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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sound the Trumpet

After much anticipation and hard work, I have finally arrived in that magical land

Forever more my weight will begin with the number one in front! I am a permanent resident in Onederland!

P.S. This is sooo hilarious! I have worked and struggled with the scales for almost a month, gaining, losing, maintaining. This morning I announced to my family that I needed a scale intervention and that I would only be weighing in on Tuesdays during The Biggest Loser Challenge and after that I would only step on the scale occasionally. The goals I am working towards are health, fitness, a trimmer body, more muscle and strength and for my husband to think I look sexy. . . none of those are measured by the number on the scale. After this I stepped on the scale and it read 196.2!!!! Whooo! Hooo! I must tell you I did a little victory end zone dance!!! My oldest son, 23, laughed and said "way to not the scale define you mom!"
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