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Making a Difference

Saturday, February 06, 2010

It is part of our human nature to want to make a difference, to feel like we are contributing something positive. This philanthropic trait runs deep in our desire to reach out a hand and pull up someone who is going through some hard times. Throughout our life we have those who need a hand up, we have those we walk along side of, and those who lift us up to our highest potential.

Through my years as a foster parent to special needs children, I'd think, I may not be in their life for long, so I want to make a solid investment everyday. I want them to know that someone cares. That to this person, in this moment, they are loved . . . just as they are, unconditionally, and I want them to feel beautiful.

When my son was going through his kidney transplant (due to a birth defect) in his teen years, he struggled with depression and subsequent drug and alcohol use, even though I didn't approve of his actions I wanted him to know I thought he was worth the fight. That I would fight for his health and wellness. That I would do what was in his best interest, even when he resented me for it. His wholeness and happiness was more important to me than anything. I just knew he was created for great things and was way underestimating his potential.

This past year I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady who was hurt, sad and fearful. She was living in the shadow of past hurts. This shadow kept her from seeing the true beauty she was created for. When I put a hand out to her, she was reluctant to accept it, she had been let down and hurt so many times. As I pulled her up I reassured her that 'it's okay, we are going to walk this path together, we will go slow". As the days passed, she learned that I wasn't trying to hurt her, I was here to help her heal. She learned that I was strong enough to lead her through the tough times. She learned that she could depend on me to do what I said I would do. As I learned more about her hurts, how she had believe some lies and misconceptions about who she was and what she was created for. I reassured her, nurtured her and taught her to nourish her soul. As she grew stronger, she began to blossom and unfold. With all that I had in me, I pushed her up closer to the sun so she could reach the fullness of her maturity and growth. As she stood on my shoulders, I could see she was the radiant beautiful woman that she was created to be, fully realizing her strength. I was glad to have been used to make a difference. What a wonderful blessing to realize that the greatest gift I have every been given, is the privilege to be me.

As women, we are so willing to unselfishly give out of the abundance of our hearts. We invest time, tenderness, caring, understanding, nourishment and resources. Please, don't overlook the young lady you were created to be. She is worth it. She is beautiful. She was uniquely created to do great things. She is strong. She is lovable. She is worth knowing. She is worth your time. She is worth the investment. Don't let her down. She is counting on you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Another helpful post!
    2996 days ago
    Isn't it wonderful when our children get older how they can put the critical thinking process that we've taught them into perspective and now turn the mirror on us & give us the support that we gave to them when they were younger and needed guidance. Guidance comes from many places. Enjoy the fact that your son has grown by your guidance and able to show you some of his young wonderful wisdom.
    Plus, have your husband hide or lock up that scale and only pull it out once a week for you to use. LOL emoticon
    3886 days ago
    you are such a beautiful person!

    3886 days ago
    This was such a touching blog you wrote this day. Your blogs always put a smile on my face and good feel in my heart. I truly believe that we as women do have a place in this world to be the nurturers of so many and that our love and kindness is shed through people like you. You are awesome as always and have made me feel good today reading this, even though I am under the weather, there is a smile on my face.

    Love you girl!

    3886 days ago
    Wow! I am so glad I came across your post today. THANKS for making my day!!!
    3887 days ago
    Very thoughtful blog, Carolyn. You always know exactly how to write and hit home and touch all of us. You are truly a remarkable woman. You always have been beautiful and you will continue to be.

    You are right, we need to remember ourselves too. That is SO important in all our journeys. Never let ourselves get lost. We are #1.

    Have a great evening and thank you for sharing.
    3888 days ago
    You do make a difference in everyones life you touch!! I am sure of it! If I get discouraged sometimes I think of you and what you have done and it makes me happy and want to keep going!! You are amazing and I am so glad that you know that!!
    3888 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4811290
    Thank you so much for being who you are and for all your help!

    3888 days ago
    Thanks so much for sharing! What a great story of how the light of one person's life always make the whole world and the lives of many people brighter! Let your light shine! Love you, Mary
    3888 days ago
    I wish my father had a foster mom like you. He was in the system from age 6 until 18 when they gave him $50 and a bus pass and sent him off into the world. He never had anyone really care about him. It certainly took it's toll but he was strong so he survived.

    God Bless You.
    3889 days ago
    Carolyn, you are so beautiful from the inside out. God created you and you radiate his love.
    3889 days ago
    I can imagine the shy withdrawn girl feeling doomed to be a background player in life. What energy and strength yuo had to earn her trust! And now, the girl is passing on her own truth; what you taught her.
    Your work leaves me breathless.
    3889 days ago
    thank you for sharing that.... it gave me great inspiration this morning!!!!

    God Bless you!!!

    3889 days ago
    Not sure what led me to your blog but I'm glad it did. You are a beautiful altruistic gift from God. Thank you for spreading your joy and love with the world. We do all wonder at one time or another just what our legacy will be when we leave this world and it is so wonderful to be reminded of the importance of lifting each other up instead of tearing one down. Thank you for the kindness you bring into the world. Thank you from the children whose lives you touch with love.
    3889 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4927412
    You my friend are an absolutely beautiful person. Isn't it funny how we can pick up things just from blogging, emailing, etc. When you talked about helping foster children - I thought - that does not surprise me at all. You just seem to have that 'gift of giving'. I am starting to have some issues (nothing major yet - but it could go that way - I've been there) with my son and I will fight til the end for/with him.

    We are so worth taking care of. We are beautiful and hopefully we can pass our gifts on to others just like you do. Thank you so much for sharing.

    3889 days ago
    Very nice...we do tend to forget about ourselves in the quest to take care of others.
    Well said, thank you.

    3889 days ago
    Beautiful! I was just thinking this morning about the importance of making a difference and it's good to be reminded to start with myself. Thank you for sharing this!

    3889 days ago
  • TREBLE02
    Thank you Carolyn, for the reminder! Beautiful blog! (((HUGS)))
    3889 days ago
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