to walk some in the fourth mile.

So, I get up early enough to eat a good breakfast, drink plenty of water and move around enough that maybe I can get a good bathroom break in before I go run (enough said there). LOL!!

We get to the gym, the treadmills are almost all filled. I spy one and go jump on it while DH is still trying to get his shoes tied. As I'm passing the front desk, the attendant says "We are closing at 8:30 unless the scheduled worker shows up". WHAT!!! I only have 40 minutes to get 5 miles in? That is impossible, I cannot do that! So, I jump on the treadmill and start the belt for a brisk walk as I'm getting myself situated. iPod set to my playlist, water bottle in holder, towel to mop up the puddles of sweat and my GU Chomps in the holder. No time to dilly dally today. My walk is brisker and shorter than usually because I need to get 'er done today. Since my time is short and I know I cannot get in 5 miles, I start out at a faster pace, determined to get in at least 3 miles. I kept looking at the front desk to see if the worker shows up to keep the gym open so I can adjust my pace for 5 miles. It looked like a no show and I was approaching 2.75 miles. I really want to beat my best 5k time, especially after the mistake I made on Thursday night about miscalculating my distance. I glance at the front desk and the worker has arrived!!! The gym will stay opened! I can get in 5 miles today! BUT, I have been running faster than my 5 mile pace for almost 3 miles! Do I have the energy to complete???

I glance at the timer and whoa, if I pick it just a little bit I can beat my best 5K!!! Sip of water, wipe the sweat, pop in a GU Chomp . . . let's go! Party time! Crank it, let's go! Make sure you get it right this time! 3.1 miles! Do it! Push for it! I feel good, I'm pushing hard, but I feel good. I crossed the 3.1 mile mark in 39:01 minutes!!!! Previous time 41:30. I have had dreams of doing a 5K in under 40 minutes. Today, that dream came true!

I did finish the other two miles, I was not able to run the whole 5 miles today. I guess my pace had been too fast. In the fourth mile my knee was feeling a little tight, so I increased my incline to 7.0 and lowered my speed to 3.4 so that I could stretch out my stride a little more and give my quads a break and use my hamstrings a little more. I'm thinking I got alot of butt back there, let's use it to push up some hills!!!

Oh, one of my Spark Friends, suggested that since I love weight lifting so much I should try lifting the amount of weight I have lost. Hmmmm . . . nice challenge. So, after my 5miler, I went over to the weight bench and loaded up the 45lb barbell with an additional 20 pounds of weight. I had my husband spot me and I bench pressed 65lbs. I was only able to do 5 reps. But, I thought, my poor knees used to lift that extra 65lbs. more than 5X a day as I got up and down and walked up stairs. That would be exhausting to be carrying around that barbell all day! So, whatever your weight loss is, find something that weighs that amount and imagine carrying it around with you all day! Whether that is a 5lb. bag of sugar or a 50lb bag of dog food or more . . . . it counts as that much more weight your body has been carrying that it is now free from!!!

Activity for Friday : 6 miles on stationary bike at vigorous pace
Activity for Saturday: 5 mile run/walk, Bench press 65lbs. 5 reps

Nutrition: Clean! A lot like the past month, minus the pizza dinners! I've been pretty clean and nutritious all week. Potassium is good, calories are right on target. I feel good, nope, I feel great!

I'm getting ready to do my monthly measurement and totals for the month of January. Excited!!!! And set new goals for February!
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