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The Hardest Pound to Lose

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I promise you, the hardest pound to lose is the one closest to your goal!!! I've been inching my way toward this same goal for a month. I started the month of January at 208.8. In the past I have been able to lost 8 - 10 pounds every month. So, I thought with a little extra effort, I will slide right into Onederland by the end of the month. With excitement and anticipation I joined Spark Your Body Boot Camp and The Biggest Loser Challenge with the hopes of not only reaching my goal, but exceeding it!
Armed with my "Get 'er Done' all or nothing attitude, I tackled the tasks at hand. Little did I realize that my metabolism hear the sounding alarm as an assault and went on weight loss lock down. By the second week of January, the scale was moving, in the wrong direction. This is where I had to sit down and look at what I was doing, what I was eating, what my goals were and to realize that I had become a little obsessive about my exercise habits. I was getting up early to get in the Boot Camp video before work, going home at lunch time and repeating it, working out after work for 60 - 90 minutes each day. I had given up my rest day and increased my running miles. Long term, that is not sustainable for me. I don't want to be an 'exerciser' , I want to be a happy healthy woman with balance. In all this frenzy of activity, I also did not pay attention to my calorie intake and nutrition as I should have. I was not eating enough calories and once I really looked at my nutrition, there was not one day in a month that I didn't fall way below in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Look up those nutrients. Look at how important they are for muscle contraction and strength, blood pressure control and how a diet low in these nutrients leads to fatigue. Lesson learned.
Since I changed my diet and approach, I am again slowly, but consistently losing pounds. This last pound to Onderland is the hardest I've ever worked for. I've seen 202.4, 202.0, 201.9, 200.9, 200.8 and this morning 200.4. I'm right on the 'outskirts' of town. I have my eye on a lovely little piece of real estate just on the other side of the track. But it will not come easily, and I don't want it to. Yep, you read that right, I don't want it to come too easily. I want to have made the necessary investment, laid the ground work and fully OWN it! I'm not renting space in ONEderland, I'm not borrowing to get it temporarily. I want it to be mine to enjoy and celebrate. I will throw a little house warming party when I get there and invite you to the celebration!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are so CLOSE!! WOW!!
    3878 days ago
  • TABETHA2005
    You are going to get that last pound and be in ONEderland!!!

    And by the way, this entry has really made me think. I am one of those types who gets too wrapped up in weight loss and forgets to do what I need to in order to be healthy AND happy. And I wonder why I don't always lose weight when I try really, really hard.

    3878 days ago
    Awesome blog. You are doing great! You are definitely motivating to me. Thank you!
    3879 days ago
    Slow and steady wins the race. I almost want to take n the turtle as my symbol.
    3879 days ago
    You SO motivate me girl!!!!!!!!!! Love you to death! Please invite me to the party. hugs, Wanda
    3880 days ago
    I feel like I am watching your journey and taking notes for my own trip! Thanks so much for being real and open about everything - things that go right and things that don't. It really helps those of us who are "coming up".

    And by the way - emoticon
    3880 days ago
    Yes, yes, yes--that's what I'm working towards, too. Not just Onederland (a place I have not seen in many moons!), but also being a happy healthy woman with balance, not obsessed with either food or exercise but enjoying both in proper proportions. You go, girl!

    3880 days ago
    You are awesome
    3880 days ago
    You'll get there! I know you will! emoticon

    And you will be so over the moon and so much more proud of yourself for taking the time to really "own it" when you do!
    3881 days ago
  • no profile photo DSQUARED3
    Not only will you get there but you will own that piece of property for the REST of your life!!! You are such an inspiration. emoticon
    3881 days ago
    You will get there and OWN it!!

    emoticon emoticon
    3881 days ago
    I'd love to come to your party!

    First time I did Spark, summer of 2007, I inched my way down, too. 200.2 was the last reading before finding out I was pregnant. ACK!
    3881 days ago
  • ~MISS_TEA~
    You will get there with all your hard work and determination and you will love it! I am sooooo excited for you! emoticon
    3881 days ago
    Wow you are so great girl. I can understand that one pound deal very well. I was telling everyone that when I hit the end of a 10 mark it tends to seem like a brick wall smacks me in the face.

    You can do it.
    3881 days ago
    OH girl, that one pound onederland is the most awesome piece of property to work for and finally own! I was 230 lbs. at one time in my life and the one lb. to get below that 200 was the best thing ever in my life, the best achievement, the best feeling and I still love the smile that it put on my face the day I stepped on that scale and saw that number! You are sssssssooooooooo there my friend! I want to be at that party when you get there!

    Love ya bunches!

    Grace aka Triathlonbabe aka Wonder Woman!

    Ps. It's awesome that you discovered on your own that there is such thing as Exercise Fatigue and it will sabotage you in some shape or form.
    3881 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/2/2010 1:58:37 PM
    Fabulous analogy about Onederland.
    You are so right about arriving via hard won investments.
    I know that once you cross those tracks, you'll never return.
    Can't wait to hear you cheering and screaming that you've arrived.
    3881 days ago
    With your attitude, you will reach all of your goals, I have no doubt! Good luck on your journey, though I don't think you need it all!
    3881 days ago
  • SHUCG1004
    You have such great enthusiasm - I am so happy that you're my SparkFriend! I used to undereat and overexercise but let's face it -- unless it's your job and you're getting paid to do it, it's unsustainable. I want to be a healthy, balanced person too! You're my inspiration. You are close to your goal and I know you'll get there - the healthy way. Congratulations on all you've accomplished so far. I am proud of you!
    3881 days ago
    Oh you are so close!!! I looked on your page this morning to see where u are and u must have changed it sence then!!! You are there girl!!!!!! I have a nice prize for you when it happens( No pressure here lol ) Can you tell me what foods to eat to increase calcium, potassium and magnesium? Have a great day!!! Things are going great for us!!!! emoticon emoticon , Karlyn
    3881 days ago
    I can relate! My initial goal was 30 lbs and the last pound between 29 and 30 took me ten days! Even though I can usually lose a pound in 2-3 days! I got really discouraged. It seems like you have the right attitude, though! As we get closer to Onederland it is harder for the pounds to fall off but that much more rewarding when they do!
    3881 days ago
  • NANNER2121
    I am guilty of the "too" syndrome. "I want to lose so I'll cut out more calories too." "I'm not losing fast enough so I'll add more exercise too." As most things happen in a timely fashion, I have been reading articles that confirm that I am guilty of self sabotage and didn't even know it (well, I think deep down inside I did know it but was just too stubborn or foolish to admit). Constantly under proper caloric intake and overdoing exercise - all in the hope of moving off the plateau and wishing the scales were kind enough to support my actions. Wrong!
    3881 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4811290
    Yup, I agree that when you want something really bad and you're so close to it its getting harder. But you will make it to ONEderland, because you are doing an awesome job! Thanks for the motivation!!
    3881 days ago
    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep going.
    3881 days ago
    OK, since I looked up those three, I'm going to have to invest in supplements! I never make calcium! .5 to go and you are officially in Onederland!!! You will make it this month is my guess!!!
    3881 days ago
    Love your blog. I to dont want to just rent. I want to own it!Thanks for you inspiraion. I was needing a lift. I get discouraged to easily and I know this journy will not happen over night. Thanks for the reminder.
    3881 days ago
    Way to go! Stick with it! emoticon
    3881 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4635222
    You are doing GREAT!!!! You will be in ONEderland so soon! I can't wait for my husband to get home, I think things will be easier for me. Well at least easier to focus on a few things instead of EVERYTHING! I am up one pound since my last official weigh in on SP on Dec. 2 so I guess I should be happy with that, instead of focusing on the fact that my goal for today was to be 20lbs lighter than my current weight. :(

    You are an inspiration to me and to many others in SP land. Keep up the amazing work!!! I knew I had to come back to SP because without people like you to inspire and motivate me I was going to just give up and throw in the towel yet again.

    Keep Rockin' it!
    3881 days ago
    I love your enthusiasm and spunk. You are such a remarkable person and you say just the right things to motivate and inspire. I am sure you motivate and inspire yourself (or you should). You are making such amazing progress and have learned so much during this journey and have helped others see their struggles and helping them find a way to move along (i know you have for me). You will get to your goal, it just takes time. We want to get their slowly and under the right circumstances, so we can maintain and not take a ride on the rollercoaster.

    I LOVE reading your blogs and it keeps me going. Thank you!!!!

    Have a great day and Congrats on all you have done, do and will continue to do.

    GO GRAY!!!!
    3881 days ago
    I so love your blogs, I truly had a smile from ear to ear reading it, owning a piece of it and not renting, I so feel you. It took me for ever to get out of my 150's and now that I'm in my 140's I don't want to see the scale go in the wrong directions. You are doing great and keep up with what your doing. and before you know it you will get to enjoy your new ONEderland
    3881 days ago
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